William & Judith (Archer) Traylor

JOHN Traylor (abt 1702 - 1775

compiled by Linda Sparks Starr September 2007


1701 estimated birth year John Traylor, son of William & Judith, based on his being 25 when he married and his being the third son as I've positioned him.

1727 March 6 birth Judith, daughter John and Martha Traylor [Chamberlayne p. 100]

LSS note: This is the only record we have for both Judith and "Martha" as wife of John.

1728 estimated marriage year of John Traylor and Mary (surname not known)

1729 April 20 birth Archer, son of John and Mary Traylor [Chamberlayne p. 100]

1731 August 19 birth Wilmut, daughter of John & Mary Trayler, baptized May 22, 1732 [Chamberlayne p. 101]

1734 August 16 birth Lucretia, daughter John and Mary Traylor [Chamberlayne p. 102]

1750 August 25 William Tralour of Chesterfield Co. to John Tralour of same fo £5, 1000 acres bounded by Nooning Creek, Col. Kennon, Godfrey Fowler, Peter Worsham and Edward Tralour. Wit: John Bllington, Archer (x) Tralour, John Ward. [Weisiger p. 17; Chesterfield Deeds Bk 1 p. 175] LSS note: Edward Tralour is the one who died 1746. His son, who inherited this tract, was still a minor. I suspect the mother and younger children were still living there.

1753 August 4 John Traylor of Chesterfield Co. to Archer Traylor of same for £10, 350 acres on Nooner Creek, next to William Totty and First branch of Wintopock. Wit: Joseph Frith, John Ward, Lucrecy (x) Traylor. [Weisiger p. 50; Chesterfield Deed Bk 2 p. 52] LSS note: Lucrecy is John's daughter and Archer his son.

1754 estimated marriage year Frances Traylor and Amos Liptrot / Lipford and also Wilmouth Traylor and William Moore based on the next two deeds

1754 April 4 John Traylor of Chesterfield Co. to Amos Liptrot of same for £5, 100 acres on first branch of Wintopock, bounded by William Traylor, Peter Worsham and Elick Moore. Wit: George Archer, John Williams, Thos. Dudley. [Weisiger p. 56; Chesterfield Deed Bk 2 p. 130]

1754 May 3 John Traylor of Chesterfield Co. to William Moore of same for £26, 204 acres on Wintopock. Wit: Jno Ward, George Grissel, John Farguson. [Weisiger p. 57; Chesterfield Deed Bk 2 p. 141]

1757 November 4 Archer Traylor of Dale Parish, Chesterfield Co. to Brazier Puckett of same for £15, 100 acres adjoining John Traler and William Totty. Wit: Edward Osborne, Ellick Moor, Ruth (x) Moore /s/ Archer (+) Traylor. Wife of Traylor released dower. [Weisiger p. 14; Chesterfield Deed Bk 3, p. 196]

1758 John Traylor [Jr.] enlisted in French & Indian War, Capt. Fleming's Co., Col. Peachey's Regiment per Bounty Land Application April 7, 1781. [Bockstruck p. 251]

1761 February 3 John Traler of Chesterfield Co. to Amos Lipford of Amealey (Amelia) Co. for £12, 100 acres bounded by William Moor, Richard Kennon, Archer Traylor and Brazer Puckett. Wit: Nicholas Thompson, Archebel (x) Trayler, William Trayler. /s/ John (I) Traylor. [Weisiger p. 19; Chesterfield Deed Bk 5 p. 219] LSS note: William Traylor was likely son of Edward d.1746 for his legacy from father was on Wintopock Creek.

