SARAH Traylor and John BANKS

SARAH Traylor and John BANKS

compiled by Linda Sparks Starr February 2008

LSS note: Members of two "extended BANKS family groups," using the same given names for their children, lived in northeastern Georgia. I am not a BANKS researcher, so use this with caution; I may err in including or omitting some records for "a" John.

1762 or before estimated birth year John Banks in Virginia, who was of age in 1783, when he sold land in Halifax Co. Virginia with his mother Sarah.

1765 estimated birth year Sarah Traylor in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, daughter of William.

1773 December 27 date of will Thomas Banks of Halifax Co. Virginia. "Children [not named individually] are to be educated and trained." Wife Sarah, son John Banks and Marmaduke Stanfield executors. Witnesses Johnathan Gibson, John Salmon Sr., Robt Sharman. Proved October 19, 1775. Securities for Sarah and John as executors of the estate (Stanfield declined) were Marmaduke Stanfield and William Lawson. [Halifax Co. VA Will Bk 1 p. 125-6 JSB] LSS note: The wives of Stanfield and Lawson were sisters of the deceased Thomas Banks.

1782 Halifax Co. Virginia Tax List; John Banks household included 10 whites. [Banks] LSS note: Wife and children of Thomas Banks deceased.

1783 November 4 Sarah Banks widow and relict of Thomas Banks dec'd and also John Banks, Marmaduke Standfield and William Traylor gave bond of £2000 for a clear title to land they sold to John Chappell, 350 acres where the late Thomas Banks had resided and where Sarah and John Banks were then living. Witnesses: Richard Bradshaw, Edwin Garlington, Jno. Dickie. [Halifax Co. VA Deed Bk 13 p. 1-B]

1783-1784 estimated year of marriage in Halifax Co. Virginia or Wilkes Co. Georgia Sarah Traylor, daughter of William, and John Banks, son of Thomas Banks dec'd.

1784 October 5 Appraisers of the Wilkes Co. Georgia estate Abner Fargerson dec'd were Miles Duncan, William Traylor, John Banks. [Wilkes Co. Original Papers; Davidson p. 225-226]

1784 estimated birth year Edmond Banks (in Wilkes Co. Georgia). He was named first in John's list of his children (presumably in birth order) in his will.

1785 Wilkes Co. GA Tax List: William Trailer 200 acres (2nd class( and 450 acres (3rd class) in Capt. Elsberry's District. [Hudson, vol. I, p. 41; Davidson, vol. II p. 34] John Banks 250 acres (2nd Class) and 750 acres 3rd class. Richard Banks 250 acres (3rd class).

1785 estimated birth year Eaton Banks in Wilkes Co. Georgia. He was named second in his father's will.

1786 Wilkes Co. GA Tax List Capt. Elsberry's Dist: Jno Banks (no property); William Traylor 200 acres (2nd class) and 450 acres (3rd) 8 slaves; William Traylor Jr. 200 acres (3rd class) [Hudson p. 310-311]

1787 (torn) 3, Joseph & Margaret Wise to John Banks, all of Wilkes Co. GA for £75, at fork of Mack's Creek 200 acres. Witness: Daniel (x) Holyfield, __read Thornton. (Etheldred Thornton proved the deed August 11, 1787) [Wilkes Co. Deed Bk CC p. 155; Farmer p. 64]

1787 (torn) 8, Thomas Huytch to John Banks for £20 on Indian Creek, _ hundred acres, three sides vacant. Witnesses: ___ Benj. Jordan [Wilkes Co. Deed Bks CC p. 149; Farmer p. 64]

1787 estimated birth year Sarah T[raylor] in Wilkes Co. Georgia. She was the third child named in her father's will.

1788 January 12 Georgia Land Grant to John Banks. LSS note: found within the 1793 deed Banks to Cross [Wilkes Co. Deeds Bk MM p. 76; Farmer p. 365-6.]

1789 estimated birth year Ann Traylor. She was named fourth in her father's will. The 1800 census shows John with two males and two females between 10 - 16 years old.

