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The Tobacconist Starrs

Compiled March 2009 by Linda Sparks Starr

This compiler did not do the actual research on this line, thus cannot vouch for the accuracy of uncited, but stated relationships. The background for this line comes from information shared by Sue Ann Hayley in 1993. This included conclusions made by Rev. Homer Worthington Starr of Charleston, SC. which Sue had just received herself and hadn’t had time to check out. Undoubtedly more recent findings have expanded, and perhaps altered some of her conclusions. Therefore, excerpts from Hayley’s original letter appear in italics. All newspaper accounts, and most of the cited records, were shared by Lea Dowd when working on the Linwood Cemetery (Columbus, GA) project. This compiler has done very little research on this family and cannot vouch for accuracy of relationships.

Rev. Homer W. Starr:

I do not know where, for certain, the brothers, William, Henry and Hezekiah were born. Our family tradition indicated on one side they were born in the U.S. and on the other side England. All the children that were still alive at time of 1880 census indicate their parents were born in the U.S. Hezekiah [and] his brother William were tobacconists in Baltimore in and around 1810. He and William served together in the Baltimore militia during the War of 1812. Brother Henry seems to have, at least at one time, owned an ordinary or tavern according to wills and deeds in Baltimore.

The 1897 compilation of brief genealogies of leading Baltimore families says "… Henry [Starr] was a native and lifelong resident of this city …" [p. 692-3] An undated letter written by Hezekiah’s son, Charles, addressed to "Aunt Rebecca" and sent to William’s widow, confirms Hezekiah and William were indeed brothers. [Dashiell papers] During the War of 1812, Hezekiah Starr enlisted as a private in Capt. Magruder’s Company, American Artillerists. His discharge papers list him as Corporal in the 1st Regiment Artillery of Harris’ Maryland Militia. Captain William Starr was in the same company. [British Invasion p. 447]

HENRY (ca.1775 – 1834)

[Henry] seems to have married a Rachel Frances ___ and then Catherine Grimes. He had sons Thomas, Edward G., George Washington and John T. who married Caroline ___.

Henry is generally thought the eldest of the three brothers and records apparently indicate that he ran a tavern in the city of Baltimore. His marriage to Catherine Grimes is on record: 29 Oct 1799. [Bk 6 per Baines] No additional information has surfaced about his reported marriage to Rachel Frances (surname unknown). However, researcher Marie Emory omits Rachel Frances (surname unknown) entirely, and gives Cassandra Grimes (1779-1811) as name of his first wife and names Catherine Taylor (1791-1839) his second wife. [STARR genforum #347] The 5 November 1834 issue ofThe Baltimore Patriot reported: "Died Sat. 1st inst, at his late residence, Baltimore Co., Henry Starr, in the 60th year of his age." Henry’s will, probated 1834, is located Wills Bk 15 p. 144. [Carothers] The will of Catherine Starr was recorded in Baltimore County Wills Book 17 p. 381 in 1839. [Carothers] This compiler has no personal knowledge the 1839 will is for Henry’s widow.

Emory goes on to list the children of Cassandra as: Elizabeth born 1800; William born 1802; Henry born 1803; Thomas born 1805; Ann born 1806; George born 1808; Hisiah born 1809-1816; and Edward Grimes born 1811. She lists the children of Catherine Taylor: John Taylor (1814-1880). The 1810 Baltimore census shows the Henry Starr household consisted of 4 males under 10, two females under 10, 1 female between 10 and 15 and 1 male 16 to 25. Both Henry and his wife fell into the age category of 26 to 44. [Baltimore Co. Md census p. 474]

The marriage of Henry’s daughter was reported in the 14 August 1823 issue of The Baltimore Patriot: "Elizabeth, oldest daughter of Henry Starr married Mr. James Robins last Tuesday, all of this city." These marriages were recorded in the records of the First Reformed Church of Baltimore. [Family Line Publications] Thomas W. Starr married Emily Hughes (both of Baltimore) 26 December 1838. [p. 155] Edward G. Starr married Cecelia A. James (both of Baltimore) 26 August 1841. [p. 157] J. Taylor Starr married Jane Roberts 5 June 1856 (license). [p. 171] Mary Emory noted this is a second marriage for John Taylor. [STARR genforum #347]

The 17 November 1880 issue of The Baltimore Sun reported: DIED "On the 16th inst., of lingering illness, J. Taylor Starr in the 68th year of his age." [born 1812] Earlier, the 5 January 1875 issue reported another death: "Died on the __ inst after a short illness, Edward G. Starr Jr., son of Edward G. and Cecila A. Starr, in his 25th (?) year of age. Funeral tomorrow at his father’s residence No. 4, North Fulton."

