WILLIAM c1763 - 1827

WILLIAM Traylor c1763 - 1827

compiled by Linda Sparks Starr February 2008


1763 estimated birth year in Dinwiddie Co. Virginia William Traylor, son of William based on six children in William's household per 1800 Oglethorpe Co. Georgia census [Warren] and his probable service during the Revolutionary War. Also, he was "of age" by 1786 when he was listed on the 1786 Wilkes Co. tax rolls. LSS note: "M" as his middle initial is not supported by contemporary documents including his extant probate records.

1776-1778 Pvt. William Traylor Jr. served in Capt. Ralph Falkner's Co. of the 5th VA Reg't. [muster rolls located National Archives.] LSS note: No actual proof the younger Private is this particular William, but several things point to him as this soldier, including descendants who entered the DAR on his record.

1785-1786 estimated marriage year, probably in Georgia,William Traylor and Esther (surname unknown). LSS note: Even though the marriage record has not been located, some researchers list her surname as BANKS; however, BUCKLEY appears as a middle name among their descendants. Additionally this family seems especially close to Winnefred Hamilton which may be a clue to Esther's parents.

1786 Wilkes Co. GA Tax Records, Capt. Elsberry's Co: Jno. Banks, William Traylor 200 acres (2nd class) and 450 acres (3rd) 8 slaves; William Traylor Jr. 200 acres (3rd class) [Hudson p. 114] LSS note: to my knowledge no one has found how William Jr. came by this 200 acres. Information about his headright grant differs greatly according to the source.

1787 estimated birth year in Wilkes Co. GA Mary E. "Polly" Traylor, daughter of William & Esther. LSS note: Her age is based on William having one daughter 10-16 per 1800 census and, if researchers are correct, their daughter "Mary" is the one who married in 1807.

1787 Wilkes Co. Tax Records, Capt. Elsberry's Dist: William Traylor Jr. 200 acres in Wilkes and 200 acres in Franklin County. [Hudson p. 127]

1788 November 22 William Traylor Sr. of Wilkes Co. GA to Richard Bradshaw ... 192 acres in Halifax Co. VA witnessed by Randolph Buckley, William Traylor Jr., Thos. Traylor, Epinetus Winders. [Halifax Co. Deed Bk 14 p. 445; T.L.C. p. 127]

1789 October 1 birth in Wilkes Co. Georgia John Traylor, son of William & Esther [PT] LSS note: He is the one male 10-16 years old in William's household 1800 census. [Warren] LSS note: DAR #115604 Mrs. Beulah E. Medermott Campbell should provide documentation for his specific birth date.

1791 estimated birth year Mijamin Buckley Traylor in Wilkes Co., GA, son of William & Esther. LSS note: William's household in 1800 had four males under 10 and Mijamin was the second son to marry. His name is spelled numerous ways.

1790-1795 William Trailer received bounty land for service in Revolutionary War in Franklin Co. Georgia along with Matthew Sparks Jr. and William Sparks. William Trailer also received land in Wilkes Co. at the same time. [Lamar & Rothstein]

1792 Wilkes Co. GA Tax list, Capt. Sander's Dist: William Trailer 290 acres on Indian Creek Wilkes Co.; 200 acres in Franklin Co. GA on Naked Creek, 1 slave [Hudson p. 372-374]

1793 Wilkes Co. GA tax list, Capt. Sander's Dist: William Traylor 295 acres on Indian Creek adj. George Hamilton, 1 slave. [Hudson p. 500-502]

1793 estimated birth year Champion Travis Traylor in Wilkes Co., son of William & Esther. LSS note: He was the third son to marry, at age 23 if born this year.

1796 Oglethorpe Co. Tax List: Edmond (sic), Paschal, Thomas and William Traylor, John and Dunston Banks, Allen Spurlock. LSS note: The wives of John & Dunston Banks and Allen Spurlock were sisters of these Traylors.

1796 November 2 birth in Oglethorpe Co. Wiley H. Traylor, son of William & Esther [PT]

1799 Februay 17 date of Oglethorpe Co. will George Hamilton ... to Winney, my beloved wife land where I live during her natural life, then to Mark Regan, John Watson and John Hamilton, equally. ... Exec. Winney Hamilton. Witnesses: Joseph Wase, Patton Wise, Smith Gammon. [Oglethorpe Co. Will Bk A p. 86; McRee p. 18] Recorded April 22, 1799.

