Mystery Mayburys

The Mabrys of Sumner County, Tennessee

Three Mabrys appeared in Sumner County, Tennessee shortly after 1800. Some of their descendants are still in the area, while others moved to Greene County, Illinois and elsewhere. In recent years we have made some progress in sorting out the early generations in Sumner County but we are still not certain about all of them. The three who established families in Sumner County were:

Seth4 Mabry (Hinchia3, Hinchia2, Francis1) was born about 1752 in Virginia. He married Elizabeth Seawell in 1771; lived in Bute and Franklin Counties in North Carolina; and was in Sumner County by 1811. He died in Wilson County, Tennessee in 1826. He was a Revolutionary soldier.

Benjamin4 Mabry (John3, George2, Francis1), another soldier of the Revolutionary War, was born in 1755 in North Carolina, where he continued to live until he moved to Sumner County by 1808. We know only about three of his children: James5 who married Susannah Bernard; John5 who married Margaret Trigg; and Benjamin5 who married Elizabeth Robertson.

Oren Mabry (?Cornelius3, Charles2, Francis1). Oren was born between 1775-1780 in North Carolina. We believe he was in Rockingham County in 1800 and that he was likely the son of Cornelius3 Mabry who was also in Rockingham County. Oren remained in Sumner County until sometime between 1830-1840 when he moved his family to Greene County, Illinois. We have not found the name of his wife.

If you have information that might help us to further identify the Mabrys of Sumner County, Tennessee, please contact Don Collins

August 2014