MILLY Traylor and Thomas O'Banyon

MILDRED "Milly" Traylor and Thomas O'Banion

compiled by Linda Sparks Starr February 2008

1780 March 26 birth Thomas O'Banion [Bible] LSS note: Surname is spelled many ways by various clerks; I use the spelling found in the cited record.

1782 March 30 birth Milly Traylor. [Bible] She was daughter of William who was living in Halifax Co. Virginia at this time. Sherry Ledlow note: On one of the censuses Milly's eldest daughter gives North Carolina as the birthplace of her mother.

1792 October 31 James Brooks appointed by the court guardian of Milley Traylor, all orphans of William Traylor dec'd. [Wilkes Co. GA Minutes of Inferior Court p. 41]

1794 June 4 Oglethorpe Co. GA Court: Frances and Milly Traylor, orphans and daughters of William dec'd, petition that James Brooks be appointed their guardian. [NGS p. 74]

1799 July 25 marriage Milly Traylor and Thomas Banyon probably in Oglethorpe Co. Georgia. [PT perhaps from Ledlow]

1800 Wednesday May 28 birth Martha O'Banion [Bible] She married Jesse Speer; their children were: Martha, Elizabeth Ann, Robert Thomas, Emily T. and Sarah Jane. [Records of Ledlow and George O'Bannion]

1801 January 22 Final returns by James Brooks as guardian Frances Traylor, now Frances Spurlock and Milly Banyon. Allen Spurlock, Thomas Bannon sign receipt in full for their wives' share of estate William Traylor dec'd. [Oglethorpe Co. GA Guardian Accounts Bk PT]

1802 Friday January 22 birth Sally Obanion [Bible] She married Jesse Copeland. [Records of Ledlow and George O'Bannion]

1802 Halifax Co. VA August Court: Richard Bradshaw vs Legatees of William Traylor ... (includes) "Thomas Banyan who intermarried with Milly." [Halifax Co. VA Pleas Bk 21, p. 105]

1804 Sunday February 26 birth Elisabeth Obanion [Bible] Others add the middle initial "M" to her name. She married Lemuel B. Askew; their children: Sally Ann born 11 July 1833 TN and William Thomas born 7 February 1835 Lawrence Co. TN. [Records of Ledlow and George O'Bannion]

1806 Saturday march 29 birth Mary Obanion [Bible] She married Amanza A. Nelson. [Records of Ledlow and George O'Bannion]

1808 Tuesday March 8 birth Dunstan B. Obanion [Bible] He married Mary Douglas 2 October 1829 in Lawrence Co. TN [Records of Ledlow and George O'Bannion]

1810 Thursday October 25 birth Permelia Obanion [Bible] She married Joseph A. Freeman before 1833. They had: William T., Thomas, Julia and Sarah. [Records of Ledlow and George O'Bannion]

1812 November 11th birth Marilda Obanion [Bible] She married Roland H. McKinney. They had: Eliza Ann born 22 December 1833 in Mississippi; Thomas I. born 12 March 1836 died 16 March 1862; William A. born 29 November 1839 died 12 December 1862; Roland H. born 12 January ___; died 15 Dec 1865; Fannie and Mildred. [Records of Ledlow and George O'Bannion]

1814 December 2 birth Williams Walker Obanion [Bible]

1817 February 8th birth Thomas Obanion [Bible] He married Sarah Jane Ming April 17, 1839 in Limestone Co. AL. They had: William Bell b. 16 January 1840 Oktibbeha Co., MS; James Bevil born 16 January 1842 died 24 July 1858; Henry Thomas born 7 May 1844 Athens, Limestone Co. AL; Mary Elizabeth Brandon born 4 October 1846 died 15 March 1862; Martha Ann Bartee born 4 February 1849; Julius Muroe born 26 February 1851; Giles Buchannan born 7 December 1856 died 17 June 1858; Laura Zilah born 23 September 1858; Sarah Catherine Irene born 6 July 1859 died 17 September 1865; Carriler Vick "Vickie" born 23 December 1861 died 27 May 1881 and George V. born 10 September 1865 in Sunflower Co. MS. [Records of Ledlow and George O'Bannion]

1819 September 16 birth Delinda Obanion [Bible] She married 1st John W. Smith 13 November 1841 and had Manda Jane. Delinda married 2nd William A. Horton 28 December 1847 in Limestone Co. AL and they had Sarah. [Records of Ledlow and George O'Bannion]

1822 Saturday March 30 birth Julian Obanion [Bible] "Julia Ann" married William Mack Meachum 30 March 1842. They had Nancy Parilee born 18 January 1842. Julia married 2nd William J. Weatherford 6 February 1868. They had Henry T., James, Roxanna Ann, Mary E., Rufus and George. [Records of Ledlow and George O'Bannion]

1826 September 11 death "Marthy Speer, daughter of Mrs. Obanion" [Bible]

1837 September 22 death Williams W. Obanion [Bible]

1841 December 22 death Thomas O'Banion Limestone Co., Alabama [Bible]

1850 April 4 death Mildred (Traylor) O'Banyon in Limestone Co., Alabama [Bible]

1888 August 17 death Permelia (O'Bannion) Freeman in Limestone Co., Alabama. [Records of Ledlow and George O'Bannion]

1899 January 13 death Thomas O'Bannion at Ennis, Ellis County, Texas [Records of Ledlow and George O'Bannion]



National Genealogical Society Quarterly, vol. XLI, September 1953 #3, abstracted by J. H. Hill.

Family Record from Thomas and Mildred O'Banion's Bible shared by Sherry Ledlow [Bible]


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