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Henry Clay

Henry Clay and Georgia

 Henry Clay, born July 29, 1846, outlived all his siblings who formed John Henry's "first" family. After his marriage to Georgia Elizabeth (or Georgia Ann) Ramsey, the couple made their home near Orchard Hill. Their farm is along present day Highway 41 south of Griffin, Georgia. All of his children are from the marriage to Georgia.

Henry Iverson b. April 4, 1867 near Orchard Hill, GA

Lula b. August 3, 1869

Charlotte b. February 13, 1871 Orchard Hill, GA

Georgia b. August 24, 1871

Fred b. Sept 6, 1872 d. "single" April 2, 1922

Eugene "Buck" b. May 5, 1874 d. "single" July 29, 1922

Daisy b. November 4, 1877

Blanche b. April 21, 1879

Robert b. June 11, 1879 d. "single" April 2, 1909

Claude d. infant

Maybelle (Mabel) Claire d. infant

Joseph C. b. June 5, 1886

Henry had his hand in many business ventures over the years. He, like several other Starr relatives, got into the lumber industry. His lumber was used to build many of the houses quickly constructed for the mill workers drawn into Griffin during its milling heyday. He is also known for planting many of the early oak trees (most of which are gone now) along Hill Street near downtown. At some point he purchased a building once used by a medical college and turned it into a hotel / boarding house.

Georgia Ann (Ramsey), born April 23, 1846, died August 30, 1920. Henry C. second marriage was to Ella C. (____) on May 10, 1925.

One story that has come down in the family is of him sitting in a rocker on the hotel porch with his straw hat in his lap. People passing by, not realizing he owned the place and assuming he was "down on his luck," tossed coins into his hat. Henry would just say "thank you" and pocket the money.

Henry Clay died August 15, 1933 in Griffin.

The above list of children and most of the support data is found in HC Family.pdf which is the work of three descendants. None is identified by name, but one descends from son Henry Iverson; one probably from daughter Blanche; and the third from Georgia (Starr) Farley. The complete line from Henry Iverson is found within McLaughlin.pdf

Charlotte Walton.pdf provided the information for the line of Charlotte (Starr) Emerson. Some descendants were more creative, or perhaps just low on blank paper. Data found in Henry Clay.pdf was written on the back of deposit slips for the Commercial & Savings Bank of Griffin, Georgia.