6 Nancy Ellen

Nancy Ellen

Nancy Ellen was born December 24, 1841. (Or possibly in 1847, the year given in They Followed the Sun. Descendants can decide for themselves.) The earlier date makes her 19 years old when she married the 25 years old Lemuel Hardy Miller November 29, 1860. The later year would make her a 13 years old bride. Their children:

Matilda Clifton b. January 5, 1862 d. July 27, 1863

Martha Lenza (Louiza) "Mattie" b. September 27, 1863 d. February 28, 1888

William Nicholas b. October 8, 1865

John David b. December 12, 1867

Benjamin Hartwell b. September 15, 1869

Roxey Ann b. November 3, 1872

Lemuel Branham b. May 19, 1875

Mary Lucy b. September 28, (25) 1878

Lemuel died April 3, 1899 and Nancy Ellen March 29, 1915.


Names and birth dates provided by B. H. Miller is located in Miller Bible record.pdf Marriage information, also from B. H. Miller, can be found in the document Miller Marriages.pdf Another family member submitted the same data, but gave the full middle name, not just the initial. Miller full names.pdf and Fortson Records.pdf details the children of Roxey Ann.