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Francis Maybury was NOT born in Longnor, Shropshire
and his parents were NOT Richard and Elizabeth Maybery!

Posting bad information on the internet doesn't make it true

Several years ago a careless researcher looked at the International Genealogical Index and found a Francis Maybury, baptized to Richard and Elizabeth Maybery on 17 May 1647 in Longnor, Shropshire. The researcher jumped to the conclusion that, "this must be Francis Maybury who came to Virginia". So he submitted this information to "The World Family Tree", where it was published on a CD. Since then dozens of other careless researchers have copied this erroneous information and continued posting it so that it is now found all over the internet. But it is not true!

We contacted the Shropshire Records Office and asked them to examine the original 1647 parish register. A short time later they reported to us that, the record actually says:

"Francis, daughter, of Richard and Elizabeth Maybery.

Today, "Francis" is usually the masculine spelling of the name. But in the 17th century this spelling was also commonly used for females. Thus we know that Francis Maybury who came to Virginia was NOT the son of Richard and Elizabeth of Shropshire.

We have contacted some of those who have published this error on their web pages and a few have made the correction, but most have left it for others to find, copy and publish elsewhere -- which they continue to do.

Please help us inform others about this error. Just because something is in print or found on the internet doesn't make it true!

August 2014