3 Charlotte A

Charlotte A.

Named for her paternal grandmother, Charlotte A. was born May 10, 1836 according to the information provided by her daughter Linnie Ingram. Charlotte A.pdf. As oldest daughter, it was Charlotte's lot to become the surrogate mother of her youngest siblings when their mother's cancer took hold. It was a time of hardship for the family, worried about the mother at home and the brothers on the fields of battle.

Charlotte was 29 years old when she married widower and father of (unknown number of) sons Joseph Carter October 24, 1865. The marriage was performed by her brother, Rev. David E. Starr. Only one child was reported:

Mary Linnie b. September 13, 1871 in Pike County

Joseph Carter, (born October 26, 1826 in Oglethorpe Co. GA) died July 22, 1901 at their home in Pike County, Georgia. The widowed Charlotte apparently moved nearer her daughter for she died in Griffin July 7, 1903.