1799 July 22 birth in Oglethorpe Co. George Hamilton Traylor, son of William & Esther [PT]

1800 Oglethorpe Co. GA Census, McElroy's District: William Traylor 4 males under 10; 1 male (10-16); 1 male 26-45; 1 female 10-16; and 1 female 26-45. [Warren]

1800-1801 estimated birth William H. Traylor in Oglethorpe Co., son of William & Esther. LSS note: The 1800 census shows William with five males in his household, so one of his six sons was born after the 1800 census was taken. Researchers usually list this William last and he was the last of their sons to marry.

1801 December 29 Champion T. Traylor of Jackson Co. GA to Edward Traylor of Oglethorpe Co. GA for $400, 150 acres on Indian Creek adjacent Edward Traylor on SE, Paschal Traylor on NE, Thomas Traylor on N & Isham Davis on NW, granted to Abner Fogerson. /s/ C. T. Traylor. Test: James Brooks, Wm Traylor. Oglethorpe Co.: proved by William Traylor & James Brooks June 6, 1805, G. Hudspeth JP. Recorded 19 July 1805. [Oglethorpe Co. GA Deeds Bk D p. 452; Farmer p. 270] LSS note: The Traylors are all brothers and Brooks married a Traylor sister.

1802 January 4 Wm Traylor and Jacob Hodges witnessed deed George & Amy Hudspeth to Micajah Clark [Oglethorpe Co. Deeds Bk D p. 149; Farmer p. 201]

1802 January Term of the Oglethorpe Co. GA Inferior Court: Ordered that William Traylor be overseer of the road leading from Dukes Mill to the County line commonly called Thomas' road in lieu of George Hudspeth. [Minutes of the Inferior Court 1794-1807; McRee p. 189]

1802 March 19 birth in Oglethorpe Co. GA Sara Elizabeth Traylor, daughter William & Esther [PT] LSS note: She married Jeremiah Stallings; their son, Champion T. Stallings, is mentioned in the Chambers Co. AL lawsuit (1853) in which William Traylor's "no longer extant" will is involved.

1802 June 8 William Traylor, Gabrel Jones and George Watters witnessed deed John Johnson to Francis Wright, tract on Little Beverdam Creek [Oglethorpe Co. GA Deeds Bk D p. 128; Farmer p. 195]

1802 Halifax Co. VA Chancery Court, August Session: Richard Bradshaw vs Thomas Traylor, administrator and one of the legatees William Traylor dec'd. ... (include) William Traylor [Halifax Co. VA Pleas Bk 21, p. 105 JSB]

1803 April 1 Elisha Smallwood of Wilkes Co. to William Traylor of Oglethorpe Co. for $500, 216 acres on Indian Creek ... begin on William Traylor on W, to Edwd Traylor on S ... wit: Edward Traylor, Isham Rainey, John Johnson [Oglethorpe Co. GA Deed Bk D p. 259; Farmer p. 226]

1803 William Traylor received 13 1/2 acres (Headright land) in Oglethorpe Co. [Bk EEEEE p. 549 Lucas]

1803 December 23 William Traylor, G. Hudspeth JP witnessed deed John B. & Mary Parks to Anthony Martin, tract on Long Creek waters. [Oglethorpe Co. GA Deeds Bk D p. 416; Farmer p. 261]

1804 November 19 Winney Hambleton for love, goodwill & affection to George H. Traylor .... negro girl Hanay, bed furniture and bedstead, cow, household items. wit: Polley (x) Banks, G. Hudspeth JP [Oglethorpe Co. GA Deeds Bk D p. 394; Farmer p. 256] LSS note: Polly Banks is probably Mary (Traylor) Banks, wife of Dunstan.

1805 William Traylor, resident of Oglethorpe Co. was entitled to two draws in the GA Land Lottery, but drew two Blanks. [Graham p. 560]

1805 June 6 T. Traylor, Wm Traylor, G. Hudspeth JP witnessed deed Randolph Traylor of Clark Co. GA to Reace Watkins, Reuben Traylor & Paschal Traylor, heirs of Paschal Traylor dec'd. [Oglethorpe Deeds Bk D p. 453; Farmer p. 270]

1805-1807 estimated birth year Martha Traylor, in Oglethorpe Co., daughter of William & Esther. LSS note: No one seems to know much about this daughter; she supposedly married a "Mr. Murphree", but her sister Mary married Martin M. Murphy. Could the two husbands be confused?

