15 Rosa Linsey

Rosa Linsey


Rosa Linsey, the youngest child of John Henry and Mary (Elder) Starr, was born October 13, 1858 "near Birdie," Spalding County. She was only five-and-a-half years old when her mother died and was just 17 when her father died. Perhaps she moved in with her sister Charlotte and Joe Carter at this time. This suggestion is based solely on the statement that she married John R. Rivers of Pike County November 14, 1878 at the home of Joe Carter.

Their children include three unnamed sons who were stillborn. All children were born at Woolsey, Georgia; those who died as youngsters are buried at County Line Methodist Church.

                    Mary Josephine b. February 12, 1880 d. October 7, 1881

Henry Thomas b. September 7, 1881

Anna Lizzie b. December 27, 1883

Jim b. July 6, 1886

Clara b. May 17, 1889

                    (twins) Eddie and Zeddie b. February 22, 1894

                    Annie b. September 7, 1898 d. February 8, 1899

                    Lillie Mae b. July 9, 1902 d. May 19, 1917


Rosa Linsey died August 16, 1903 and is buried at County Line Church in Spalding County.

Family information within Rosa Linsey.pdf comes from her son Henry Rivers.