William & Judith (Archer) Traylor

GEORGE Traylor (abt 1696 - 1771)

compiled by Linda Sparks Starr January 2008

 1696 estimated birth year George Traylor if he is the eldest son of William and Judith

1722 February 27 date will John Porter of Bristol Parish, to wife Martha, which now is all my land and plantation for life, and then to be divided between George Traylor and George Foord. Rest of estate to wife. Son-in-law William Haskins to be executor. wit: William Traylor, Jno. Granger. Recorded November 5, 1722. [Misc. Henrico Court Records 1650-1807, Part II p. 553; Weisiger p. 168]

1732 estimated marriage date George Traylor to Elizabeth (surname not known) based on the birth year of their first child. LSS note: Elizabeth could be the daughter of Seth Perkinson, whose 1731 will names his daughter "Elizabeth Traylor." His daughter is reported the wife of another Traylor, but her husband's given name is not documented.

1734 March 8 birth in Bristol Parish Judith, daughter George & Eliz'a Traylor; baptized April 7 [Chamberlayne p. 102]

1736 George Traylor 1 levy, 250 acres paid by cash to J. Gibson Inspector's note in the Sheriff's Accounting Book. [McDonald p. 35 citing Virginia Colonial Abstracts, vol. 21: Henrico County by Beverley Fleet, Genealogical Publishing Co. 1961 p. 43]

1739 March Court: George Traylor, Elizabeth Traylor and George Ford [acknowledged deed] to John Dickerson. [Henrico Court Orders 1737-1744 p. 97; Weisiger p. 83] LSS note: They were selling their legacy from John Porter's will.

1742 December 22 will of William Haskins. To Frederick Ford, son of Matthew Ford, the plantation where I live. To William Ford, son of Matthew Ford, negroes. To Mary Grigg, wife of Abner Grigg, a negro. To George Traylor, a negro. To Martha Spain, wife of Thomas Spain, a negro. To Hugh Bragg, a negro and items. To my cousin Mary Tucker, wife of John Tucker, a negro. To my brother William Traylor 1 shilling. To my brother Edward Traylor, 1 shilling. To Mary Basford, 1 shilling. All the rest to Thomas Spain and George Traylor equally, and they to be executors. Wit: William Hamlin, John Spain, William Spain. Recorded May 1745. [Henrico Co. Wills & Deeds 1744-1748 p. 24; Weisiger p. 21]

1747 October 15 deed of gift William Dunavent of Henrico Co. to Henry Crittenton for natural love borne his son-in-law ... wit: George West, Abraham Dunavant, George Traylor [McConnaughy p. 79; Amelia Co. Deeds Bk 2 p. 560]

1752 March 1 John Perkinson of Chesterfield Co. to Wm Perkinson ... 150 acres bounded by John Perkinson, Mr. George Trayler and Thomas Neal. Wit: Stephen (x) Dodson, Wm Perkinson, John Ward. [Weisiger p. 29; Chesterfield Deed Bk 1 p. 324] LSS note: "Mister" is a title not always inherited, but one occasionally used when referring to George's father.

1753 September 6 Matthew Mayes of Dinwiddie Co. to George Traylor of Chesterfield Co. for £33, 200 acres bounded by the main road, Mark Moor Sr., George Hunt Moor, Drury Moor, Mark Moore Jr. (no witnesses) [Weisiger p. 31; Chesterfield Co. Deed Bk 1 p. 356]

1754 November 28 Thomas (x) Neal of Chesterfield to Burrell Purkerson of same ... 65 acres adjacent Robert Thompson, the division line of said Neal & Purkinson, John Worsham, Anderson Road & Bottom's lines. Wit: George Traylor, Ralph Jackson, William Purkerson. [McConnaughy; Amelia Deed Bk 5 p. 211]

1755 August 9 William Dunnivant of Chesterfield Co. to Abraham Dunnivant of same for £10, 184 acres next to George Traylor, Daniel Murra and Isham Kennon. [Weisiger p. 73; Chesterfield Deed Bk 2 p. 362]

1758 November 13 Godfrey Fowler of Chesterfield Co. to George Tralour of same for £8, land bounded by William Traylor, William Dunnifant, Cattail Creek and George Traylor, 30 acres. wit: John Ward, Henry Dance, Thomas (E) Eanes. [Weisiger p. 24; Chesterfield Deed Bk 4 p. 332] LSS note: Identity of this William Traylor is uncertain, but probably refers to William Sr. My reasoning: whoever wrote the land description used the original survey or previous deed for the boundary lines.

