EDWARD Traylor 1772-1830

EDWARD Traylor c.1774 - 1830

compiled by Linda Sparks Starr February 2008

1774 - 1775 estimated birth Edward Traylor in Dinwiddie Co., Virginia, son of William. The 1800 census shows him between the ages of 16-26.

1792 October 31 Edward Traylor, orphan of William Traylor, chooses Randolph Traylor guardian. [Wilkes Co. GA Minutes of Inferior Court p. 41] LSS note: Edward was between 14 and 21 here, thus born 1771-1778.

1794 Oglethorpe Co. Tax List: Edward Traylor's poll was returned by Randolph Traylor. [Family Puzzlers] LSS note: Suggests his birth 1773.

1795 November 30 marriage Edward Traylor and Aney Banks in Oglethorpe Co. GA. [Peel] LSS note: Although the sibling relationship isn't documented, researchers suspect she is a sister of Dunston and John Banks who married Edward's sisters.

1796 Oglethorpe Co. GA Tax List: Edmond (sic) Traylor, Paschal Traylor, Thomas Traylor, William Traylor, John Banks, Dunston Banks, Allen Spurlock.

1796 November 4 birth in Oglethorpe Co. GA Tillman Traylor, son of Edward & Anna (Banks) [Russell]

1797 January 3 Witnesses to deed Samuel & Molly Colquit to James Banks were Edward Traylor and Richard Banks. [Oglethorpe Co. Deed Bk B p. 126; Farmer 62-3]

1799 August 22 date of will Paschal Traylor of Oglethorpe Co. GA naming wife Milly and Randolph Traylor and Edward Traylor executors. [Oglethorpe Co. GA Will Bk A p. 87 PT transcription on usgenweb]

1800 Oglethorpe Co. GA Census, Capt. McElroy's District: Edward Traylor, 1 male under 10; 1 male 16-26; 1 female under 10; 1 female 16-28 and 1 slave. [Warren] LSS note: This census places his birth between 1774 and 1784.

1801 estimated birthyear Malinda Traylor in Oglethorpe Co., daughter Edward & Anney [Family Puzzlers]

1801 December 29 Champion T. Traylor of Jackson Co. GA to Edward Traylor of Oglethorpe Co. for $400, 150 acres on Indian Creek adjacent Edward Traylor on SE, Paschal Traylor on NE, Thomas Traylor on North and Isham Davis on NW ... south Fork of creek. /s/ C. T. Traylor. Test: James Brooks, Wm Traylor [Oglethorpe Deeds Bk D p. 452; Farmer p. 270]

1802 estimated birthyear Ann Traylor in Oglethorpe Co., GA daughter Edward & Anney [Family Puzzliers] LSS note: Another researcher gives Ann's birth as April 22, 1816.

1802 Halifax Co. Virginia August Court: Richard Bradshaw vs legatees of William Traylor dec'd; the legatees include Edward Traylor. [Halifax Co. VA Pleas Bk 21, p. 105]

1803 April 1 Witnesses to deed Elisha Smallwood of Wilkes Co. GA to William Traylor of Oglethorpe Co. GA were Edwd Traylor, Isham Rainey, John Johnson. [Oglethorpe Deed Bk D p. 259; Farmer p. 226]

1803 June 22 William Johnson, Edward Traylor and Michal Whelen are held & firmly bound to ... Court of Ordinary ... $5,000 bond ... William Johnson as administrator of Benjamin Johnson dec'd. [Guardian & Administrator's Bonds 1794-1848 p. 83; McRee p. 16]

1805 Georgia Land Lottery: Edward Traylor of Oglethorpe Co. drew two blanks [Graham p. 560]

1805 October 14 Witnesses to deed Rece Watkins Sr. to Rece Watkins Jr were Thos. Traylor, Edwd. Traylor [Oglethorpe Co. Deeds Bk E p. 47; Farmer p. 305]

1807 May 23 Witnesses to deed Rece & Milly Watkins to Simon Cardwell, all of Oglethorpe Co., were Edw. Traylor, Wm Traylor JP [Oglethorpe Co. Deed Bk E p. 187; Farmer p. 345] LSS note: Milly Watkins was the widow of Paschal Traylor (brother of Edward and William) when she married Reece Watkins Jr.

1807 December 18 birth Dunston Traylor in Oglethorpe Co. GA, son of Edward & Anna [Russell p. 18]

1811 January 7 William Traylor of Randolph Co. GA to Edward Traylor of Oglethorpe Co. for $500, 240 acres adjacent road & lines of Terrel, Davis ... Edward Traylor, Compton. /s/ Wm Traylor. Wit: Conway Garlington, Thos. Duke JP. [Oglethorpe Co. Deeds Bk H p. 507; Farmer p. 204]

1811 estimated birth year Mary Traylor, She married Thomas Jefferson Bassett in Troup Co. GA. Usually not listed as a daughter of Edward & Anna (Banks) she is named "sister" in will of Washington Traylor who administered Edward's estate. [Spier] LSS note: The question becomes, what is the relationship between "administrator Washington Traylor" to the testator, Edward Traylor?