1807 March 17 marriage in Oglethorpe Co. GA Mary E. "Polly" Traylor and Martin M. Murphy [FTM Marriage Index: AL, GA, SC 1641-944, CD #3, also Dodd, Jordan, Georgia Marriages to 1850 (database on-line) Provo, UT: The Generations Network, Inc., 1997]

1807 May 23 Reece and Milly Watkins to Simon Cardwell ... 71 acres on Indian Creek ... witnesses: Edw. Traylor, Wm Traylor JP [Oglethorpe Co. Deed Bk E p. 187; Farmer p. 345] LSS note: Milly was the widow of Paschal Traylor (brother of Edward & William) when she married Reece Watkins. This is first appearance of the Justice of Peace William Traylor.

1808 December 17 marriage John Traylor (son of William and Esther) and Nancy Hales [Georgia Marriages CD] LSS note: Their children: Mary Jane born 1809; Green Stinson born February 11, 1811; William C. born March 4, 1815; Martha born March 17, 1817; Joseph born April 3, 1819; Champion Travis born April 23, 1821; John Wesley born May 20, 1823; Andrew Cunningham born June 11, 1825 and Jacqueline Ann born May 27, 1827 [Doris Dell]

1809 December 26 Joseph Colvert to William Traylor [Jasper Co. Deeds Bk 3 p. 322 per Grantor / Grantee Index JSB]

1809 December 29 William Traylor of Randolph Co. GA to John Compton Sr. of Oglethorpe Co. for $1000, 190 acres on Indian Creek, begin on Edward Traylor's line ... to creek on Paschal Traylor's orphan's line ... on Hambleton's & Hudspeth's line /s/ Wm Traylor. [Oglethorpe Deed Bk F p. 72; Farmer p. 14] LSS note: December 1807 Randolph Co. was created from a portion of Baldwin Co. GA. December 1812 the county name changed from Randolph to Jasper Co. [Everton p. 87]

1811 January 7 William Traylor of Randolph Co. GA to Edward Traylor of Oglethorpe Co. for $500, 240 acres on Indian Creek waters adjacent road & lines of Terrel, Davis ... to Edward Traylor, Compton. /s/ Wm Traylor. Wit: Conway Garlington, Thos. Duke JP [Oglethorpe Co. Deed Bk H p. 507; Farmer p. 204]

1812 October 29 Winneford Hamilton of Randolph County, GA to [several people] mentions "near Meeting House" witnesses: Geo. Reid, John Traylor, Wm Traylor JP [Oglethorpe Deed Bk H p. 46; Farmer p. 117] LSS note: John is William's son.

1813 March 29 marriage Migamin Buckley Traylor (son of William & Esther) and Lydia Ann Lange [Jasper Co. GA Marriage Book A]

1814 January 4 Jasper Co. GA Court Session: William Traylor among the Justices in attendance. [Lucas]

1814 March Mijamin B. Traylor fought in the battle of Horseshoe Bend under Andrew Jackson [Barnes]

1814 April 14 Jasper Co. Court: William Traylor among the Judges in attendance. Will of Winny Hamilton was proved by Smith Garrison; warrant of appraisement to William Traylor, exor. [Lucas]

1814 October 20 Isaac Downs to William Traylor, both of Jasper Co., for $500, 40 acres on waters of Falling Creek, Lot #123 in 17th District. Wit: J. Paine, Jacob Owen, Jos. White JIC. [Jasper Co. Deed Bk 7 p. 7 JSB]

1815 February 9 Obadiah Satterwhite to John Traylor, both of Jasper Co., for $200, 100 acres Lot #144, 17th Dist. begin at William Traylor's corner ... test: Bailey Johnson, Chpn. T. Traylor, Wm Traylor JIC [Jasper Co. Deed Bk 7 p. 423 JSB] LSS note: I think this is William's son instead of William's brother who "usually" signed his name with initials: C. T. Traylor.

1815 May 1 Jasper Co. Court: William Traylor, Justice, in attendance. Will of William Lee was proved by witnesses: Peter W. Gautier, Thomas Traylor, Henry Stephens ... Warrant issued to Maria Lee. [Lucas] LSS note: Thomas and William are brothers.

1816 March 4 Session Ordinary Court: Ordered William Traylor, Thomas Traylor, Henry Slaughter, William Johnson Sr. and William White ... to distribute estate of Theophillus Hill. [Jasper Co. GA Ordinary Court & Will Bk _ p. _; Lucas]

1816 August 13 John Traylor to Harriet Hawkins [Jasper Co. Deeds Bk 7 p. 453 per Grantor/Grantee Index JSB] LSS note: John is William and Esther's eldest son.

