MARY Traylor and Dunstan Banks

MARY Traylor and Dunston Banks

compiled by Linda Sparks Starr February 2008

LSS note: Dunston's name is spelled numerous ways, but this seems the most common spelling. According to the authoritative BANKS web site hosted by Ray H. Banks, the surname TUNSTALL is the source for this name. Members of two extended BANKS family groups, using the same given names for their children, lived in northeastern Georgia. I am grateful to Ray for sorting between them.

1765-1769 (my) estimated birth year for Dunstan Banks in Virginia. His age is listed as between 60 and 70 on the 1830 census, but he was 21 by 1791 when he purchased land in Georgia.

1775-1777 estimated birth year in Dinwiddie Co. Virginia Mary"Polly" Traylor, daughter of William. Mary was at least 14 in 1792, thus born before 1778.

1791 January 12 Zachariah and Sarah Lamar of Richmond Co. GA to Donstal Banks of Wilkes Co. GA for £50, 250 acres on Millstone Creek, a branch of Broad River adjacent William (blank), all other sides vacant. Witnesses: William Smith, Charles McCartney. [Wilkes Co. GA Deed Bk HH p. 343; Farmer p. 231]

1791 May 25 Middleton Brooks and Sarah to Dunston Banks, all of Wilkes Co. GA, for £25. 83 acres, fork of Millstone Creek ... adjacent N by Banks, W by said Brooks ... Brooks and Dowdy. [Wilkes Co. GA Deed Bk HH p. 350; Farmer p. 232]

1792 Wilkes Co. GA Tax List, Capt. James Sanders Co: John Banks 2 slaves, 1074 acres (3rd class) on Macks Creek; Dunstan Banks 200 acres Wilkes on Indian Creek [Hudson p. 372-374]

1792 October 31 Mary Traylor, orphan of William dec'd, chose John Banks her guardian. [Wilkes Co. GA Minutes of Inferior Court p. 41] LSS note: John Banks was the husband of Mary's older sister Sarah and presumed brother of Dunston.

1793 Wilkes Co. Tax List, Capt. Sanders Co: John Banks 2 slaves, 1092 acres on Macks Creek; Dunstal Banks 238 acres (3rd class) in Wilkes on Millstone Cr adjacent Middleton Brooks [Hudson p. 500-502]

1795 Oglethorpe Co. Tax List, Capt. Simmons Dist: Dunston Banks [Banks]

1796 Oglethorpe Co. Tax List: Edmond (sic) Traylor, Paschal Traylor, Thomas Traylor, William Traylor, John Banks, Dunston Banks, Middleton Brooks, Allen Spurlock.

1796 October 29 Witnesses to deed James Cadenhead to Jacob Wise were Patton Wise, Dunston Banks. [Oglethorpe Co. Deed Bk C p. 258; Farmer 121]

1796 or before marriage Mary "Polly" Traylor and Dunstan Banks probably in Oglethorpe Co. Georgia.

1796 December 28 James Cadenhead and Mary to Dunstall Banks, all of Oglethorpe Co. for $500, 2 tracts adjacent 200 acres ... granted Avinton McElroy .... & also 138 acres on Macks Creek granted to said Cadenhead. wit: Jo. Moore JP [Oglethorpe Co. Deed Bk B p. 145; Farmer p. 64]

1797 January 3 Dunstal Banks and Polly his wife ... to Samuel Colquitt all of Oglethorpe Co. for $400, two tracts ... one of 200 acres and the other 83 acres adj. waters of Millstone Creek .... granted to Lamar ... Wit: William Smith JP. /s/ Dunstol Banks, Polly (x) Banks. [Oglethorpe Co. Deed Bk B p. 198; Farmer p. 70]

1797 January 10 Joseph Wise & Margaret to Tunstall Banks, all of Oglethorpe Co., for $30, 10 acres ... begin on line between Wise & Banks .... junction of Banks's 2 surveys ... in fee simple. Acknowledged before Charles Campbell JP. [Oglethorpe Co. Deed Bk B p. 140; Farmer p. 64]