1765 October 4 Amos Lipford of Chesterfield Co. to Archer Traylor of same for £27, 100 acres next to Brazure Pucket, Wintopock Creek, Cur't Ward, John Traylor and said Archer Traylor. /s/ Amos (U) Lipford. Wit: Burrel Perkinson, William Moore, Brazure Pucket. [Weisiger p. 42; Chesterfield Deed Bk 5 p. 402]

1765 July 3 William Purkerson of Chesterfield Co. to Archer Traylor of same for £15, 48 acres bounded by Seth Ward, a branch of Wintopock Creek and Lipford. Wit: Brazure Puckett, Wm Totty, John Traylor. [Weisiger p. 47; Chesterfield Deed Bk 5 p. 430]

1765 May 1 John Traylor of Chesterfield Co. for love & affection to my son John Traylor, a part of tract I live on, 100 acres bounded by Nooning Creek, Archibald Traylor, sd John and Seth Ward. /s/ John (I) Traylor. Wit: Seth Ward, John Hicks, Archibald (+) Traylor [Weisiger p. 51; Chesterfield Deed Bk 5 p. 467]

1774 December 25 will date John Traylor Sr. To wife for life my plantation I live on and negroes, etc. and to son Archer, the negroes after my wife's death. To son John 4 negroes after my wife's death and plantation I live on, except 50 acres given to my grandson Edward Woodom. To grandson Edward Traylor 1 negro. To grandson John Traylor, son of John, 1 negro. To daughter Blanch Traylor 1 negro. To daughter Wilmouth Moore, 1 negro. To daughter Frances Lipford, 1 negro and at her death to my grandson Edward Lipford. To daughter Lucretia West, 1 negro, and then to my grandson Edward Woodom. To grandson Edward Woodom, feather bed and 50 acres on north side of plantation. To grandson John Traylor, son of John, after the death of my wife and of his father, my plantation I live on. Executors: son Archer and friend Richard Wilkinson. Wit: George Markham, William Traylor, Fore Blankinship. [Weisiger p. 3; Chesterfield Will Bk 3 p. 34] LSS note: Witness William Traylor is likely the son of Edward died 1746.

1775 death of John Traylor late December 1774 or January 1775.

1775 February 3 Court: will of John Traylor presented by Archer Traylor and Richard Wilkinson, executors. [Weisiger p. 119; Chesterfield Orders Bk 6 p. 72] Inventory of John Traylor estate recorded [ibid p. 2; Will Bk p. 33]

1775 July 5 Court: John Traylor appointed guardian to his children, Edward and John. [Weisiger p. 120; Chesterfield Orders Bk 6, p. 87]

1780 April Court: John Traylor granted administration on estate [of his son] Edward Traylor [deceased] [Weisiger p. 132; Chesterfield Order Bk 6 p. 280]


 LSS note: We are missing some records for this period. There is no record in Chesterfield County providing us with the given name for wife of John II. Susannah is his wife per Campbell County records. However, the wording "after the death of my wife and of his father" in the will of John I (d. 1774) suggests his son John II was a widower when the will was written late 1774. Neither do we have the Chesterfield Co. grantor deed whereby John II and John III sold the 246 or so acres they owned in Chesterfield Co. The date of that deed will give us an estimated death date for Mary, wife of John I. Campbell County was created from parts of Bedford Co. November 1782.

1781 February 10 William and Mary Brown of Locust Thicket, Bedford Co. to John Traylor of the same county, for 5,000 pounds current money of Virginia, 1430 acres more or less joining the lands of Wm Brown Locust Thicket, Josiah Bullock, Wm Brown (Viny'd), Thomas Hayth, Edmund Butler, Richard Stith, Wm McCloud, the Land usually called Blairs Order and Benjamin Gilbert's entry. /s/ William Brown, Mary (+) Brown. wit: William Brown, Hubbard Brown, John Chaplin. [Bedford Co. Deed Bk G-7, pages 70-71 (original deed copied at the Court House.)

1781 August 27 John Trailor to George West, both of Bedford Co. for 2,000 pounds current money of Virginia, 130 acres on the Southwest side of Pigeon Run lying South of John Blairs Order Line and joining Benjamin Gilberts line north east and lying on the north side of Wm Brown's line Sr /s/ John Trayler. Wit: Will. Brown, D Bullock, Edward Woodham. [Bedford Co. Deed Bk G-7, pages 73-74 from original deed copied at the Court House.] LSS note: no dower release noted when John acknowledged the deed at the Bedford Court August 28, 1781.

