THOMAS c1760 - 1817

THOMAS Traylor c1760 - 1817

compiled by Linda Sparks Starr February 2008

1759-1761 estimated birth year in Dinwiddie County, Virginia Thomas Traylor, son of William. LSS note: Based on Thomas being about 25 years old when he married the first time. (1786) The 1800 Oglethorpe Co. GA census shows his birth between 1755 - 1774.

1785 May 4 "Plat surveyed by Thos. Traylor, D.S. 4 May 1785, granted 11 July 1797" within deed John Colley & Sally to James Donahoe dated Sept 21, 1805. [Oglethorpe Deed Bk E p. 29; Farmer p. 300]

1786 July 13 marriage in Halifax Co. Virginia Thomas Traylor and Phoebe Fergison by Rev. James Watkins. (Ralph Traylor to Cal Traylor 1987: Halifax Co. VA Marriage bond for Thomas Traylor and Phebe Fergson is dated 7/11/1786; copy of original among papers of Woodrow Briggs Traylor.) LSS note: No proof has been located the groom is this Thomas.

1787 Halifax Co. VA Tax List: Thomas Traylor, 2 horses, 1 cow. [T.L.C.] LSS note: There is another Thomas Traylor in Halifax Co. Virginia records.

1787 estimated birth year Elizabeth Winn Powell, second wife of Thomas Traylor and daughter William Powell and Sally Johnson. [per Lorene Walker Auld] LSS note: William and Sally were married in Halifax Co. VA September 16, 1784.

1787 November 1 Thomas Traylor, William Burford, Ellis West witnessed deed Ethelred Wood of Greene Co. GA to Robert Abercrombie of same for 862 acres on Shoulderbone Creek. [Greene Co. GA Deeds Bk B p. _; Lucas]

1788 November 22: Randolph Buckley, William Traylor, Thos. Traylor, Epinetus Winders witnessed the deed William Traylor Sr. of Wilkes Co. GA to Richard Bradshaw for land in Halifax Co. VA. [Halifax Co. Deed Bk 14 p. 445; T.L.C. p. 127]

1789 February 20 Greene Co. GA deed Ethelred Wood to Robert Abercrombie witnessed by Thomas Trayler. [Fone]

1789 estimated birth year Thomas Traylor, son of Thomas and his first wife, in Wilkes or perhaps Greene Co. Georgia.

1791 Wilkes Co. GA Tax List: Hiram Traylor, Mathew Sparks, John, Richard, Dunstan and James Banks, Thomas Traylor, Randolph Traylor and James Brooks. [Hudson p. 310-311] LSS note: The original page is torn, so amount of property Thomas paid taxes on is missing.

1791 August 7 Wilkes Co. Court: Thomas Traylor appointed administrator of his father's estate with Baswell Bridges signing the security bond with him. [Davidson, vol. II p. 296]

1791 December 1 Zachariah and Sarah Lamar to James Cadenhead ... 200 acres on branch of Macks Creek of Long Creek witnessed by T. Traylor, Basil Lamar, John Culpeper, Henry Doudy. Proved by Thomas Traylor & Henry Doudy ... [Wilkes Co. Deed Bk II p. 479; Farmer p. 293]

1792 Wilkes Co. GA Tax List, Capt. James Sander's Dist: James Brooks with 1 slave and 295 acres on Indian Creek; Wm Trailer with 1 slave and 265 acres on Indian Cr. adj. George Hamilton; Thomas Trailer with 2 slaves and 231 acres on Indian Creek adj. Trailer; Mathew Sparks 200 acres in Franklin Co.; Hiram Traylor with no property; Randolph Trailer with 93 acres on Indian Cr. adj. Thos. Trailer. [Hudson p. 372-4] LSS note: it appears the heirs have divided the land and slaves of William Traylor dec'd.

1792 - 1793 estimated birth year for Cynthia "Sintha" in Wilkes Co., daughter of Thomas and his first wife. LSS note: Phebe is named second in his will listing his children from his first marriage.

