William & Judith (Archer) Traylor

HUMPHREY Traylor 1711 - 1790

compiled January 2008 by Linda Sparks Starr

1711 birth Humphrey Traylor, son of William and Judith (Archer) in Henrico County per

May 7, 1784 deposition where Humphrey gave his age as 73. [Weisiger p. 144; Chesterfield Order Bk 6 p. 528]

1745 July 27 William Traylor of Henrico Co. to Humphrey Trayler, son of said William for love & affection, 400 acres on Appomattox River, part of tract of 700 acres taken up by said William, and is the lower end. The other 300 acres being disposed of by said William to Edward Trayler, John Porter and William Garret. It is land said Humphrey lives on. wit: Will Cousins, Thomas Dance, Thomas Bott. /s/ William (x) Trayler. [page 15-16, Weisiger; page 63 Henrico Co. Wills & Deeds 1744-1748]

1746 birth Humphrey Traylor Jr., son of Humphrey & Elizabeth (Cousins) per May 7, 1784 deposition in which Humphrey Jr. gave his age as 38. [Weisiger p. 144; Chesterfield Order Bk 6 p. 528]

1749 Petition of Thomas Dance for a Cartway through the Land of Humphrey Traylor, it is ordered that the sd Humphrey be summoned to next Court on the matter of the sd petition. Dismissed next session, matter agreed by parties. [SVJGH vol. XI, No. 4, October-December 1993, page 170; "Chesterfield County Court--The First Year" submitted by Dennis Hudgins, Order Book 1, 1749-1754; Vol. XII No. 1 January-March 1994, page 13.]

1750 November 1 George Platt of Chesterfield to John Andrews of same ... north side Appomattox River bounded by John Dyer, Porters branch, Humphrey Traylor and sd Andrews, 100 acres. wit: Wm Dismang, Thomas Brooks, John (I) Granger [Weisiger p. 19; Chesterfield Deed Bk 1, p. 206]

1754 July 20 inventory Thomas Andrews appraised by Thomas Bott, John Gibbs, Humphrey Traylor [Weisiger p. 16; Chesterfield Co. Will Book 1, page 153]

1754 December 20 Isaac Jackson of Chesterfield Co. for £16 to Humphrey Traylor of same, 1 negro man Robin and sundry other goods (listed) as security for £16 payable on March 4 next. wit: Thomas Dance, John Cousins, John Kirn. [Weisiger p. 72; Chesterfield Deed Bk 2 p. 351]

1755 April 5 Humphrey Traylor of Chesterfield Co., to Robert Langley of Dinwiddie Co. for £16, 100 acres bounded by Joseph Gill, Log branch and John Herbert. wit: William Dodson, Charles Cousins, Abner Ash. [Weisiger p. 48; Chesterfield Deed Bk 2 p. 28]

1755 August 1 William Wiley of Raleigh Parish, Amelia Co. to Noel Waddell of Chesterfield Co. ... north side Appomattox River, bounded by Traylors branch and William Traylor. wit: Peter Fitzpatrick, Humphris Traylor, John Cobbs [Weisiger p. 69; Chesterfield Co. Deeds Bk 1 p. 316]

1756 February 6: B&S Isaac Jackson to Humphrey Traylor [G/G Index Bk 2 p. 351]

1756 Birth Frederick Traylor, son of Humphrey and Elizabeth (Cousins) per May 7, 1784 deposition in which Frederick gave his age as 28. [Weisiger p. 144; Chesterfield Order Bk 6 p. 528]

1756 August 23 Inventory Thomas Andrews appraised by John Gibbs, Thomas Dance Jr., Humphrey Traylor [Weisiger p. 22; Chesterfield Will Bk 1 p. 216]

1764 December 6: I, Umphree Traylor of Dale Parish, Chesterfield Co. for love & affection to my son George Traylor of same, give him 100 acres in same parish on Appomattox River, bounded by John Andrews. wit: Thomas Rowlet, John Couzins, John Rowlet. /s/ Humfris Traylor [Weisiger p. 27; Chesterfield Deed Bk 5 p. 282] (LSS note: George Traylor married Mary Rowlett, daughter of Thomas as proven by 1784 lawsuit. My guess, the marriage was prior to this deed.)