1815 June 25 marriage in Oglethorpe Co. GA Malinda Traylor, daughter of Edward & Anna (Banks), and Bailey Johnson. They were married by her Uncle William Traylor JIC. [Marriage Bk A] PT note: Their children were born in Oglethorpe and Troup Counties, GA: William R.; Martha Winn born 16 December 1820; George W.; Smith M.; Mary Ann; James M.; John; Henry H; Sarah E.

1816 May 7 Edward Traylor to Isham Rainey for $200, 136 acres on Indian Creek ... road leading from Lexington to Phinizy's Mill ... /s/ Edwd Traylor. Wit: Conway Garlington, Isaac Collier, Robt. Freeman JIC. [Oglethorpe Co. GA Deeds Bk H p. 517; Farmer p. 206]

1817 November 10 Edward & Anna Traylor to Isham Rainey for $1500, 500 acres on Indian Creek waters ... Rainey's line ... Isham Davis's line ... George Hudspeth's line ... on North Fork of Indian Creek, down North Fork to junction with South Fork of creek ... /s/ Edw. Traylor, Anna (x) Traylor. Wit: Bird Parks, Thomas Rainey, Thos. Duke JP [Oglethorpe Deed Bk I p. 531; Farmer p. 304]

1818 estimated birth year Jordan Traylor, brother of Washington who is thought to be a son of Edward & Anna Banks. [Spier] LSS note: Again, the question is the relationship between the court-appointed administrator of Edward's estate and the deceased. IF Washington is a son of Edward & Anna, then Jordan, Hansel and Mary are their children too.

1819 February 1 Isham & Sally Rainey to Edward Traylor, all of Oglethorpe Co., for $500, 200 acres on Indian Creek .... North Fork of Indian Creek, down meanders ... with South Fork of Indian Creek, up meanders of South Fork to corner Isham Davis's line ... wit: Bird Parks, Thomas Duke JP [Oglethorpe Deed Bk J p. 274; Farmer p. 383]

1820 Oglethorpe Co. GA Census: Edward Traylor

1825 January 20 date will Eve Beard of Oglethorpe Co. witnessed by Bird Parks, William Johnson, Tilman Traylor. [Oglethorpe Co. GA Will Bk C p. 103 McRee p. 110]

1828 February 7 marriage in Oglethorpe Co. GA Tilman Traylor (son of Edward & Anna) and Lucy Walker. [Russell]

1830 September 6 Jonathan W. Rains, Washington Traylor and Minor M. Stephens are ... bound unto ... Justices of the Inferior Court ... sitting for Ordinary purposes ... $4000 ... for Jonathan W. Rains administrator of the .... estate Washington Griffis late of this county ... [Oglethorpe Co. Guardian & Administrator's Bonds 1794-1848 p. 21; McRee p. 39]

1830 September 6 Washington Traylor, Tilman Traylor and Jonathan W. Raines ... bound [to above] ... $6,000 ... Washington Traylor as administrator of the goods, chattels and credits of Edward Traylor deceased .... [Oglethorpe Co. Guardians & Administrator's Bonds p. 22; McRee p. 39]

1831 November 18 marriage in Troup Co. GA Dunston Traylor, son of Edward & Anna, and Frances F. Perkins. [Russell p. 18] He continues with the children: Ann; Edna 1841-1938; James "Bud" 1844-1899; George Hamilton 1852-1939; Henry; John 1852-1939; Will 1855-1902; Dora. Four children died as infants and are buried in Georgia. Twins were born in Texas and died as infants.

1834 February 25 Washington Traylor JP witnesses the pension application for Philip Huckaby in Oglethorpe Co. GA. [LD]

1834 September 25 marriage in Troup or Greene Co. Co. GA Ann Traylor, daughter of Edward & Anna (Banks) and Richard Henry Lee Wilkinson. LSS note: I show same date but two different counties and failed to note either source. He died about 1851 and she moved to Texas with her brothers Dunstan and Tillman.

1837 June 25 marriage in Troup Co. GA Washington Traylor and Ellenor Wilder [Family Puzzlers]

1839 death in Troup Co. GA Washington Traylor, son of Edward & Anna Banks. [Spier] He continues: His will names "brothers Jordan and Hansel" and "sister Mary Bassett." He also mentions an unborn child (Anne W.) and his son James Edward.

1852 Move from Georgia to Texas siblings Dunston and Tillman Traylor and Malinda Johnson along with their near relative George Hamilton Traylor. [Russell] Dunston settled in the eastern part of Titus County near Snow Hill. Malinda Johnson and her family went to Upshur Co. George Hamilton Traylor and his family settled near Waxahachie and Tillman Traylor settled in the southwestern part of Titus Co., about a mile southwest of Monticello.

1865 January 21 death Dunston Traylor, son of Edward & Anna, near Snow Hill, Titus, Texas [Russell]

1877 October 7 death Lucy (Walker) Traylor, wife of Tillman. She is buried in the Hopewell Cemetery, Franklin Co. Texas. [Russell]

1880 March 30 death Tillman Traylor in Titus County, but he is buried in Hopewell Cemetery, Franklin Co. with other members of his family. [Russell] Tillman and Lucy had 12 children: Mary 1828 - 1884; Elizabeth born 1830; William born 1832; Martha Lee 1836-1923; Almeda born 1837; Washington born 1839; Lucinda Frances 1842-1922; Thomas 1843-1869; Tim 1845-1871; James; Lucy 1847-1864; Susan born 1861.



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