1790 July 12 Georgia Land Grant 435 acres to John Banks. LSS note: Information found within the 1790 Wilkes Co. deed Banks to Goldsby [Wilkes Co. Deeds Bk HH p. 265; Farmer p. 222] and the 1807 Oglethorpe Co. deed Banks to Hubbard [Oglethorpe Deeds Bk E p. 276; Farmer 365]

1790 December 25 John and Sarah Banks to Isaiah Goldsby (Goolsby) all of Wilkes Co. GA for 5 shillings 262 acres, part of a larger tract granted Banks 12 July 1790 on Macks Creek /s/ John Banks, Sarah Banks. Witnesses: Jno. Moore JP. [Wilkes Co. GA Deed Bk HH p. 265; Farmer p. 222]

1790 December 25 John and Sarah Banks to Benjamin Watkins, all of Wilkes Co., for £30, 200 acres on Indian Creek. [Wilkes Co. GA Deed Bk HH p. 361; Farmer p. 233]

1791 Wilkes Co. GA Tax List, Capt. Patton's Dist: John Banks 100 acres in Wilkes Co,; Thos. Trailer (torn) Hiram Tr(torn), Randolph Trailer, James Brooks. [Hudson p. 310-311]

1792 Wilkes Co. GA Tax List Capt. James Sanders Dist: John Banks, 2 slaves, 1074 acres (3rd class) on Macks Cr.; James Brooks, Dunstan Banks 200 acres Wilkes Co. on Indian Creek; Wm Trailer, Thomas Trailer, Hiram Trailor, Randolph Trailer. [Hudson p. 372-374]

1792 estimated birth year Elizabeth Banks, named next in the list of his children found in John's will.

1792 October 31 Mary Traylor, orphan of William Traylor dec'd, chooses John Banks guardian. [Wilkes Co. GA Minutes of Inferior Court p. 41] LSS note: Not long after this Mary Traylor married Dunstan Banks who is thought to be John's younger brother.

1793 January 26 John and Sarah Banks to George S. Cross, all of Wilkes Co. GA, for £50, 200 acres on Millstone Creek of Broad River, adjacent William Gammage, William Hitchcock, Patrick Cunningham, B. Gray and John Banks, part of larger tract granted to Banks 12 January 1788 and divided ... /s/ John Banks, Sarah (x) Banks. Witnesses John Harris, Daniel Holifield, William Hitchcock. [Wilkes Co. Deed Bk MM p. 76; Farmer p. 365-366]

1793 Wilkes Co. GA Tax List, Capt. James Sanders' Co: John Banks 1092 acres (3rd class) on Macks Creek, 2 slaves; Thomas Traylor, Dunstol Banks, Wm Traylor, James Brooks, Paskel Traylor, Randolph Traylor, Hiram Traylor. [Hudson p. 500-502]

1795-1796 estimated birth year John T. Banks who married in 1821. LSS note: The 1800 census shows two males born 1790-1800 living in John's household. This is the only one we can account for IF Josiah is the youngest child as the list suggests.

1796 Oglethorpe Co. GA Tax List: Edmond Traylor, Paschal Traylor, Thomas Traylor, William Traylor, John Banks, Dunston Banks, James Banks, Richard Banks, Allen Spurlock.

1797 Inferior Court of Oglethorpe Co. GA, June Term: John Banks vs James Sheppard attachment. We the jury find for the plaintiff sixty dollars with interest and cost. George Hambleton, Foreman. [Minutes of the Inferior Court 1794-1807; McRee p. 161]

1797 estimated birth year Caroline Traylor, the next child listed by John in his will. According to the 1800 census John had only two females under 10 living in his household.

1797 December 12 Noel Thornton to John Banks, both of Oglethorpe Co. for $70, 44 acres, part of tract where said Thornton now lives, on Macks Creek ... begin on said Banks' line ... Wit: Henry Hill JP. [Oglethorpe Co. Deeds Bk C p. 343; Farmer p. 131-2]

1800 Oglethorpe Co. GA Census: John Banks 2 males under 10; 2 males 10-16; 1 male over 45; 2 females under 10; 2 females 10-16; 1 female 26-45 and 3 slaves. [Banks; Warren] LSS note: Assuming Josiah C. is their youngest child, we can account for only one of the males under 10 on this census. In his will John mentions children of "my deceased son John" who is positioned as one of the males born in the 1790s. Apparently the other son died without heirs before John wrote his will.

1800-1802 estimated birth year Mary Banks. She is named seventh in the list of eight children who are to equally divide the remainder of John's estate. Deceased son John's heirs received a specific legacy, so he isn't counted among these children of John and Sarah. Thus the 1800 census indicates Mary, and presumably Josiah C. who was named after her, were born after the census taker made his rounds. Having said that, the 1820 census shows a female in John's household between the age of 10 and 16; could that be Mary? The male in his household is older, between 18 and 26.