1793 Wilkes Co. Tax List, Capt. James Sanders' Co.: John Banks 1092 acres on Macks Cr; Matthew Sparks 200 acres in Franklin Co.; Richard Banks and Rees Watkins on Indian Creek; Thomas Traylor 1 slave, 231 acres on Indian Creek; Dunstal Banks 283 acres on Millstone adj. Middleton Brooks; William Traylor 1 slave, 305 acres on Indian Creek; James Brooks 1 slave, 200 acres on Indian Creek; Paskel Traylor 1 slave "returned for Paskel by James Brooks; Randolph Traylor 2 slaves, 93 acres on Indian Creek; Hiram Traylor no property. [Hudson p. 500-502]

1794 May 3 John & Leah Richardson of Washington Co. GA to Russell Jones of Oglethorpe Co., 200 acres on Long Creek waters ... on Benjamin Wadkins ... Reece Wadkins & George Smith ... Martin ... Russell Jones ... corner on Thomas Traylor [Oglethorpe Co. Deed Bk A p. 312; Farmer p. 39]

1794 June Term Inferior Court of Oglethorpe Co.: Anthony Ivy vs Joseph Wheelwright, action for debt; John Dennard and Thomas Traylor entered themselves special bail. [Minutes of the Oglethorpe Co. GA Inferior Court 1794-1807; McRee p. 148]

1795 June 27 T. Traylor, Allin Sims witnesses to deed Joel & Christian Sims to Joseph Baughan ... Proved Nov 1795 by Thos. Traylor [Oglethorpe Co. GA Deed Bk A p. 294; Farmer p. 37]

1795 - 1797 estimated birth year for William in Oglethorpe Co., son of Thomas and his first wife.

1796 Oglethorpe Co. GA Tax List: Thomas Traylor, Edmond (sic) Traylor, Paschal Traylor, William Traylor

1796 December 22 Thomas Traylor's ear mark smooth crop of the left ear [Oglethorpe Deed Bk A p. 352; Farmer p. 46]

1797 June Session Inferior Court of Oglethorpe Co.: Orders for payment of guards for prisoners include: Thomas Traylor fifty cents. [Minutes of the Oglethorpe Co. GA Inferior Court 1794-1807; McRee p. 164]

1797 November Session Inferior Court: Members of the Petit Jurors for upcoming June Term 1798 include Thomas Traylor [Minutes of the Oglethorpe Co. GA Inferior Court 1794-1807; McRee p. 168]

1798 February 17 birth in Georgia Elizabeth "Betsey", daughter of Thomas. LSS note: specific birth date from descendant "Leenaum". LSS note: Did the mother die of complications of childbirth? Neither his wife, nor a second female under 10, is living with Thomas at the time of the 1800 census. Was Betsy raised by her Aunt Mary Banks at least until Thomas married again? See the 1822 deed Dunstan Banks to Elizabeth Haynes for my reasoning.

1798 June Session: Ordered Thomas Moody, Thomas Traylor and Guy Smith be appointed commissioners to view ... road from Barbers Bridge on Long Creek to Lexington. [Minutes of the Oglethorpe Co. GA Inferior Court 1794-1807; McRee p. 171]

1798 August 30 T. Traylor, Sam'l Colquitt, William Smith witnesses to deed Charles Stewart to Beverly Guthery for 200 acres on Millstone Creek waters [Oglethorpe Deed Bk 3 p. 201; Farmer p. 114]

1799 November 12 Thomas Traylor, Wm Carragan witnesses to deed James Moore to Richard Rowland for land on lines (including) William Traylor. [Oglethorpe Deed Bk D p. 26; Farmer p. 170]

1800 Oglethorpe Co. GA census Capt McElroy's Dist: Thomas Traylor with 2 males under 10; 1 male 16-26; 1 male 26-45; 1 female under 10 and 1 slave. [Warren] LSS note: His Jasper Co. GA will names the children with his first wife: Thomas, Sintha, William, Betsy Haynes. The enumerator perhaps ticked the wrong age category or was a brother living with him?

1801 December 29 Champion T. Traylor of Jackson Co. GA to Edward Traylor of Oglethorpe Co. ... on Indian Creek adjacent Edward Traylor on SE, Paschal Traylor on NE, Thomas Traylor on N & Isham Davis on NW, granted to Abner Fogerson ... [Olgethorpe Co. Deed Bk D p. 452; Farmer p. 270]

1802 March 12 T. Traylor, James Duke and Bird Parks JP witnesses to deed Thomas & Betsey Duke to George Doggett. [Oglethorpe Deed Bk H p. 194; Farmer p. 144]

1802 June 4 marriage in Oglethorpe Co. GA Thomas Traylor and Elizabeth Winn "Betsey" Powell. [PT] LSS note: Based on the will of Smith Johnson, researchers determined that Elizabeth was the daughter of William Powell and Sally Johnson and granddaughter of Smith Johnson and Margaret Winn.