WILLIAM (1778-1819)

[Brother] William had Henry, John, William, Robert, Hezekiah, Emily and an Edmund. All of this, or most of it, is in the papers of Rev. Starr. I can’t guarantee the accuracy. From the Baltimore marriage records we know William married Rebecca Ann Richardson and this could have been a second marriage.

William left few records in his short life. Although two William Starrs appear on the 1810 census for the city of Baltimore, this William is the one who lived in the area designated as "Wards 2 through 6." This was determined by the appearance of Rebecca Starr in Ward 6 on the 1820 census. William served as Captain in the Baltimore militia during the War of 1812 and he worked as a tobacconist with his brother Hezekiah. Joe Parker, historian for the tobacco industry, provided a few details of the tobacco manufacturer under the name R. Starr & Co. of Baltimore. The earliest recorded individual’s name (1827) he had located was Mrs. Rebecca Starr and her address was 27 S. Calvert St., Baltimore. Later on the contact person was Robert Starr. The firm was eventually sold [no date given] to the American Tobacco Company. [STARR genforum #2559] William’s will, dated 24 June 1819, named his wife Rebecca, son John, and "other children." [Burns p. 23] It was entered for probate 7 July 1819.

William and Rebeccca’s reported children include: John, William Henry, Robert, Hezekiah (1816-1898), Emily and Edmund. Of these, William Henry Starr married Ann Dashiell 20 March 1831. [Records First Reformed Church p. 150] Presumably the Dashiel papers have more on this couple, including her relationship to Julia Ann Daschiell who married his uncle. The 24 January 1898 issue of The Maryland Sun reported the death of Dr. Hezekiah Starr, son of "William Starr … one of the Old Defenders in the war of 1812." Hezekiah "one of the oldest physicians in the city, died yesterday afternoon at his home, 117 West Mulberry street. He was a life-long resident of Baltimore, having been born here eighty-two years ago." [1816] The obituary goes on to state he was a graduate of the Maryland University School of Medicine, a practicing physician for over fifty years, a widower for twenty years, and a member of the Methodist Church. Nearest surviving relatives were his three nieces: Mrs. Clemens Lamping of Baltimore; Mrs. Frances Martin, wife of Judge Wm. Martin, of Easton, Talbot County; and Mrs. John S. Martin, of Talbot County.

Descendants of Robert Starr of Galena, Illinois, think he is the same person as William’s son Robert. He was a Constable for Jo Daviess County and owned a saloon in Galena, Illinois. According to researcher Christina ___, [e-mail to LSS 26 Apr 1997] who was basing much of her family information on the 1850 census, Robert was born about 1809 in Maryland. He married early 1830s Mary A. (surname unknown). They had: Mary C. (born 1832 Maryland); Abraham (born about 1834 Maryland); John R. (born about 1836 Maryland – died after 1886); Ellen (born about 1840 Illinois); Samuel (born about 1842 Illinois – died after 1886); Robert (born 1845 Illinois); George (born 1846 Illinois) and William (born about 1848 Illinois). Of these, Samuel and John Starr were identified as nephews within the obituary of Samuel Thompson. His mother, Clarrissa or Clara (surname unknown), was born about 1785 in Maryland. After the death of Samuel’s father, she married (1814) Abraham Bleiler (Blaylor) in Baltimore. An added reason for Christina’s link to William’s son is the fact Samuel Thompson is generally listed as a Tobacconist and his obituary identified him as once "master of Lexington Market in Baltimore." Christina added the Bleilers moved from Maryland late 1830s to Wisconsin and then on to Illinois.

Another Starr-Thompson kinship is found with the John Starr associated with Thomas Cresap. Although most researchers place this John into the PA Irish Quaker line, he is discussed in the narrative on Unplaced Maryland Starrs.