1802 Halifax Co. Virginia August Court: Richard Bradshaw vs Legatees of William Traylor dec'd includes "John Banks who intermarried with Sarah." [Halifax Co. VA Pleas Bk 21, p. 105 JSB]

1802-1804 estimated birth year Josiah C. Banks, youngest child of John and Sarah. The 1820 census shows John with a male between 18 and 26 in his household and a female 10 to 16. However the list of children given by John in his will suggests Josiah is younger than Mary. Did the census taker reverse their ages? If so, Josiah could be younger than shown.

1805 Georgia Land Lottery: #1752 John Banks of Oglethorpe Co. drew two blanks [McRee p. 25] LSS note: Three "John" Banks were entitled to draws on this lottery. The other two were living in Elbert and Greene County. All drew blanks.

1807 Georgia Land Lottery: one John Banks received land in Baldwin (later Jasper) County. [Banks]

1807 November 11 John Banks to Bennett Hubbard, both of Oglethorpe Co. GA for $500, 231 acres on Millstone Creek waters, original granted to said Banks for 435 acres in fee simple ... [Oglethorpe Deed Bk E p. 276; Farmer p. 365]

1808 February 27 Daniel Holifield to John Banks, both of Oglethorpe Co., for $200, 100 acres on Max Creek waters. Witnesses: James East Sr., Dunst. Banks, Wm Traylor JP [Oglethorpe Co. Deeds Bk E p. 434; Farmer p. 404]

1808 March 26 John Banks to Bennett Hubbard, both of Oglethorpe Co., for $500, 200 acres on Millstone Creek /s/ John Banks. Wit: John M. Sims, George Hudspeth JIC. This deed was given in lieu of another for the same tract. [Oglethorpe Deeds Bk E p. 314; Farmer p. 375]

1810 October 17 James and Janet Buckhannon to John Banks of Oglethorpe Co. for $3500, 652 8/12 acres on waters Murder Creek in Jasper Co. ... corner C. T. Traylor. Witness: Howel W. Runnels, Thos. Traylor, C. T. Traylor. [Jasper Co. Deed Bk 3, p. 175-7; GGM]

1813 April 19 marriage in Jasper Co. GA Edmond Banks, son of John and Sarah, and Nancy Mabory by C. T. Traylor JP [Jasper Co. Marriage Bk A JSB]

1814 July 10 marriage Eaton Banks, son of John and Sarah, and Elizabeth Boyd in Jasper Co. GA. by C. T. Traylor JP [Jasper Co. Marriage Bk A JSB]

1816 April 13 Witnesses to Jasper Co. GA deed Richard Turner to C. T. Traylor were Eaton Banks, John G. Smith [Jasper Co. GA Deed Bk 7 p. 257]

1820 Jasper Co. GA Census: John Banks household 1 white male 18-26; 1 white male over 45; 1 white female 10-16; 1 white female over 45, 10 slaves. [Banks] LSS note: This is the last record showing Sarah (Traylor) Banks was still alive.

1821 July 24 marriage John T. Banks, son of John and Sarah, and Mary Alewine. [Jasper Co. GA Marriage Bk A JSB]

1825 before March death John T. Banks, son of John and Sarah (Traylor) Order appointing administration of estate to Eaton Banks. [Jasper Minute Bk A p. 65 JSB] March 1832 Letter of Dismissal Administrator John T. Banks estate. [Jasper Co. Minute Bk A p. 314 JSB] Appointment John W. Tommy guardian minors John T. Banks [Will Bk 7 p. 16 JSB]

1829 November 21 date will John Banks of Jasper Co. Georgia ... son Josiah C. land where testator lives plus the adjoining 332 acres. The remainder to be divided between his children: Edmond, Eaton, Sarah T. Shaw, Ann Emery, Elizabeth Buckhannon, Caroline Boyd, Mary Thornton and Josiah C. $200 was given to each of his deceased son John's children, Emily A. and John Henry. Executors were Eaton Banks and Josiah C. Banks. Witnesses were Richard Turner, Robinson H. Turner and John Robinson. His will was recorded November 27, 1831. [Jasper Co. Will Bk M p. 155-7 Banks]

1830 Jasper Co. GA Census: John Banks 1 white male 70-80, 11 slaves. [Banks]



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