Magellan-Parker Family Tree
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These pages are my attempt at putting together information I have learned over the years from various family members. It is my hope that future generations will find these pages helpful in their own genealogical search. If you find incorrect information herein please notify me so I can make corrections.

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Perry Surname Project website Wright Surname Project
Perry Y-DNA results page
we are listed as: Family Group 08,
Kits 66262, 317143, and 174036
Littleton Perry c 1772 VA
Wright DNA Facebook page
Perry DNA Facebook page Wright Y-DNA results page
we are listed as: R - M269 - Family Group 05: (r1.g17)
Kits 5400, 5401, 13970, and 13971
Justice Jesse Wright, b. 1800 SC, d. 1843 AL
Magellan FTDNA website

Parker FTDNA website

Ancestors and Descendants of Roy C Parker and Dora A Wright Parker Y-DNA results page
we are listed near the bottom of the page as:
Haplogroup T, no PARKER Y-DNA matches
Kit #22921 Timothy W. Parker, b.c. 1780-90, England

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