19 Rachel Rebecca

Rachel Rebecca

The youngest child, Rachel Rebecca born August 20, 1874, was barely a year old when her father died October 1875. Then she was only 14 when her mother died. Who kept this young family intact after Ellen's death was surely common knowledge among the family, but no one mentioned it in this correspondence.

Rachel and Henry Parks Griffin were married at County Line Church December 24, 1893 by her brother, Rev. David E. Starr. They had two children before her death September 9 (10), 1900. She is buried at Shiloh (now Sunnyside) Methodist Church Cemetery.

Kittie Ellen b. October 7, 1895 at Birdie, Georgia

Edward Lafayette b. October 9, 1897 at Sunnyside

Thomas Lewis b. August 8, 1899 d. March 1, 1900 buried at Shiloh


Henry Parks Griffin is the one who provided the information on his and Rachel's line. Rachel Rebecca.pdf