1782 May 6 John Trayler of Campbell Co. Virginia to Matthew Moor Jr. of Chesterfield Co. for £10, 100 acres bounded by Micajah Terrel, a dividing line between Matthew Moor Sr. and Matthew Moor Jr., McCluney, Richard Stith. /s/ John Trayler. Wit: Shilldrake Brown, William Brown, Anne Brown, George Vest. [Campbell Co. Deed Bk 1 p. 95; T.L.C. p. 10-11]

1782 May 6 John Traylor to Matthew Moor Sr. for £3, 100 acres bounded by Terrel's line at a corner of Foore Blankinship's line, Edmund Butler, Richard Stith, the dividing line between Matthew Moor Sr. and Matthew Moor Jr. /s/ John Trayler. Wit: ditto above [Campbell Co. Deed Bk 1 p. 100; T.L.C. p. 11]

1782 August 27 John Traylor to Foore Blankinship of Chesterfield Co. for £40, 250 acres bounded by Terrill, dividing line between John Trayler and Foore Blankinship, Edmond Butler, Matthew Moor Sr. /s/ John Trayler. Wit: ditto above. [Campbell Co. Deed Bk 1 p 98; T.L.C. p. 11]

1782 10 month 13 day (Quaker dates) marriage John Traylor [III] and Lucy Brown with Shadrick Brown, surety. LSS note: Although found in Hinshaw's transcriptions of Quaker records, identifying Brown as "surety" makes me question this being a "Quaker wedding." Additionally, neither TRAYLOR nor "Shilldrake / Shadrack Brown" appears in the index to Quaker Records of South River Monthly Meetings, Virginia 1756-1800 by F. Edward Wright which covers the Campbell Co. meeting.

1782 December 4 deed of Gift John Trayler Sr. of Campbell Co. to son John Trayler ... 200 acres bounded by Micajah Terrell, Foor Blankinship. /s/ John Trayler. Wit: Shilldrake Brown, Richard Thurmon, George Vest, William Brown. [Campbell Co. Deed Bk 1 p. 133; T.L.C. p. 13]

1784 September 2 John Traylor and Susanah to Thomas Hayth for £5, about 50 acres on branch of Molleys Creek, bounded by Thomas Hayth's and Josiah Bullock's line, William Harris' old line, Matthew Moore. /s/ John (+) Trayler, Susanah (+) Traylor. Wit: Hezekiah Coleman, John (+) Woolloms, Patrick Carty. [Campbell Co. Deed Bk 1 p. 318; T.L.C. p. 30.]

1784 September 2 Richard Thurman and Anne and Susannah Trayler, wife of John Traylor, of Campbell Co. to Shilldrake Brown of Campbell for £65, 415 acres on both sides Phelps old road on the east side Seneca Creek, bounded by Benjamin Gilbert, Neilson, Samuel Gilbert, Welch, John Michael, William Brown, Locust Thicket Road. Wit: Charles Gilbert, Joseph Akin, John Hall. [Campbell Co. Deed Bk 1 p. 322; T.L.C. p. 30] LSS note: I suspect one of the missing deeds is "John Traylor to Richard Thurman." At the time of THAT deed Susannah didn't release her dower rights, but is doing so now.

1784 October 7 John Wollom to John Trayler for £55, about 200 acres on the east side Seneca Creek, bounded by land of Lewis Burwell, Samuel Childress, William Childress and John Johnson. Wit; Jno. Patrick Jr., John Hall, Wm. Patrick, Williston Talbot. [Campbell Deed Bk 1 p. 352; T.L.C. p. 32]

1784 November 4 John Trayler and Elizabeth to Josias Bullock for £100, 192 acres on the branches of Molleys Creek and bounded by the head of Rackoon branch, William Brown's line (being the old Locust Thicket line), the old lines of Ornsby. /s/ John (+) Trayler, Elizabeth (+) Trayler. Wit: none. [Campbell Deed Bk 1 p. 352; T.L.C. p. 32] LSS note: This is John III and wife "Lucy", a nickname for Elizabeth.