1760 December 29 Godfrey Fowler Jr. of Chesterfield Co. to Edward Dance ... 120 acres bounded by George Traylor, Henry Dance, Godfrey Fowler's spring branch. Wit: Johnkile Man, William Ashley, Henry Dance. /s/ Godfrey (+) Fowler. [Weisiger p. 4; Chesterfield Deed Bk 5 p. 36]

1762 October 4 Mark Moor Sr. and his wife Moorning of Chesterfield Co. and Mark Moor Jr. to William Grissell of same ... 200 acres on Wintopock Road, bounded by George Traylor, Benjamin Adder, George Hunt Moor. Wit: Wm Totty, Wm Talbott, Samuel West. [Weisiger p. 12; Chesterfield Deed Bk 5 p. 146]

1763 August 19 date will Mark Moore ... to son Waid tract next to George Traylor, George West and Thomas Neal, 100 acres ... [Weisiger p. 45; Chesterfield Will Bk 1 p. 421]

1764 June 1 Ordered to appraise the estate of Thomas Neal dec'd -- John Traylor, Thomas Dudley, George Traylor and Archer Traylor. [Weisiger p. 139; Chesterfield Orders Bk 3 p. 533-534] LSS note: John and George are brothers; Archer is John's son since Joseph's son was still underage.

1765 June 10 Henry Fowler of Dale Parish, Chesterfield Co. to William Bell of same ... on both sides Cattail Creek, 150 acres bounded by Abraham Dunnavant, George Traylor, The Mill Pond near the ford, Edward Dance, Henry Dance, Littlebury Royall, Dunnavant's Mill and Isham Kennon; being part of patent of 500 acres granted to Godfrey Fowler and George Archer January 27, 1717. [Weisiger p. 38; Chesterfield Deed Bk 5 p. 382]

1765 August 31 William Grissell of Chesterfield Co. to John Man of same ... 100 acres bounded by George Traylor, Thomas Man, Daniel Moore and George Moor. [Weisiger p. 39; Chesterfield Deed Bk 5 p. 388]

1771 February 13 will date Eleck Moore ... witnessed by Benja. Davis, Blanch Traylor, Littleby Traylor. [Weisiger p. 22; Chesterfield Will Bk 3 p. 259]

1771 October 22 date will George Traylor of Dale Parish. To son Littlebury, tract on Cattail Creek, 200 acres being land I bought of Matthew Mays and 1 negro. Also another negro after death of my wife Elizabeth. To son Buckner, a tract at lower end of tract I live on, joining Ben Andrews and Henry Dance, 100 acres and 1 negro and items at age 20. To granddaughter Elizabeth Eanes, daughter of Thomas Eanes at 21, items. To daughter Prudance Eanes, daughter Judith Eanes, daughter Sary Vaden, daughter Martha Traylor and daughter Elizabeth Traylor, each 5 shillings. To son Field at 21, plantation I live on, including land I bought of Godfree Fowler, 130 acres, 1 negro and items. To wife for widowhood 1 negro and rest of estate and at her death, equally between my sons Buckner and Field. Exec: my brother Umphree Traylor and Maj. John Bott. wit: George Trayler, Robert Trayler, Daniel Handee. [Weisiger p. 95; Chesterfield Will Bk 2 p. 206] LSS note: Daughters Martha and Elizabeth married TRAYLORs for received the exact amount as their married sisters. Witnesses George and Robert were sons of Humphrey Sr.

1771 late in the year death George Traylor for will was presented by Humphrey Traylor at the January 3, 1772 court. [Weisiger p. 164; Chesterfield Orders Bk 5 p. 57] Inventory of George's estate (no value given) returned to January 17, 1772 court by Humphris Traylor. [ibid p. 95; Will Bk p. 213] Inventory of George Traylor estate returned to April 3 court [Orders Bk p. 89]

1776 September Court: Inventory Ralph Jackson to be appraised by Eleazar Moore, Matthew Moore and Littlebury Traylor. [Weisiger p. 6; Chesterfield Will Bk 3 p. 75]

1779 June B&S Buckner Traylor to Thos. Pride [Chesterfield G/G Index Bk 9 p. 287]

1781 December 7 Court: William and Littlebury Traylor, orphans of Anthony Traylor to be bound by Churchwardens of Manchester Parish. [Weisiger p. 135; Chesterfield Orders Bk 6 p. 334.] LSS note: To my knowledge, the given name "Littlebury" is found only in George's descendant line. Although I can't identity Anthony Traylor, George's son Field was living in Manchester Parish when he wrote his will in 1807.