HEZEKIAH (ca.1781 - 1828)

Sometime between 1810 and 1820 Hezekiah pulled up stakes and moved to Richmond, VA where he was in the import / export business (tobacco). However, he had been ill with tuberculosis for some time and took at least two of his sons with him … to France for a cure. … he died there in 1828 at the age of about 47. His wife, Julia Ann (Dashiell) Starr moved back to Baltimore and she appears there in 1830. My Edward Worthington Starr married Elvira Ann Ruse in Richmond, VA in 1833. Not long after, Edward and Elvira, along with some of her brothers and her mother, moved to Columbus, Muscogee Co., GA. Although they do not appear on the 1840 census, other records indicate they were there as early as 1836. Hezekiah’s children were George W; John B.; Caroline; Edward Worthington; and Charles A. George W. married, but had no children. John and Caroline both died fairly young without marrying, leaving only my E. W. and Charles who married and moved to near Memphis, Tennessee. I have most of Edward Worthington’s children documented, but I would love to know more about Hezekiah and his brothers. My grandmother was Annie May Starr, born 10 Aug 1889, San Pedro, CA. Her father was Edward Augustus Starr, born 1863, probably Athens, Clarke Co., GA; his father was Francis Ruse Starr, born 1839, probably near Columbus, GA; his father was Edward Worthington Starr born 1813 Baltimore, MD and his father was Hezekiah Starr, born 1781 – we do not know for certain his place of birth.

The 15 July 1828 issue of The Baltimore Patriot confirms: "Died on the 28th of April last at Montpelier, France, in the 47th year of his age, [born 1781] Mr. Hezekiah Starr, for many years a respectable inhabitant of this city." Hezekiah married 30 September 1802 Julia Ann Dashiell, daughter of Benjamin Dashiell. [Dashiell] Jason Carpenter, citing Dashiell family papers, identifies Capt. Dashiell as commander of the Brigadier Fox among other vessels during the Revolutionary War. These were privateers owned by the Dorsey and Buchanan families. Jason added that Hezekiah was not only a tobacconist, but was also a merchant trader who sailed the Caribbean. Nancy Carpenter reported the address of Hezekiah and Julia’s Baltimore residence was 17 Pitt Street and gave 1817 as the year they moved to Richmond, Virginia. [STARR genforum #944]

Proof the Richmond, Virginia Hezekiah Starr who died in 1828 is the same Hezekiah who married in Baltimore is confirmed by the MGS Bulletin. [p. 587] Even though he died in France, he is buried in the St. John’s Church Cemetery, Richmond. Julia Ann (Dashiell) was buried beside her husband a few years later. Their children as reported by the Dashiell family papers: George W. (born 1804 died 1872); John B. (born 1806 died 9 December 1828, buried St. John’s Church Cemetery); Caroline (born 12 January 1808 died 17 July 1824, buried St. John’s Church Cemetery); Dr. Edward Worthington (born 25 January 1813 died 8 December 1862, Talbotton, Upson Co., Georgia); and Charles A. (born 26 May 1814 died 25 May 1891). The death of Mr. John B. was reported in the 16 December 1828 issue of The Baltimore Patriot: Departed this life on Tuesday the 9th December in the 23rd year of his age, Mr. John B. Starr of this city, formerly of Richmond. Charles A. Starr married Mildred Redford 17 July 1834. According to Jason Carpenter, Charles took over his father’s tabacco trade in Richmond. [STARR genforum #1025]

It appears Hezekiah’s son, George W., and Henry’s son, George W. were scrambled by genealogies compiled in the late 1800s; but no one seems to have linked this groom to either. The 17 November 1830 issue of The Baltimore Patriot: "Died 15th ult. Mrs. Deliah S. Starr, consort of Mr. George W. Starr, daughter of Mr. John A. Wilson, in the 21st year of her age." The 1897 article on leading families of Baltimore [p. 692-3] says the subject, George W. Starr (born 1818), was the son of Henry Starr. It continues: "George W. married Mary A. Scharf and they had five sons (two of whom died in childhood) and two daughters: William H., Charles Howard and George W. Jr., Mary Virginia and Elizabeth Ann. Of these, Charles Howard served in the Union Army and George W. Jr. served in the Confederate Army. George W. (Jr.) married 5 May 1868 Mary Ellen Lutz, daughter of Nicholas." This sounds like the same George Starr whose obituary appeared in the Baltimore Sun 18 November 1879: "STARR --On November 16, George, in the 62d year of his age, [born 1817] beloved husband of Vallurea Starr. The relatives and friends are cordially invited to attend his funeral, from his late residence, No. 97 Aisquith street, this (Tuesday) morning, 18th instant, at ten o’clock." [STARR genforum #2260] A note to copy to the Washington D.C. and Albany, Oregon papers was added. The 1880 census lists Valleuree Starr as Head of Household, widow, aged 60. Living with her are daughters Clara and Emma. [STARR genforum #2456] According to this compiler’s understanding of what is in the Dashiell papers, Hezekiah’s son George W. married ___ Shackleford and their son George W. married Mary Lutz. That marriage was announced in the 16 May 1868 issue ofThe Baltimore Sun. The death of their daughter was reported in the 11 January 1875 edition: ""Died suddenly on the 9th inst. Mary Virginia, aged 4 years and 3 months, the daughter of George W. Jr. and Mary Starr."