1786 November 15 witnesses to deed Shilldrake Brown Sr. and Sarah to George Vest were William Brown, Edward Woodham, Ruben (x) Blankenship, John Vest, Byrd Brown, John (x) Trayler. [Campbell Co. Deed Bk 2 p. 172; T.L.C. p. 29] Witnesses to September 4, 1786 deed David Johnson and Mary to George Vest were Shildrake Brown Jr., William Brown Jr., Edward Brown, John (x) Trayler Jr. [Deed Bk 2 p. 174]

1787 October 4 John Traylor Jr. and Lucy his wife and Suzahan Traylor (wife of John Traylor Sr.) of Campbell Co. to James Johnson for £100, one certain tract of about 200 acres on Seneca Creek, bounded by Blankinship, Duglas, Moore /s/ John (x) Traylor, Lucy (x) Traylor, Susanah (x) Traylor. Wit: none. Susanna Traylor relinquished her right of dower to the land and premises conveyed. [Campbell Co. Deed Bk 2 p. 254; T.L.C. p. 40]

1787 Campbell County Tax List: John Traylor Sr. taxed for himself, 1 white male between 16 and 21, 2 horses and 2 cattle. John Traylor Jr. taxed for himself, 1 black over 16; 2 horses, 1 cattle. [Schreiner-Love p. 259] LSS note: Adjacent neighbors were James Vest/West and Edward Woodam (the grandson who was to receive "at Lucretia's death" the negro given her in the 1774 will of her father, John Traylor. This is my reasoning for saying Lucretia was first married to Edward Woodom/Woodam's father and secondly to James Vest / West.

1788 June 5 John Trayler to Thomas More for £40, one certain tract of about 200 acres on the south side Seneca Creek bounded by William More's fish trap, William More's line to Lewis Burrell's lines, Samuel Childress, John Johnson /s/ John Trayler. Wit: Williston Talbot, Josias Bullock, Thos. Whelan. Recorded September 2, 1790. [Campbell Co. Deed Bk 2 p. 508; T.L.C. p. 77]

1789 April 2 John Trayler and Susannah to David Herndon of Caroline Co. for £200, one certain tract of about 408 acres bounded by Acillis Duglis, Shilldrake Brown, William Brown, Robert Alexander, Thomas Hayth, Thomas Man, James Johnson. /s/ John Trayler, Susannah (x) Trayler. Wit: Richard Thurmon Jr., Shilldrake Brown Sr., John Trayler Jr. [Campbell Deed Bk 2 p. 342; T.L.C. p. 53]


LSS note: This is the last record for TRAYLOR I've located in Campbell County, Virginia until another group of Traylors arrive in the early 1800s. Did John and Susannah accompany John and Lucy on their southward journey? Did John and Lucy go straight to Georgia, or stop in one of the Carolinas along the way? Presumably both Johns and Susannah were deceased by spring 1801.


1801 May 16 date of will Shelldrake Browne of Greene Co., Georgia … to Thomas Shelldrake Broaddus … to daughter Rhoda Brown my land … if she dies without heirs, then to my daughter LUCY Traylor during her widowhood and after that money divided between her three sons, viz: (something omitted) EDWARD Traylor and Lucy Traylor Exors. /s/ Shelldrake Brown. wit: Zachr Roberson, Susanna Robertson. Proved 24 June 1803. [Greene Co. GA Wills 1796-1806, page 50-51 Lucas] LSS note: Putname Co. GA Tax List for 1813: Lucy Traylor and her sons William, John and Edward.


One final note: A file separating the Archer / Archibald / Archie / Archebel Traylors in Chesterfield Co. Virginia is "a work in progress." Most researchers say the Archer who wrote his will March 5, 1802 is the son of John d. 1775.



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