St. John's Lutheran Cemetery, Buckley, Illinois

It will be necessary to scroll up and down and right and left to view this entire map. I attempted to reduce the size of the graphic, but I completely lost readability. I also do not believe this page will print, but if you would like to right-click to download the image and give it a try from your own graphic software by first rotating the graphic to the right, it probably is the most effective way to see the entire graphic. It should print on legal size paper.

Comparing the map to grave locations indicated in the file at The ILGenWeb Project Archives will be a good planning tool for anyone paying a visit to the cemetery.

The map is to be downloaded and printed for personal use only and cannot be separated from the copyright notice in the upper left hand corner. Publication and resale rights are granted ONLY to The Iroquois County Genealogical Society, Watseka, Illinois. All other rights reserved.

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