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Answers to common questions about
The Mayburys

What does the book contain?
This hardbound book contains 654 printed pages plus another 1,100 pages on a compact disk which in included with the book (Descendant listings, early Maybury records in England, etc.)

The book begins with the story of John Maybury of Sussex (c1540-1618), the common ancestor of most modern Mayburys, Mayberrys, etc. Succeeding chapters detail how the Mayburys spread to other parts of England and Wales and, finally, to Ireland, America, Australia and New Zealand.

Chapters on major branches of the family include the first few generations of descendants for each branch. For many branches of the family, more extensive descendant listings (down to about 1920) can be found on the compact disk, included with the book. A final chapter looks at future research on yet to be identified Maybury lines.

Is my ancestor listed in the book?
Sometimes people ask if their great, grandfather (or other specific ancestor) will be included in the book. The focus of the printed book is limited to the early generations of most families. Later generations of some branches of the family, up to about 1920, can be found in the extended descendant listings on the CD. But there are others whose names will not be found at all. The reason is obvious. The book is not intended to be a listing of all Mayburys (Mayberrys, Mabrys, Maberrys, etc.) who ever lived. If that were the case it would be larger (and less interesting) than the New York telephone directory!

Consider this! The common ancestor of most Mayburys was John Maybury, who lived more than four hundred years ago in Sussex, Staffordshire, Monmouthshire, Hampshire and Shropshire. If he had only only three children (he actually had 13!) and each succeeding generation produced three more children -- and so on down to the present time -- he would have more than a million descendants alive today! The actual number is probably much larger since most of the 18 or so generations had more than three children. Those who are skeptical should do the math! Rather than listing over a million names, the purpose of the book is to tell the story of how the 16th century English family divided into branches that are now found, not only in England, but in Ireland, America and Australia. The only way to tell that story is to focus on the larger branches of the family and even then it is not possible to name every individual.

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October 2016