Clarks in England and Barbados

Clark in England and Barbados

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Aprhdgpd "April Hodge-Podge" MAY 1996. The first discussion of CLARKEs in England with ANTHONYs and MOORMANS in Isle of Wight, England as well as McKENEYs found with CLARKs in Barbadoes records. Includes a discussion of Francis CLARK Sr's relationship to Capt. Christopher.

Brbaclrk "Barbadoes CLARKs" MAR 1996. Sorts CLARKs living in Christ Church Parish 1600s. A discussion of Lord Anthony Ashley Cooper and the early Quaker colony at Somerton, Nansemond Co. VA follows.

Clkupdii Three in one: "Micajah CLARK and Sallie Ann MOORMAN" JAN 1996. Long discussion re: proving ages by tithable lists and orders to help with roads. Also, Somerton connection with MERIWETHERS and VA records for a Michael CLARK. "Michael CLARK and Margaret" covers possible connections from England to Barbados. Earlier report "Edward JOHNSON update" also discusses Lord Shaftsbury as Penelope's possible father or grandfather; this is a MASSIE tradition.

Devonclk Brief transcription of wills: John Clark of Devon dated 1614; Christopher Clarke, merchant of Exeter, dated 1657; John Clark of Exeter dated 1635 with discussion of their families based on London Visitation records.

Dvegdwom "The CLARKE Family in England" APR 1996. Uses coat of arms and Visitation to link Families in VA back to Exeter, Devonshire and Warwickshire, England.

Moorman Pointers "Pointers to the Scots origin of The Ship Glasgow's passngers" by Richard "Dick" Clark April 2002. A revisit of the traditional account, using good documentation to discuss the clues 'the legend' and circa 1778 letter between cousins provide as to the origin of the family. [see ThomMoormanLetter under Candler section]