1772 January 3 deed of gift Humphrey Traylor to Robert Traylor [Chesterfield Co. G/G Index Bk 6 p. 420]

1772 May 12 date of will Joseph Dickerson witnessed by Georg Trayler, Lewis Andrews, John Dyer [Weisiger p. 81; Chesterfield Co. Will Bk 2 p. 83] (LSS note: the witness is Humphrey's son for Humphrey's brother George died late in 1771.)

1773 November 7 date will Robert Traylor of Dale Parish. To brother Humphree Traylor, a tract in Chesterfield bounded by George Traylor, John Andrews, Humphree Traylor [Sr.] and the Appomattox River, 100 acres. Rest of estate equally divided between my brothers George and Freddy Traylor and my nephew Thomas Daves. Exec: my Uncle John Cousins. wit: Stephen Andrews, Jesse Woodward, John Bott. [Weisiger p. 72; Chesterfield Will Bk 2 p. 8] (LSS note: This will proves his mother's surname was COUSINS and his father is the same Humphrey of the 1790 will which names all the above.)

1773 before December 3 death Robert Traylor for will was presented that day by John Cursons (sic) executor. [Weisiger p. 171; Chesterfield Order Bk 5 p. 377] Inventory was presented at the January 3, 1774 court [Weisiger p. 72; Chesterfield Will Bk 2 p. 3 & 9]

1780 or before birth Elizabeth "Betsy" Traylor, daughter of George based on her being at least 14, thus able to choose her guardian at the December 1794 court.

1780 October 21 date will Thomas Rowlett. To daughter Mary Traylor £20; to daughter Ann Cousins 2 negroes; to daughter Elizabeth Rowlett 4 negroes and if she dies, her part to my son William. To son William my plantation I live on, 9 negroes, and rest of estate. Executors: son William and his wife Mary Rowlett. wit: John Stuart Redford, Daniel Gill, Rowlett Gill. [Weisiger p. 22; Chesterfield Co. Will Bk 3 p. 257]

1781 November 7 inventory Daniel Ben appraised by John Cousins, John Cook, George Traylor. [Weisiger p. 26; Chesterfield Will Bk 3 p. 282]

1784 May 5 inventory John Dyer Sr. appraised by John Couzins, Humfries Traylor and George Traylor [Weisiger p. 46; Chesterfield Will Bk 5 p. 455] (LSS note: This is the younger Humphrey.)

1784 May 7 Court: Depositions in lawsuit over division of Rowlett's negroes gives us the following ages: Humphrey Traylor age 73; Humphrey Traylor Jr. age 38; Frederick Traylor age 28. [Weisiger p. 144; Chesterfield Co. Order Bk 6 p. 528]

1784 September 20 inventory estate John Norris taken by John Couzins, George Traylor, Frederick Traylor. [Weisiger p. 47; Chesterfield Will Bk 3 p. 469]

1786 August 17 will Elizabeth Thomas, widow, witnessed by Fredrick Traylor, Joseph Wells, Joseph Mark. [Weisiger p. 60; Chesterfield Will Bk 4 p. 14]

1787 October 11 Court: George Traylor appointed guardian to Jesse Andrews [Weisiger p. 155; Chesterfield Co. Order Bk 7 p. 577]

1789 December: deed of gift Humphrey Traylor Sr. to Frederic Traylor [Chesterfield G/G Index Bk 11 p. 599]

1790 April 8: B&S John Overby to George Traylor [Chesterfield G/G Index Bk 11 p. 660]

1790 May 17 date will Humphrey Traylor. To son George a debt he owes me and he is excluded from any other claim against my estate. To son Humphrey, 50 acres which Edward Featherstone surveyed for him November 10, 1787. To daughter Margery Daves, a debt of her husband Thomas Daves. To daughter-in-law Ann Traylor, wife of son Frederic, 2 negroes, a mare and a trunk. To son Frederick, all rest of estate, in consideration of his duty and filial tenderness shown to me in my old age; and he to be executor. wit: Chris'r Manlove, Nathaniel Jones, Thos. B. Manlove. [Weisiger p. 80; Chesterfield Will Bk 4 p. 315]

