4 Benjamin Hartwell

Benjamin Hartwell

Benjamin and Ann

Benjamin Hartwell, born October 7, 1837, was just twenty years old when he married the 27 years old Ann Elia Kirk in Griffin, Georgia December 21, 1857. Ann, born October 12, 1830, was the daughter of Joseph Kirk and Martha (Davis). The officiating minister was his brother, Rev. David Elder Starr. Four children were born to them:

Lydia Penelope b. October 11, 1858

Jesse Hartwell b. June 7, 1860

Nora Parks b. Nov. 16, 1862

Mary Benjamin "Bennie" b. May 14, 1864

One wonders if Ann learned of his death before giving birth to their last child? According to the cousins who were present at the scene, Benjamin "was killed while fighting for his country" May 6, 1864 in the Battle of the Wilderness, Virginia. "A hole [was] dug on the battlefield and [he was] buried by two of his cousins, Wesley Malair and John Elder." Benjamin served with Co. J, 13th Regiment Jordon's Brigade of Earley's Division.

The persons who provided family data were silent on what happened to the widowed Ann and her young family after the war.

Page one of Benj. Hartwell.pdf is the source for all the information on Benjamin's CSA service and death. Other pages within the file detail descendants. However, specific information on Nora Parks Starr's line is found in Ruff Family.pdf which also includes a letter to James Pierce Starr from Annie Matthews of Sunnyside.