PASCHAL Traylor 1771-1799

PASCHAL Traylor 1771-1799

compiled by Linda Sparks Starr February 2008

1771-1772 estimated birth Pascal Traylor in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, son of William. LSS note: based on his first appearance in Georgia records on the 1793 tax list. His name is spelled numerous ways.

1793 Wilkes Co. Georgia Tax List, Capt. James Sander's Co.: John Banks, Rees Watkins, Thomas Traylor, Dunstal Banks, William Traylor, James Brooks, Paskel Traylor (returned by James Brooks), Randolph Traylor, Hiram Traylor. [Hudson p. 500-502]

1795 July 6 marriage Paschal Traylor and Milley Anglin [Peel] LSS note: Some report her name appears as "Miller Angle" in these records.

1796 Oglethorpe Co. GA Tax List: Edmond (sic) Traylor, Paschal Traylor, Thomas Traylor, William Traylor, John Banks, Dunston Banks, Allen Spurlock.

1796-1797 estimated birth Reubin Traylor, son of Pascal and Milly (Anglin) in Oglethorpe Co. GA

1799 August 22 date of will Pascal Traylor of Oglethorpe Co. GA ... beloved wife Milley one third part of my real and personal property ... my son Reubin ... one third part of the aforesaid property ... to my expected offspring one thirds, provided it survive; if not, to my son Reubin. .... My wife should cultivate the plantation during her life or widowhood, provided the children do not come of age. ... my children should have education ... wife Milley Traylor my lawful executrix & that Randolph Traylor and Edward Traylor be my executors ... /s/ Pascal Traylor Before us, Wm Traylor, Jas. Brooks, Champion T. Traylor. Recorded date (torn) 1800. [Oglethorpe Co. GA Will Bk A p. 87; PT transcription]

1799 after August birth Paschal Traylor in Oglethorpe Co. Georgia, son of Paschal and Milly (Anglin). [Oglethorpe Co. GA Will Bk A p. 87; Halifax Co. VA Pleas Bk 21, p. 105]

1800 December 15 marriage Milly (Anglin) Traylor and Reece Watkins Jr. in Oglethorpe Co. GA PT note: Milly and Reece had nine children.

1802 Halifax Co. Virginia August Court: Richard Bradshaw vs Legatees of William Traylor (includes) "Reuben and Paskil Traylor, heirs and legatees of Paskel Traylor dec'd, who was son of William." [Halifax Co. VA Pleas Bk 21, p. 105]

1805 June 6 Randolph Traylor of Clark Co., GA to Reace Watkins, Reuben Traylor & Paschal Traylor, heirs of Paschal Traylor dec'd, for $500, 93 acres in Oglethorpe Co. on Indian Creek waters, begin on Indian Creek, N on Reuben & Pascal Traylor's land ... on Thomas Traylor on Indian Creek in fee simple. /s/ R. Traylor. Wit: T. Traylor, Wm. Traylor, G. Hudspeth JP. [Oglethorpe Co. Deed Bk D p. 453; Farmer p. 270]

1805 George Land Lottery: #823 Traylor, Reubin & Paschall, orphans residents of Oglethorpe Co. drew 1 Blank [Graham p. 560]

1805 October 14 Rece Watkins Sr. to Rece Watkins Jr., his son, for $500, 200 acres on Indian Creek waters ... wit: Thos. Traylor, Edwd Traylor. [Oglethorpe Co. Deed Bk E p. 47; Farmer p. 305]

1807 May 23 Rece and Milly Watkins to Simon Cardwell, all of Oglethorpe Co. GA, for $500, 71 acres on Indian Creek ... wit: Edw. Traylor, Wm. Traylor JP [Oglethorpe Co. Deed Bk E p. 187; Farmer p. 345]

1819 Oglethorpe Co. Militia List: Reubin Traylor LSS note: This is the last record I have on Reubin.

1828 Paschal Traylor purchased articles from the estate sale of James Brooks in Jasper Co. GA

1829 August 13 marriage Pascal Traylor and Martha Traylor in Jasper Co. GA. [Marriage Book A] Cal note: Woodrow Traylor suspects they were married by John B. Slaughter JP. LSS note: To my knowledge, no one has specifically identified her.

1830 Oglethorpe Co. GA Census, Capt. Roger's Dist: Pascal Traylor 1 male 20-30; 1 female under 5; 1 female 15-20; 1 female 20-30 and 4 slaves [p. 85 JSB]

1832 Gold Lottery of Georgia; Paschal Traylor fortunate drawer [Cherokee Co. GA Deed Bk C p. 507]

1840 Troup Co. GA Census, Dist 804: Pascal Traylor 2 males under 5; 1 male 40-50; 3 females 5-10; 1 female 10-15; 1 female 30-40 and 9 slaves. [p. 337 JSB]

 1848 April 14 Paschal Traylor of Troup Co. GA to Thomas Farmer of Franklin Co. for $100, Lot #183, Section 2, 2nd District Cherokee Co. GA [Cherokee Co. GA Deed Bk C p. 507] JSB / PT note: This land was drawn in the Gold Lottery of Cherokee Purchase.


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