1790 before November 11 death Humphrey Traylor Sr. in Chesterfield Co. for will proved at this court session. [Weisiger p. 164; Chesterfield Order Bk 7 p. 528]

1790 December 9: B&S Jesse Andrews to George Traylor [Chesterfield G/G Index Bk 11 p. 741]

1791 September 11 Court: Rebecca Overby chooses George Traylor her guardian [Weisiger p. 167; Chesterfield Order Bk 9 p. 201] October 14, 1793 Court: George Traylor, guardian Rebecca Overby orphan of John, resigning, Armistead Daves is appointed guardian. [Weisiger p. 174; Chesterfield Order Bk 10 p. 243] (LSS note: George, her grandfather, apparently resigned due to illness.)

1792 April: deed of trust Thomas Worsham to Frederick Traylor et al [Chesterfield Co. G/G Index Bk 12, p. 157]

1793 November 4 date will George Traylor of Dale Parish. To son Thomas the land purchased of Peter Andrews and Jesse Andrews, 1 negro and items. To son Humphrey, plantation where I lived and island called Long Island, 8 1/2 acres, 1 negro and items. To daughter Elizabeth Traylor, 1 negro and featherbed. To daughter Mary Traylor, 1 negro and featherbed. To granddaughter Rebecca Overbee £9 paid to Mr. George Hay to bring suit against Jeremiah Overbee for her estate in her husband's hands. Lend to wife plantation where I lived, 2 negroes, etc. for widowhood and then to my above children -- Thomas, Humphrey, Mary and Elizabeth. Son Thomas not to have his estate until my executors think fit. Executors: John Cousins, Frederick Traylor, Armstead Daves. wit: Archabald Traylor, Stephen Dyson, Francis Dyer. [Weisiger p. 90; Chesterfield Will Bk 4 p. 392, continued p. 388] (LSS note: Three of these children appear in the guardian records, (one born not before 1773, and two not before 1778 based on first appearance) yet George has a married granddaughter in 1793. Was Rebecca's mother, and perhaps Thomas, by a first marriage?)

1794 before June 9 death George Traylor in Chesterfield Co. for will was proved by witnesses this day. [Weisiger p. 176; Chesterfield Order Bk 10 p. 401] December 8, 1794 Frederick Traylor and Armistead Daves granted probate on the will. [Weisiger p. 178; Chesterfield Order Bk 10 p. 566] Inventory of the estate order by December 1794 court. [Weisiger p. 183; Will Bk 5 p. 65] December 16, 1794 the Sale of the estate George Traylor presented. [Weisiger p. 182; Chesterfield Will Bk 5 p. 57]

1794 December 8 Court: Betsey Traylor, orphan of George Traylor, chooses Frederick Traylor guardian. [Weisiger p. 179; Chesterfield Order Bk 10 p. 568] (LSS note: Elizabeth was at least 14, thus was born 1780 or before.)

1795 May 13 Court: William Dance and Betsy his wife, Thomas Cousins and William Cousins by Rowlett Gill their guardian and next friend, and Polly Cousins by William Dance her next friend vs Nancy Cousins by Frederick Traylor her guardian and next friend and Martha Cousins, widow and relict of William Cousins dec'd. Court orders division of estate. [Weisiger p. 226; Chesterfield Court Orders Bk 11 p. 90]

1795 September: B&S Thomas Traylor to Humphrey Traylor [Chesterfield G/G Index Bk 13 p. 378] (LSS note: We shouldn't assume Thomas is the son of George d. 1794 since George's will says Thomas isn't to get his inheritance until the executors "think fit.")

1795 November 14 date will Thomas Daves Sr. of Dale Parish ... Executors son Armistead and Frederick Traylor. [Weisiger p. 183; Chesterfield Will Bk 5 p. 78] (LSS note: Frederick is a nephew of testator.)

