Other Clark lines in VA

Other Clark lines in VA

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Altnage "Alternate Lineage of Capt. Christopher and Francis CLARK" SEP 1996. An in­depth discussion of the career of John CLARK "the Navigator."

Altlnpii "Alternate Lineage Capt. Christopher Part II" SEP 1996. Discussion of early VA emigrants, including the "Ancient Planter" Edward and his son, Nathaniel; possible connections to early JOLLY and KEITH families; also Edward JOHNSON, minister of Hampton Parish 1650s.

Aprdoug Found at end of file APR 1996: "Thomas CLARK, Possible Father of Christopher" APR 1996. This is reply to a previous report; also appears in JULY96.txt.
Bollings Discusses Bolling Clark d. 1809 of Dinwiddie County, VA; Bolling Clarks of Halifax Co. VA and begins sorting the John Clarks of Mecklenburg Co. VA. June 2003, by Linda Sparks Starr

Doug Tucker's response [inserted comments] to Linda's "Bolling Clark d. 1809, etc." report dated June 2003.

ClarkII "Christopher CLARK and Penelope ???" JAN 1996. Also includes "Edward CLARK: Father or Brother of Capt. Christopher? Plus Other Possible Siblings (and Anything Else I Could Toss In)" JAN 1996. Edward Clark of Middlesex Co. is dismissed. Also covers Edward the sexton, Benjamin Clark of Henrico, Daniel and Mary Clark of Charles City Co., Edward of Chiskiake, and York Co. Clarks. Includes children of David TERRELL and Agatha CHILES plus BOLLING/ CLARK connections in England.

Dougmisc "Where to Look for Bloodline Connections Between our CLARKs and George Rogers CLARK" by Douglas Tucker SEP 1996. Discusses possible identities of Lucy Clark Moorman who sent a letter to her "cousin" Thomas Moorman in 1786. "Parents of Elizabeth Clark Anthony" corrects often published mistakes. "Andrew MOORMAN of St. Mathew's Parish GA." Discusses three possible Andrews with reasons why they fit or don't fit this person. Ends with MOORMAN / DIGGE / HALEY queries sent by other researchers. Finally Particia Stanley identifies the Christopher CLARK who lived across the Broad River for Gen. Elijah Clark.

Eastham "Corrections to CLARK / BIRD / EASTHAM lineage by Charles Ward," SEP 1998. E-mail message from frequent va-roots participant suggesting corrections to the lineage of General George R. Clark/explorer William Clark as presented in GENGEORG.txt.

EdwMdlsx "Edward of Middlesex Co. VA" JUL 1999. Discussion of Edward Clark of Middlesex and Essex Co. VA and his three wives -- Ann Allison, Ruth Downing, and Ann Feam. The genealogy published 1988 differs wildly from the information on him published in McNaught.

Elijahpi FEB 1997 "Clark Family Connections--Gen. Elijah CLARK of NC and GA" by Douglas Tucker. Summary of possible lineage of the GA Revolutionary War militia General Elijah Clark. He discusses four possible grandfathers -- THOMAS Clark (c1670 1728) of Surry Co. VA and on the Meherrin River in Bertie Precinct, NC.; FRANCIS Clark of Cutawhiskie Meadow, southernmost branch of Meherrin River in present day Bertie Co. NC; EDWARD Clark of Surry Co. VA; and THOMAS on Roanoke River in Bertie Co., NC. The goal is to find a link, if any, to Capt. Christopher Clark of New Kent Co. VA.

Elijhpii FEB 1997 Doug's continuing discussion of various John Clarks of NC; examination of records to prove which John was the father of the GA Rev. War. Gen. Elijah Clark. Includes NC CLARKs and ties to family back in VA.

Gengeorg "General George Rogers CLARK" AUG 1996. Discusses possible connections between the two lines; includes 1788 letters between Lucy (Clark) Moorman and her cousin Thomas Moorman. Includes information on ancestors of the general and explorer.

Gengeoii "Susannah Clarke, possible wife of Robert Byrd, as possible maternal link to George Rogers Clark", by Douglas Tucker FEB 1997. Discusses CLARKs of Thirploe, Cambridgeshire England and CLARKEs of Stevenage, Hertfordshire with links to colonial VA.

LtColDaniel "Lt. Col. Daniel Clarke of Windsor", OCT 1999. Discussion of this early Charles City Co. VA family, his connections to the early COCKE and ASTON families and continues with his probable grandsons into Charles City Co. mid-1700s.

Occoedwd "Edward Clark Jr. of Occoneechee Neck and his Children" by Douglas Tucker Jun 1997. This is part of Doug's continuing study of NC Clarks. He attempts to connect this Edward with an Edward in VA records.

RobertClk  Some descendants of Robert Clarke (died about March 1723 in Surry Co., VA) went to North Carolina and Georgia. This January 2006 report by Lea L. Dowd identifies Samuel Clarke (before 1686-before 1736 Brunswick Co., VA) as Robert's only male heir to reach adulthood. Samuel had four sons. This line is also linked by marriage of Robert's descendant Amy Whitfield Sledge (1783-1848 Hardeman Co., TN) to Cornelius Clark (abt 1763 Halifax Co., NC - Oct. 1828 Madison Co., AL).

UpdateElijahiv Update and corrections by Blanche Clark to one of the Christopher Clarks in North Carolina.

Transcription of Albemarle Deed Book 6, pages 425-6, George and Mary Glaspy to Thomas Clark, 9 March 1775.