1816 August 20 John Traylor to Daniel Dawkins for $200, 100 acres in 17th Dist. Lot #144 mentions Wm Traylor's corner, also corner of Falling Creek Waters. /s/ John Traylor. Wit: James Hardwick, Jonathan F. Bridges, C. Dawkins. [Jasper Co. Deed Bk 7 p. 453 JSB]

1816 September 2 Session Ordinary Court: Ordered Thomas Traylor, Robert Owen, Henry Jordan, John Pain and William Traylor to divide estate of Joseph White dec'd. [Jasper Co. GA Ordinary Court & Will Bk _ p. 87; Lucas p. 53] Same Session: Application ordered William Traylor have Letters of Dismission from estate Winny Hamilton. [p. 111]

1816 September 10 John Hodnut of Jasper Co. to John Traylor (no residence given) for $485, 101.3 acres, part of Lot #239, 19th District adjacent Burwell Camp. Wit: Migamin B. Traylor, Burwell Camp. Deed proved on oath Burwell Camp before Wm Traylor JIC. [Jasper Co. Deed Bk 7 p. 424 JSB]

1816 September 10 Ulysus Williams to M. Traylor [Jasper Co. Deeds Bk 7 p. 432 per Grantor / Grantee Index JSB]

1816 December 20 marriage Champion T. Traylor and Avarilah B. White [Jasper Co. Marriage Bk A] LSS note: Researchers agree this is William and Esther's son.

1816 December 24 Mijamin B. Traylor sold 50 acres to Martin W. Murphy for $500, tract on waters of Falling Creek, land lying between John Peacock, William Weldon and others. /s/ Mijamin B. Traylor. Wit: Champion T. Traylor, Paschal Murphy, Wm Traylor JIC [Jasper Deed Bk 7 p. 605 JSB] LSS note: Martin Murphy married Mijamin's sister Mary.

1817 January 31 date of will Champion T. Traylor of Jasper Co. GA ... wife Avarilah B. Traylor sole executrix ... five negroes and tract joining Johnson and Dianilds, household and kitchen furniture, etc. plus all my money after payment of debts ... /s/ C. T. Traylor. Witnessed by John Stephens Sr., William Johnson, Wiley Traylor, Nicholas Johnson. [Peggy Thompson usgenweb site for Jasper Co. GA] LSS note: Unable to determine how he got the tract of land or which Jasper Co. deed is to this younger C. T. and which to his uncle.

1817 before 3 March death in Jasper Co. GA Champion Travers Traylor proved. [Inventory & Appraisement orders, Jasper Co. Bill Bk 2 p. 324; Jasper Co. Will Bk 2 p. 285; Minutes Bk 1 p. 98] LSS note: His probate records are confusing. The transcription of his will shows the date signed as "thirty first day of January ... one thousand eight hundred and seventeen." Yet, that same date is used by another abstractor for date Letters Testamentary and Order for Appraisement were ordered.

1817 William Traylor was Judge for the Court of Ordinary in Jasper Co. [Eleanor Colson]

1817 December 26 marriage Avarilla Traylor (widow) and Simeon Durham [Jasper Co. Marriage Bk A]

1818 May Term: Ordered that William Traylor have Letters of Dismission from estate Winny Hamilton [Jasper Co. Will Bk vol. 1 p. 111 per Lucas]

1818 May Term: Ordered Jonathan Phillips, David Adams, Wm Scott, Henry Walker and Wm Traylor divide estate William Vardeman. [Jasper Co. Will Bk 1 p. 129 per Lucas]

1818 October 1 marriage Wiley Traylor (son of William & Esther) and Jane Vardeman [Jasper Co. Marriage Bk A]

1819 May marriage George Hamilton Traylor (son of William & Esther) and Cynthia Wilson of Henry Co., Georgia. [Family Puzzler] LSS note: It continues: They lived in Pike Co. in 1822-1827, were in Troy Co. Alabama by 1827 where he died in 1869. Cynthia was still living in 1850, but Elizabeth H. Traylor is named wife in his will dated 1869.

1820 Jasper Co. Census: John Traylor, M. B. Traylor and William Traylor

1821 August or September death in Jasper Co. GA Thomas Jackson. Final estate distribution (after 1831) papers show legatees were wife Selah (Celia) and children: Thomas Jackson, Nancy Jackson, William Jackson, Richard Head, John Johnson, Robert & Patience Laird, William H. Traylor, Hiram Brooks, Rebecca Jackson. LSS note: William H. Traylor is son of William & Esther. Hiram Brooks is grandson of Elizabeth (Traylor) Brooks, sister of William 1763-1827.