1798 February B&S Thomas Atkinson to Frederick Traylor, John Cousins & ?? [Chesterfield G/G Index Bk 14 p. 208]

1799 June deed of trust John Cousins to Frederick Traylor, John Cousins ?? [Chesterfield G/G Index Bk 14 p. 428]

1799 December 9 Court: Polly Traylor and Humphrey Traylor choose Fred Traylor as their guardian. [Weisiger p. 245; Chesterfield Orders Bk 12 p. 158] (LSS note: Mary "Polly" and Humphrey (orphans of George d. 1794) are both now at least 14, thus were born in 1785 or before. Since this is their appearance in the guardian records, they were probably born closer to 1785 than 1780.)

1799 December 9 Court: Frederick Traylor granted administration of estate John Cousins dec'd. [Weisiger p. 246; Chesterfield Orders Bk 12 p. 165]

1799 December 26 will dated Frederick Traylor. To wife Ann for life, land I live on, negroes, items and money due me from estate of my Uncle John Cousins. Executors are to set free my negro Old Lucy and she may remain on my land and be provided with a comfortable dwelling for life. To son Archibald, rest of my estate and he to be executor. wit: Roger Atkinson, Francis Dyer, Francis Royall, Lindsey Smith. [Weisiger p. 202; Chesterfield Will Bk 5 p. 269]

1800 before April 14 death Frederick Traylor in Chesterfield Co. for will proven this day; Archer Traylor, executor, granted probate. [Weisiger p. 247; Chesterfield Orders Bk 12 p. 228]

1800 April 14 Court: Archer Traylor and Humphrey Traylor granted administration of estate John Cousins dec'd. [Weisiger p. 247; Chesterfield Orders Bk p. 227]

1800 June Deed of Gift Frederick Traylor et al Margery Daves [Chesterfield G/G Index Bk 15 p. 72] July 1800 Deed of Gift Frederick Traylor et al to Henry Cousins [ibid p. 82] Deed of Gift Frederick Traylor et al to Humphrey Traylor [ibid p. 83]

1800 July 14 Humphrey Traylor chooses Stephen Dyson his guardian. [Weisiger p. 247; Chesterfield Co. Orders Bk 12 p. 283] (LSS note: His former guardian was Frederick Traylor, now dec'd.)

1802 September 16 will date Humphrey Traylor of Dinwiddie Co. VA. To son Thomas one negro girl ... to grandson Eusebius McDonald, son of Colin McDonald and Jennie his wife, one negro ... to Fannie Pegram, wife of George Scott Pegram negroes ... to my daughter Patsey Davis, wife of Joseph negro ... to son Robert and Nancy his wife ... then to their son Billie and his wife .... to my son Joel 80 acres, being part of land bought of George Scott Pegram which contain 100 acres ... to son James the plantation whereon I now live and the 20 acres, being the residue of the 100 acres bought of George Pegram. To daughter Elizabeth two cows & calves, also negroes ... to son John Cousins Traylor, a tract of land in Chesterfield Co. left me by John Cousins, which is to be sold and the money arising put out at interest for the benefit of John Cousins Traylor and his heirs forever. To daughters Lucy and Sarah, their equal proportion of the negroes not given to other children ... to my wife Sarah for her natural life and widowhood, my real and personal estate not heretofore mentioned ... At her death, the remaining property to my sons Joel, John Cousins and James and my daughters Lucy and Sarah ... as I wish every one to ... receive [equal] portions [and the older children have received more.] Executors: son-in-law Colin McDonald and friend Daniel Pegram. /s/ Humphrey Traylor. wit: James H. Munford, Augustine Claiborne, Jose. Monk. [p. 235-7 McDonald. [p. 235-7 McDonald: "copy of will in possession of the late Robert Lee Traylor, now in possession of Miss Mary Traylor. Copy obtained by McDonald from Mr. Edmund Wyatt IV of Petersburg November 8, 1975."]

1802 before October Court: death Humphrey Traylor (son of Humphrey Sr. and Elizabeth (Cousins) in Dinwiddie Co. for his will was presented this day. His wife was Sarah Cousins, daughter of John.

1803 deed of Gift Humphrey Traylor estate to Thomas Traylor [Chesterfield G/G Index Bk 16, p. 243]

1859 June 5 death Joel Traylor, native of Dinwiddie Co., VA, in Rutherford Co. TN "in 93rd year" [Smith]






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