5 Martha Elizabeth

Martha Elizabeth

Descendants from Martha Elizabeth, born August 28, 1839 (1838), are fortunate in that her daughter, Mattie A. Taylor, had the foresight to copy the family entries from the Manley family Bible. Manley Bible per Taylor.pdf Martha E. Starr and James Richard Manley (born March 22, 1835 in Jasper Co. GA) were married in Spalding County December 22, 1857. This was the season for marriages; her brother Benjamin had married the day before. Their children:

Mary Francis b. October 15, 1858

John Walter b. February 11, 1861

James Clifton b. August 8, 1865

Elizabeth Rosa b. March 22, 1867

Mattie Amelia b. January 16, 1869

Nancy Pinkston "Pinkie" b. April 5, 1871

Richard David b. September 29, 1873

William Thweatte b. March 5, 1875

Robert Clem Irvin b. December 18, 1877

Infant Son b. August 23, 1881 d. October 9, 1881

In 1881 they were living near Starr's Mill (Fayette County) when their infant son died for he was buried in the nearby Mathis Cemetery. (? Mathews Cemetery) However, they were in Grayson County, Texas by the end of 1888 when their daughter Elizabeth and J. B. Rogers were married.

Martha Elizabeth (Starr) Manley died in Grayson County February 12, 1914 and James Richard died later that year in Noble, Oklahoma. Both are buried in Georgetown Cemetery, (Grayson Co.) TX.

Daughter Mary Francis married Augustus B. Wilson. Their family data is found in Mary F. Wilson May 5, 1925.pdf Regrettably, the first two pages provided by son J. W. Manley McDougal data.pdf are missing. However, contributions by sons James and Richard are found in Manley tidbits.pdf and the Grozier line is in Taylor-Grozier.pdf

Two records apparently contributed by different, but unknown individuals are combined in W. T. Manley family.pdf Page one is an interesting history of W. T.'s family. Page 2 is the record for daughter Nancy P. Davis.