1802 Halifax Co. VA Chancery Court, August Session: Richard Bradshaw vs Thomas Traylor, administrator and one of the legatees William Traylor dec'd. [Halifax Co. VA Pleas Bk 21, p. 105 JSB] LSS note: Suit was to recover deficiency of 50 acres as plated in the 1788 deed. Thomas was the only legatee who participated in these proceedings. Same session Thomas filed suit against his siblings in order to force a sale of William's remaining holdings in Virginia. [Pleas Bk 21 p. 105 JSB]

1803 February 10 John Turner, T. Traylor, M. Clark JP witnesses to deed Herod Thornton Jr. to John Thornton for land on Goosepond Creek [Oglethorpe Deed Bk D p. 234; Farmer p. 219]

1803 October 18 Allen Spurlock to Lewis Suddoth ... on Indian Creek waters ... Witnessed by T. Traylor, Sam'l Colguitt, Russell Jones. [Oglethorpe Co. Deed Bk D p. 489; Farmer p. 278] LSS note: Allen Spurlock married Frances Traylor, sister of Thomas Traylor. Same date: Allen Spurlock of Clark Co. GA to Samuel Hay ... on Indian Creek waters, branch of Long Creek ... witnessed by T.Traylor and Charles Hay. [Deed Bk p. 510; Farmer p. 282]

1803 Halifax Co. VA November Court: Commissioners marked off the 50 acres for Bradshaw and then William Traylor's land was sold at public auction. [Pleas Bk 22 p. 116-117; 129-130 JSB]

1803 December 13 date Oglethorpe Co. GA will Smith Johnson naming his granddaughters Elizabeth W. Traylor, Salley W. Powell, and Margaret Johnson. [Oglethorpe Co. GA Will Bk A p. 156-7; McRee p. 31] LSS note: The will was entered for probate January 7, 1806.

1804 February 4 T. Traylor, John Johnson witnesses to deed James Moore of Jackson Co. to Charles Hay of Oglethorpe ... on Long Creek waters, Wm Traylor's line. [Oglethorpe Co. Deed Bk D p. 546; Farmer p. 289-290]

1804 September 15 T. Traylor, John Marr witnesses to deed John Goolsby Sr. to William Goolsby, land on Broad River near Webb's Ferry. Proved by Thomas Traylor Sept. 1804. [Oglethorpe Deed Bk D p. 370; Farmer p. 250]

1805 Thomas Traylor, resident of Oglethorpe Co. and entitled to two draws in the Georgia Land Lottery, drew 2 blanks. [Graham p. 560]

1805 October 14 Rece Watkins Sr. to Rece Watkins Jr, his son, ... 200 acres on Indian Creek waters ... wit: Thos. Traylor, Edwd Traylor. [Oglethorpe Co. GA Deed Bk E p. 47; Farmer p. 305] LSS note: Reece Jr. married the widow of Paschal Traylor.

1807 March 17 birth in Georgia Winn Traylor, son of Thomas and Betsey. [PT]

1808 March 12 Thos. Traylor, H. Harris, Richard Bailey JP witnesses to deed Joseph Smith of Oglethorpe Co. to John Hill & Company of Richmond Co., GA [Oglethorpe Co. Deed Bk E p. 313; Farmer p. 375]

1809 August 8 Thomas Westbrook of Morgan Co. GA to Thos. Traylor of Randolph Co. for $600, 202 1/2 acres, Lot #29 in the 17th Dist. ....Wit: Martha (x) Hogg, Thos. Hogg JP. [Jasper Co. GA Deed Bk 1 p. 455 JSB] LSS note: Another note shows the year is 1807. Randolph Co. was created in 1807 from parts of Baldwin Co., but the name was changed in 1812 to Jasper Co. The current Randolph Co. GA was formed in 1828 and has nothing to do with the former county of the same name. [Handybook p. 87; 89]

1809 - 1811 estimated birth year Randolph Traylor in Randolph Co. GA, son of Thomas and Betsey.

1809-1816 Thomas Traylor surveyor for Randolph / Jasper County, Georgia. [Family Puzzlers ?]

1810 October 17 James Buckhannon and Janet to John Banks of Oglethorpe Co. .... 652 8/12 acres on waters of Murder Creek ... corner C. T. Traylor. Witnessed by Howel W. Runnels, Thos. Traylor, C. T. Traylor. [Jasper Co. Deed Bk 3 p. 175-7 per GGM] LSS note: John Banks married Sarah Traylor, sister of C[hampion] T. and Thomas.

1810 December 10 John Pugh ... to Dunston Banks of Oglethorpe Co. ... Lot #2 ... bounded by Dr. Lee and Thomas Traylor ... [Jasper Co. Deed Bk 3 p. 246-7; GGM] LSS note: Dunston Banks married Mary Traylor, sister of Thomas.

1813 August 8 marriage Elizabeth Traylor and John Haynes [Jasper Co. GA Marriage Bk A ] LSS note: Elizabeth is daughter of Thomas and his first wife.