1797 Oglethorpe Co. Tax List, Capt. Hudspeth's Dist: Dunstan Banks [Banks]

1798 Oglethorpe Co. Tax List, Capt. Hudspeth's Dist: Dunstan Banks [Banks]

1799 Oglethorpe Co. Tax List, Capt. Hudspeth's Dist: Dunstan Banks [Banks]

1800 Oglethorpe Co. Census: Dunstan Banks 1 white male 26-45; 1 white female under 10; 1 white female 16-26; 1 slave. [Warren] LSS note: Based on the 1822 deed of gift Dunston Banks to Elizabeth Haynes, (daughter of Mary's brother Thomas Traylor and his deceased wife) I suspect the "female under 10" is Mary's niece. On the same census, and based on Thomas Traylor's will in which he names his four children with his first wife, one female under 10 is missing.

1802 January 28 Witnesses to deed Richard Goolsby & Zilla to Peter Goolsby, all of Oglethorpe Co., were John Davenport JIC, William Stephens, Donstal Banks, Charles Hardman. [Oglethorpe Deed Bk D p. 108; Farmer p. 189-190]

1802 March 24 Dunston and Mary Banks to Dread Thornton, all residents of Oglethorpe Co., 48 acres on Mack's Creek for $144. The land bordered Bradley Smith, Dread Thornton and said Banks. Witnesses: James Goolsby Senr., Wiley Thornton. /s/ Dunstol Banks, Mary (x) Banks [Oglethorpe Co. GA Deed Bk D p. 167; Farmer p. 205]

1802 Halifax Co. Virginia August Court: Richard Bradshaw vs Legatees of William Traylor .... (includes) "Dunston Banks who intermarried with Polly." [Halifax Co. VA Pleas Bk 21 p. 105]

1803 Georgia Land Lottery: As a Revolutionary War soldier Dunstan Banks was entitled to two draws. [Banks]

1804 July 14 Witnesses to Sarah Johnson's bill of sale to James Freeman were Hugh Freeman Sen., Dunstol Banks. [Oglethorpe Deed Bk E p. 123; Farmer p. 327]

1805 Georgia Land Lottery #1751 Dunston Banks of Oglethorpe Co. was entitled to two draws, but drew two blanks. [Graham p. 25]

1805 June Term Inferior Court: Dunston Banks among those ordered to attend the January 1806 Term as potential jurors. [McRee p. 211]

1807 Georgia Land Lottery Dunstan Banks, as resident of Oglethorpe Co. GA, drew land in Wilkinson Co. [Banks]

1809 February 13 within deed Joseph Hubbard Senr. to son John Hubbard, for "all tract on Max Creek waters ... adjacent Thos. Moody, Jacob Wise, Moses Nunally, Dunson Banks, Bradly Smith & Anthony Juner ... [Oglethorpe Deed Bk E p. 416; Farmer p. 400]

1808 February 27 Daniel Holifield to John Banks, both of Oglethorpe Co. ... 100 acres on Max Creek waters ... wit: James East Senr., Dunst. Banks, Wm Traylor JP [Oglethorpe Co. Deed Bk E p. 434; Farmer p. 404]

1810 June 1 Dunstol Banks to Edmond Banks, both of Oglethorpe Co., for $12.50, Lot #100 in 18th District of Wilkerson Co., drawn by Dunstol Banks, 202 1/2 acres in fee simple. Wit: Robert Colquitt, Thomas Moody, P. Compton JP /s/ Dunstol Banks. [Oglethorpe Deed Bk F p. 176; Farmer p. 34] LSS note: Edmond is son of John and Sarah (Traylor) Banks. Mary didn't release her dower interest in this tract. Was she deceased by this date?

1810 September 17 Dunstol Banks to Dred Thornton, both of Oglethorpe Co., for $800, 300 acres on Macks Creek, land Dunstol Banks now lives on granted to Cadenhead ... & 10 acres I bought from Joel Wise exclusive 48 in the grant sold to Dred Thornton ... /s/ Dunstol Banks. Test: Wiley Thornton, Benjamin Johnson, P. Compton JP. [Oglethorpe Co. Deed Bk J p. 191; Farmer p. 362. Farmer questions the date for other deeds in this book are dated 1818-1820.]