1824 February 11 John Traylor of Henry Co. GA to William Pierson ... /s/ John Traylor, Nancy Traylor. Witnesses John Treadwell Sr., John Treadwell Jr. [Monroe Co. GA Deeds Bk D-E p. 30A; GGM]

1826 January 14 Sanders Stallings to William Traylor [Jasper Co. Deeds Bk A p.519 per Grantor / Grantee Index JSB]

1826 October 23 within Henry Co. GA deed Lawson L. Holland to John Bryans ... "west side of the Ocmulgee River adjoining B. Traylor" ... [Henry Co. Deeds Bk F p. 14; Turner p. 94]

1827 January 18 marriage in Jasper Co. William H. Traylor (son of William & Esther) and Sarah Jackson, daughter of Thomas who died 1821 and Celia (Bullard). [PT]

1827 before May 7 death William Traylor in Jasper County, Georgia. (probation date / will dated 2 Nov 1826). [Jasper Co. GA Minute Bk 1 p. 160 for Letters Test. & appr] Letter dated March 1979 from Harold Greer, Probate Judge of Jasper Co. to Woodrow Briggs Traylor who shared with Cal Traylor: "There is no will on file, although executors (Mijamin B. and George H. Traylor) were appointed by some will. The records refer to the decedent as William Traylor without middle initial." Clemons: Jasper Co. Minutes Book identifies the executors as Mijamin B. Traylor of Henry Co. GA and George H. Traylor of Pike Co. GA. LSS note: See 1853 entry for more details.

1833 November 6 William Traylor Estate to Thos. Hairston [Jasper Co. Deeds Bk 11 p. 619 per Grantor / Grantee Index JSB] Clemons: Sold by Mijamin as executor of the estate.

1834 December 23 John Traylor of Troup Co. to John Porter of Henry ... $600, 202 1/2 acres Lot #106, Dist 11 in Henry Co. Witnesses William Maddox, Jeremiah Porter. [Henry Co. GA Deeds Bk G p. 389; Turner p. 272] LSS note: John is son of William & Esther.

1836 March 27 birth John Thomas Traylor, son of George Hamilton & Cynthia (Wilson) in the Long Cane Community of Troup Co. GA. [John C. Bellamy per Troup Co. GA Historical Society website.]

1836 July 27 (recorded date) John Traylor of Troup Co. to William Maddox of Henry Co. for $1,300, 202 1/2 acres in Henry Co., Lot #75 in Dist. 11. Witnesses Henley Varner, Isiah Porter, John Porter and Richard Duke. [Henry Co. Deeds Bk H p. 55; Turner p. 305]

1836 or 1837 death William H. Traylor (son of William & Esther) in Jasper Co. GA. [Family Puzzlers] LSS note: The article continues his wife was Sarah and guardians were appointed for his minor children -- Elezar E., Eliza, James L[eroy born 3 Sept 1836], Thomas J[efferson born 4 Sept 1829], William J. Records of administration of his estate are found from 1838 to 1853. [January Court 1837 Administrators Bond for John Knight Jr., Jasper Co. Adm Bonds Bk C p.154; Inv & Appr: Wills Bk 11 p. 328-330 JSB; June 1837 Annual Return Wills Bk 11 p. 330; June 1838 Annual Return Wills Bk 11 p. 63; Sale Bill: Realty: Wills Bk 11 p. 64; Sept 1839 Annual Return: Wills Bk 11 p. 64 JSB]

1838 April 5 second marriage for Wiley Traylor (son of William & Esther) and Elizabeth K. Evans [Ruth Traylor to Cal Traylor 1996]

1841 October 6 death John Traylor (son of William & Esther) in Troup Co. GA [Colson and Family Puzzlers]

1845 August 7 Chambers Co. Alabama: Jasper Co. GA will William Traylor was presented to court by his grandson Champion Stallings. Witnesses to the will were Green D. Brantley, Christopher Deadwilder, Paschal Traylor. [Gandrud] LSS note: Paschal was son of Paschal died 1799/1800 and Milley (Anglin).