1815 May 1 will William Lee proved by witnesses Peter W. Gautier, Thomas Traylor, Henry Stephens ... [Jasper Co. GA Ordinary Court & Will, vol. 1 p. 49; Lucas]

1816 March 4 Session Ordinary Court: Ordered William Traylor, Thomas Traylor, Henry Slaughter, William Johnson Sr. and William White ... to distribute estate of Theophillus Hill. [Jasper Co. GA Ordinary Court & Will Bk _ p. _; Lucas]

1816 June 29 within deed Britton Sanders of Madison Co. Mississippi Territory to Lewis Lester ... "... on conditional line already made by Thomas Traylor between Hardy Sanders & Britton Sanders to back line of tract ..." [Oglethorpe Co. Deed Bk I p. 358; Farmer p. 273]

1816 September 2 Session Ordinary Court: Ordered Thomas Traylor, Robert Owen, Henry Jordan, John Pain and William Traylor to divide estate of Joseph White dec'd. [Jasper Co. GA Ordinary Court & Will Bk _ p. 87; Lucas p. 53]

1817 April 21 Thomas and Betsy W. Traylor of Jasper Co. sold 202 1/2 acres on Cedar Creek, 17th Dist Lot #29 for $2000 to Eber M. Bolles. /s/ T. Traylor, Betsey W. Traylor. Witnessed by M. Antony, Spencer Crain J.I.P. [Jasper Co. Deed Bk 8 p. 14 JSB]

1817 February 14 date will Thomas Traylor ...unto my wife Betsey W. Traylor and her children begotten of me and at her discretion to be divided amongst them as they come of age .... all my household and kitchen furniture and stock of cattle and hogs and all plantation tools, the waggon and horses to be sold after my family is done moving to the Alabama country. And the money to be put to the use of paying my debts .... my beloved children begotten by my first wife, viz. Thomas $400, Sintha $400, William $400 and Betsy Haynes $1 and tract in the 15th District of Wilkinson and the plat and grant thereof. The above mentioned to be got by collecting sertain notes dew me by Wm Boles .... wife Betsey W. Traylor be my executrix /s/ Thomas Traylor. Wit: M. Anthony, P. M. Hughs, Jno Bransford. [Jasper Co. GA Will Bk 2 p. 338-9] LSS note: Betsey's children with Thomas were Winn and Randolph.

1817 before September death Thomas Traylor in Jasper Co. Georgia. Letters Testamentary issued to Betsy W. Traylor this day. [Jasper Co. GA Lett Test & Appr Bk 1 p. 108 JSB]

1820 Dallas County, Alabama Census: Betsey Traylor with 4 males under 21; 2 females over 21; 3 females under 21, 6 slaves. LSS note: Sometime after this census she married Micajah Lyles.

1821 June 14 marriage Cintha Traylor and Jonathan Woodley by William Calloway MG [Dallas Co. Alabama Marriage Records v.1 p. 74 JSB AL Archives] LSS note: Cintha was the daughter of Thomas and his first wife.

1822 December 13 Dunstan Banks of Jasper Co. GA deed of gift to Elizabeth Haynes of Perry Co. Alabama "for natural love and affections as well as relationship" ... negro girl Mary aged 7. [Perry Co. AL Deed Bk A p. 123 per Ray H. Banks website] LSS note: Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas, married John Haynes.

1831 May 22 marriage Winn Traylor and Martha [Ann Minerva] Chapman [Montgomery Co. AL Marriage Records, vol. A p. 192 JSB AL Archives] LSS note: Winn's children per other researchers: Thomas b. 1833; William Benjamin b. 1835 m. Mary Oriana Terry; Alabama Antoinette b. January 1838 m. John Hunt December 1856; Eliza b. 1842 m. Patrick Hughes; Paschal b. 1844; George b. 1846; Henry b. 1849 m. Sue Spencer.

1846 March 18 Dallas Co. Alabama: Micajah Lyles transfered title to property inherited by his wife from her former husband, Thomas Traylor, to the children of that marriage: Winn and Randolph Traylor. [descendant Lorene Walker Auld to PT June 1998.] LSS note: Auld lists the children of Micajah and Elizabeth as: Emily A. W., Elizabeth W. m. William R. Holmes, William J., Margaret and Hulda.

1867 death Elizabeth (Traylor) Haynes in Jasper Co. Texas [PT]

1868 before July 5 death Betsy (Powell) Traylor Lyles near Wewokaville, Talladega Co., Alabama. LSS note: the closest to a death date for her is, she died before her second husband and Micajah Lyles died July 5, 1868.



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