1810 December 10 John Pugh ... to Dunston Banks of Oglethorpe Co. ... Lot #2 ... bounded by Dr. Lee and Thos. Traylor ... wit: Dred Thornton, Thos. Laughridge, Sam'l Laughridge. [Jasper Co. Deed Bk 3 p. 246-7; GGM]

1813 January 10 Witnesses to dower release by Jane Saffold, wife of Daniel, to James Smith were Dunstol Banks and Wiley Thornton. [Oglethorpe Co. Deed Bk H p. 102; Farmer p. 127]

1813 July 6 marriage (his second) Dunstan Banks and Priscilla Burgess were married in Jasper Co. GA by Robert L. Kennon, Minister of the Gospel. [Jasper Co. Marriage Bk 1808-1820 p. 65 Kinnon] LSS question: No children are listed in his household per 1820 census, and only one is found on the 1830 census; however he names three minor children in his 1834 will. The possibility of a third wife for him comes to mind, but "Priscilla" is the widow named in his will. Three people have reported finding this record in the courthouse and all three agree the year is 1813, not 1818.

1820 Jasper Co. GA Census: Dunstan Banks household. 1 white male over 45; 1 white female 26-44. 12 slaves. [Banks]

1822 December 13 Dunstan Banks of Jasper Co. GA deed of gift to Elizabeth Haynes of Perry Co. Alabama "for natural love and affections as well as relationship" ... negro girl Mary aged 7. Witnesses M. Phillips, Wm H. Pritchett, John Hill. [Perry Co. AL Deed Bk A p. 123 Banks] LSS note: Elizabeth (Traylor) Haynes, daughter of Thomas Traylor and his first wife, was also wife of John Haynes. As noted previously, one female under 10 is missing from Thomas Traylor's household on the 1800 census. I suggest the baby Elizabeth was taken in by her Aunt Mary and Uncle Dunstan when her mother died.

1830 Jasper Co. GA Census: Dunstan Banks 1 white male under 5; 1 white male 30-40; 1 white male 60-70; 1 white female 30-40; 15 slaves. [Banks census p. 362]

1832 Georgia Land Lottery: Dunstan Banks, resident of Jasper Co., drew land in 2nd Dist, 3rd Section Cherokee Land Grant. He had been a soldier 1784-1797. [Banks]

1834 September 18 date of will Dunston Banks of Jasper Co. Georgia. He named wife Priscilla and children: John Thomas, Harriett Elizabeth, Simeon D. ... "until the children come of age" ... wife and Simeon Scales executors and guardians. Witnesses: William V. Burney, James McKimie, Green Holifield. /s/ Dunstan (mark) Banks. [Jasper Co. GA Will Bk 11 p. 164-5 JSB]

1836 before July 4 death in Jasper Co. GA Dunstan Banks for will was proved by two witnesses this day. August 30 Inventory & Appraisement of Dunstal's estate was filed. [Will Bk 11 p. 166 JSB] Personalty was sold and sale bill filed November 25, 1836. [Jasper Co. Will Bk 11 p. 170 JSB] Annual Return for the estate November 6, 1837 [Will Bk 11 p. 353 JSB]

1848 January 13 marriage John Thomas Banks and Susan A. Phillips by James Henderson M.G. [Jasper Co. GA Marriages 1835-1856 p. 101 Douglas]

1848 Order to appoint Commissioners to distribute the estate of Dunstan Banks. [Jasper Co. Minutes Bk 13 p. 43 JSB] Division of estate 1849. [Will Bk 8 p. 19 JSB]

1848 May 13 will date John Thomas Banks of Jasper Co. GA. He left everything to his wife Susan A. Banks [except to] Simeon D. and Harriet E. the third interest in slaves that was left to him by his father." He made provision for any child born within the next nine months. Executor Simeon Scales and witnesses: Henry S. Glover, Ed A. Brodus, Joshua Hill. Will was proved July 3, 1848 [Jasper Co. GA Will Bk 14 p. 16-17 Douglas]



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