Two or Three Edward Traylors

Two or Three Edward Traylors

by Linda Sparks Starr November 2003

updated January 2008


In my opinion, the following abstracts from court records prove there were at least THREE Edward Traylors living in the area that once was encompassed by Bristol Parish. Another way of saying this is, they lived in the present day counties of Prince George, Dinwiddie, Chesterfield and part of Amelia. Edward #1 is the brother of William who married Judith (Archer). William sold Edward 100 acres in 1702. At the time Edward #1 was identified as a "planter," indicating he owned land elsewhere. However, this 100 acre tract is the only land we've located for him -- thus information about him is among the missing Prince George County records no doubt. Edward #2 was the son of William and Judith (Archer), thus nephew of Edward #1. He married Elizabeth (surname unknown) and they had among other children, Phebe and Blanche, whose births were registered in the Bristol Parish Register. They also had a son, William, whose birth doesn't appear in the Bristol Parish register, but other records tell us, their son was born between October 1737 and October 1740. They resided in the area of Henrico Co. that became Chesterfield. Edward #3 was the son of Edward # 1. In 1733 he and his wife, Mary (surname unknown), had a son named William whose birth was recorded in the Bristol Parish Register. This Edward appears in the patent records on Mawhipponock Creek (now Dinwiddie Co.) as well as in a couple Amelia County records.


1702 December 1 Henrico Co. Wills & Deeds Etc. 1697-1704 p. 303: William Traylor of Bristol Parish, Henrico Co., to Edward Traylor of same, planter, for £5, 100 acres in Bristol Parish on north side Appomattox River, next to George Archer; being part of a patent to said William October 14, 1701. Wit: James Thweatt Jr., Cha. Roberts, Henry Walthall. (signed) Wm (X) Traylor, Judith Traylor. [Weisiger p. 124; Henrico Co. Deeds & Wills 1697-1704 p. 303]

 1725 Sept. 2 birth Phebe, daughter Edmond (sic) and Elizabeth Traylor [Chamberlayne p. 99]

1732 Sept. 17 birth Blanch, daughter Edmond and Elizabeth Traylor [Chamberlayne p. 101]

1733 June 12 birth William, son Edward and Mary Traylor [Chamberlayne p. 102]

 1735 August 1 Edward Traylor 395 acres in Prince George Co. in the Fork of Mawhipponock Creek adjacent Leadbitor Jones. [C&P v. 4 p. 81; Patent Bk 16 p. 109]

1736 Thomas Jackson and Jack on Edward Traylor's land on Middle Creek; dr pd by Edward Traylor. Edward Traylor dr 2 levys -- Thomas Jackson levy; store debt pd by credit in store & inspector's note. John Traylor dr 1736; 1 levy; 100 acres for Edward Traylor pd by cash to J. Gibson & by Col. Kennon. [Fleet "John Nash, Sheriff, Account Bk 1733-1737; his notes and some store accounts."]

1738 January 2 Edward Traylor 392 acres in Henrico Co. on both sides Middle Creek, adjacent Samuel Good. [Patent Bk 17 p. 447; C&P v. IV p. 149]

1742 December 22 date will William Haskins. To Frederick Ford, son of Matthew Ford, the plantation where I live. To William Ford, son of Matthew Ford, negroes. To Mary Grigg, wife of Abner Grigg, a negro. To George Traylor a negro. To Martha Spain, wife of Thomas Spain, a negro. To Hugh Bragg, a negro and items. To my cousins Mary Tucker, wife of John Tucker, a negro. To my brother William Traylor 1 shilling. To my brother Edward Traylor 1 shilling. To Mary Basford 1 shilling. All the rest to Thomas Spain and George Traylor, equally, and they to be executors. Wit: William Hamlin, John Spain, William Spain. Recorded May 1745. [Henrico Wills & Deeds 1744-1748 p. 24; Weisiger p. 21]

1745 April 13 date will Edward Traylor of Dale Parish, Henrico County. To daughter Pheby Ellis, all land east side Middle Creek and negro; to daughter Blanch, all remainder of tract on Middle Creek and a negro and items; to son William all land belonging to my dwelling place, containing 317 acres, a negro and items; to wife Elizabeth and daughter Mary, all rest of estate for life and then divided among all my children. Thomas Ellis sole executor. wit: Peter Worsham, James Watkins, William Watkins. [Weisiger p. 23; Henrico Co. Deeds & Wills Bk 1744-1748 p. 136]

1745 May 14 William Traylor of Henrico Co., planter, to Edward Traylor of same for £30, 317 acres. Bounced by first branch of Wintopock, Peter Worsham & said William Traylor. Wit: George Archer, Joseph Traylor & Peter Worsham. /s/ William (+) Traylor. [Weisiger p. 17; Henrico Deeds 1744-1748 p. 71]

1746 before May death in Henrico County Edward Traylor, son of William & Judith for the will was recorded this day. Accounts of the estate of Edward Trayler were presented by Robert Cozen & recorded August 1748. [Weisiger p. 38; Henrico Wills & Deeds 1748-1750 p. 27

1750 January 29 Edward Tralar of Prince George Co., Gent., to Joseph Dickerson of same, Gent., for £11, land in Dale Parish on Appomattox River, 100 acres, bounded as within lines of Thomas Andrews, Richard Andrews and John Dyer and the river. Wit: Joseph Holgross, Richard (x) Dicerson, John Dickerson. Mary (circled +) Traler relinquished her dower. Recorded June 7, 1751. [Chesterfield Co. Deed Bk 1749-1756 p. 284; Weisiger p. 26]

1753 February Amelia Co. Court: Edward Traylor Plt vs John Carr, Deft. Petition for £3.0.8 per Acct. This day came the Pltf by his atty and the Deft came not. The Plt having proved by his own oath that £3.0.8 was justly due to him from the Deft., ordered that he recover the same agst the Deft together with costs. [Amelia Co. Order Bk p. 83; T.L.C. p. 86]

1754 July Amelia Court: Henry Randolph to pay Edward Trayler for 1 day's attending as witness for him against John Roberts and for once coming and returning 30 miles. [Amelia Order Bk p. 184; T.L.C. p. 195]

1754 October 4 William Traylor, orphan of Edward Traylor [dec'd] chooses Robert Cousins his guardian. [Chesterfield Co. Order Bk 2 p. 1; Weisiger p. 110]


 Reviewing: Edward #1 died between the writing of William Haskins' will in which he was identified by Haskins as brother (December 22, 1742) and the selling of the 100 acre tract by Edward #3 and Mary (January 29, 1750.) Edward #2 died before May 1746 when his will was presented to the Henrico Co. court. July 1754 is the last record found so far that we can link specifically to Edward #3 on Mawhipponock Creek in now Dinwiddie County. In 1787 there is one Edward in Dinwiddie County and another Edward in Halifax, either of whom could be Edward #3. However, I personally suspect Edward #3 died before 1780. That summer his son, William (born 1733), purchased 592 acres in Halifax County for £3000. At the time he identified himself as "William Traylor of Dinwiddie Co."



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