1847 death in San Saba, Texas Champion Traylor (born 1821) son of John and Nancy (Hales). [Doris Dell] LSS note: She adds he was killed by Indians, leaving a pregnant wife and four children. His wife, Elizabeth (Burke) Traylor returned to Mississippi where the last child was born. Elizabeth married second her deceased sister's widower, Thomas Harris. Eventually they, with "his, hers and their children," moved to Shiloh in Comanche Co. Texas. LSS note: Another researcher gives 1855 as the death year for Champion Traylor.

1848 August 20 death Wiley H. Traylor (son of William & Esther) [PT]

1849 marriage Andrew Cunningham Traylor (son of John & Nancy and grandson of William & Esther) and Mary P. Traylor. [DAR member #115604 Beulah E. (Medermott) Campbell] LSS note: The DAR application might identify the parents of Mary P. Traylor.

1850 Jasper Co. GA Census District 46: Celia Jackson, 67 born NC, head of household which included Sarah Marsh 41 born GA; Jefferson Traylor 17 born GA and Leroy Traylor 13 born GA. [page 85] LSS note: Sarah Marsh is the remarried and perhaps single again widow of William H. Traylor (son of William & Esther) who is living with her mother and two of their sons in 1850.

1853 January Term Chambers Co. Alabama Supreme Court: Slaughter vs Cunningham. "Error to Circuit Court of Chambers Detinue by Bryant Slaughter agst William H. Cunningham for a slave named Mary. Plaintiff claimed title under a deed of gift from Champion T. Stallings ... in trust for the benefit of sd grantor's granddaughter then living and ... such other children as he might have by his then present wife whose maiden name was Mary L. Slaughter. This deed, dated 7 August 1845, was executed while the grantor was a minor, and by him acknowledged in open court Fall Term of Circuit Court of Chambers. Defendant first offered a transcript of records of Court of Ordinary for Jasper Co. Georgia purporting to be a copy of will of William Traylor, the grandfather of said Champion Stallings. Will contained the following clause: "Item, To my grandchildren, William J. Stallings and Champion T. Stallings, I give and bequeath a negro girl named Julia; also two cows and calves, bed and furniture, bedstead, chest and spinning wheel; all of said property to remain in the family until the youngest child, Champion T. Stallings becomes of age." Said will bears date 2 Nov 1826 and to have been proved in open court on 7 May 1827. Wit: Green D. Brantley, Christopher Deadwilder, Paschal Traylor. Defendant then introduced as a witness one Jeremiah Stallings, father of said Champion, who testified that said Champion T. Stallings was born 8 Mar 1826; that trade took place in last of July or 1st of August 1847 just before said Champion left to join the US Army in Mexico as a volunteer. [Lawsuits to Supreme Court Book 21 part 2 p. 110]

1860 Upson Co. GA Census 555th Distrist: Tomaston P.O. July 21: James L[eroy] Traylor household includes Sarah (Jackson) Traylor Marsh. [PT] Troup Co. GA Census 655th District, LaGrange P.O. July 12 William J. Traylor 22 overseer in household of James Fannin [p. 142 PT] LSS note: This is thought to be William J., another son of William H. (died 1836/7) and Sarah (Jackson) Traylor Marsh.

1861 - 1864 April John Thomas Traylor (son of George H. & Cynthia / grandson of William & Esther) joined the West Point Guards which became Co. D 4th Rgmt GA Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia. He was killed at the Battle of the Wilderness, VA May 5, 1864. [descendant John C. Bellamy on Troup Co. GA Historical Society website.] Bellamy adds John T. married Rosa Wise April 8, 1858 and they had two children.

1861-1865 Green Stinson Traylor, son of John and Nancy (Hales) and grandson of William & Esther served in a CSA unit from Louisiana [Doris Dell]

1863 May 8 death Migeman B. Traylor in Randolph Co. Alabama [per various researchers to Cal Traylor]

1866 death Cynthia (Wilson) Traylor, wife of George H., in Troup Co. GA. [Clemons]

1869 April 11 death George Hamilton Traylor in Troup Co. GA. (Ralph Traylor shared George's obituary, published by the Masonic West Point Lodge, No. 43 May 3, 1869, with Cal Traylor. It begins that William Traylor (father of the deceased George) was born in Dinwiddie County, VA and moved to Halifax Co. VA in 1780. By 1788 he was living in Wilkes Co. Georgia. It identified two additional sons besides the deceased: William and Thomas.) Clemons: The obit for George H. found in Troup Co. Archives lists only his children, their births and deaths, and that of his wife. No mention is found for his, or his father's, early lives.

1883 March 23 death Sarah Elizabeth (Traylor) Stallings, wife of Jeremiah and daughter of William and Esther.



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