(1784) undated will Henry Dance of Dale Parish ... to son Etheldred 100 acres bounded by Nooning Creek Road, Edward Dance, Buckner Traylor, Silvester Andrews and Wintopock Road ... [Weisiger p. 49; Chesterfield Will Bk 3 p. 484]

LSS note: The identity of Elizabeth Traylor in the next two entries is unclear.

1787 April B&S Elizabeth Traylor et al to Henry Dance [Chesterfield G/G Index Bk 11 p. 270]

(no date) Elizabeth Traylor et al to estate Thomas Traylor [Chesterfield G/G Index Bk 36 p. 228]

1787 Apr B&S Field Traylor to Henry Dance [Chesterfield G / G index Bk11 p220]

1787 July B&S Buckner Traylor to Henry Dance [Chesterfield G / G index Bk 11 p276]

1789 Jan B&S Andrew Simpson to Field Traylor [Chesterfield G/G Index Bk11 p479]

1789 Sep B&S Field Traylor to Andrew Simpson [Chesterfield G / G index Bk 11 p569]

1790 February 2: Inquisition ... [to] ... view body of Henry Bailey, late of said county, lying dead, and on oaths of Thomas Burfoot, James Moody, Joseph Taylor, William Thweatt, Lodowick Vaden, William Traylor, Mark Moore, Joel Bragg, Ezekiel Perkinson, Littlebury Traylor, Miles Worsham and Francis Lockett, say that Henry Bailey ... died by the Visitation of God in a natural way. [Weisiger p. 77; Chesterfield Will Bk 4 p. 243]

1790 July B&S Little berry Traylor to Lodwick Vaden [Chesterfield G/G Index Bk 11 p. 685]

1792 October 30 estate George Blankinship dec'd appraised by James Elliott, Field Traylor, Armistead Graves. [Weisiger p. 109; Chesterfield Will Bk 4 p. 546]

1793 April Deed of Gift Littleberry Traylor & Blanche to Harbert Traylor [Chesterfield G/G Index Bk 12 p. 409]

1793 June 10 estate Armstead Graves appraised by James Elliott, Field Traylor, William Wyatt [Weisiger p. 114; Chesterfield Will Bk 4 p. 622]

1800 Chesterfield Tax District taken by Benjamin Smith: Joseph (son of Buckner) 1 white male tithe; Hurbard Traylor 1 white male tithe; Littleberry Traylor 0 white male tithes, 1 horse; George Traylor (son of Berry) 1 white male tithe, 1 horse. [p. 24]

1800 Chesterfield Tax District taken by Mailes Cary: James F. Traylor; Little Berry Traylor 1 white male tithe, 1 horse; Field Traylor 1 white male tithe, 2 horses. [p. 93 April / June issue] LSS note: I've listed only those Traylors I know or think belong to George's line. Littlebury appears to be exempt -- age or was he disabled?

1805 June 10 B&S Littleberry Traylor to George Traylor [Chesterfield G/G Index Bk 17 p. 52]

1806 October 13 B&S Littleberry Traylor to Alexander Moore [Chesterfield G/G Index Bk 17, p. 308]

1807 December 30 will date Field Traylor of Manchester Parish, Chesterfield Co. ... beloved wife Sandal the whole of my estate during her natural life or widowhood ... to son Field the land and plantation whereon I now live after death of his mother; to son Arbin 5 shillings; to daughter Fanny Traylor 5 shillings; to daughter Rebecca Traylor 5 shillings; to daughter Amma Traylor 5 shillings; to daughter Martha Traylor 5 shillings; to daughter Elizabeth W. Traylor 5 shillings; to children vizt: William, Lodowich, Isham, Archer E. Bedford and Joseph Traylor the residue after their mother's death ... my wife Sandal and friend Branch Mann executrix & executor. /s/ Field Traylor. wit: Henry Nest___, Isham Puckett, Thomas C. Whitword. [McDonald p. 181-2 citing Chesterfield Will Bk 7 p. 210-211]

1810 before June Court death Field Traylor for his will was presented at this court. [Ibid]

1810 March B&S Littleberry Traylor to Harbert Traylor [Chesterfield G/G Index Bk 18 p. 306]


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