Of more interest to the Georgia Starr researchers is Hezekiah’s son, Dr. Edward Worthington Starr. He was born 25 January 1813 in Baltimore, Maryland and died 8 December 1862 of apoplexy in Talbotton, Upson County, Georgia. However, he was buried 11 December in the Linwood Cemetery at Columbus (Muscogee County) Georgia. The 20 year old Edward married 1 January 1833 the 15 year old Elvira A. Ruse in Richmond, Virginia. She was the daughter of John Ruse and Ann Onfre. According to the Dashiell papers she was born 25 July 1818 in Pennsylvania and died 28 May 1885. The 1850 Muscogee County census shows their household, located in Columbus District #68, consisted of: Edward (37); Eliva (29); Francis R. (11 year old male); Homer H. (7); and Julia A. (5). According to the Daschiell papers, daughter Julia (born 1849 died 1891) married Zachary Taylor King. Son Edward Deblois Starr, born 1852 died of scarlet fever 27 April 1855 in Muscogee County. The last recorded child was John Armory Deblois born 31 December 1855. The 1880 Muscogee County census shows the household of Elvira A. Starr consisted of herself (61), daughter Julia King (29 born GA) and granddaughters Zadelle T. King (8) and Elvie King (5).

Edward and Elvira’s son Francis Ruse was born 9 September 1839 in Richmond County, Georgia; [Dashiell] he died 29 October 1906. Prior to his marriage he was a student at the University of Georgia. He was ordained as deacon in the Episcopal Church the day after his marriage to Sarah Ellen Ward. He served as a field chaplain with the C.S.A. and was consecrated to the Priesthood at Columbus, Georgia in 1864. The family was serving as missionaries at Paris, Texas when their last two children were born. Later he served various Texas communities between San Antonio and Houston before traveling on to San Pedro, California. Failing health forced him into retirement at which time they moved to Iowa to be near their son. The Rev. Homer W. Starr was then Rector Emeritus at Council Bluffs.

Edward and Elvira’s son Homer H. Starr was born March 1842 in Columbus, Muscogee County, Georgia. Although he died (3 August 1907) in Macon, Bibb County, Georgia, he lived in Mississippi for several years. His first wife was Mary Augusta Mauritzen (born 3 August 1848 – died December 1871 Columbus, Georgia). [tombstone Linwood Cemetery] Homer’s second wife was Alice Boon Leman (born 1850 SC - died 1919). [Dashiell] Two Macon, Georgia newspaper accounts provide most of the information known about this man. The 28 June 1905 issue of The Macon Telegraph reads: "H. H. Starr Sr. from Hazlehurst, Mississippi, accompanied by his wife and daughter, Mrs. Webb of Waterloo, Iowa … is on his way with his family to Sullivan’s Island. Mr. Starr lived in Macon for twenty years. He was then in the cotton business. He has been absent … about eighteen years." The 4 August 1907 issue reads: "Mr. H. H. Starr, Sr., aged 65 years, and one of the best known residents of the city, passed away yesterday afternoon at 2 o’clock after a lingering illness of long duration at the family home, 452 New Street. Mr. Starr was born in Columbus, Ga., in March 1842. While still a young man the Civil War broke out and he served with distinction in Nelson’s Battery of Jackson’s Artillery, Army of Virginia … [he] was one of those mainly responsible for … [erection of] … the monument … to the memory of the heroes of the south at Hazlehurst, Miss. Mr. Starr for many years was in the cotton business in this city under the firm name of Starr & Ruan. For the past 15 years he has been interested in several oil mills in Mississippi and only returned to Macon the first of the year. He is survived by his wife and four children: Mr. H. H. Starr Jr., Capt. Wm L. Starr and Mrs. Alys Starr Webb. The funeral services will be held at 4 o’clock this afternoon from the residence, conducted by the Rev. J. M. Northrop. Internment in Riverside cemetery."

The 1880 Columbus, Muscogee County census [Film 1254159, Nat’l Archives T9-0159 p. 573D] provides the initials of the fourth son and more information on the others. H. H. (Jr.) was then five years old; M. H. was ten years old; W. L. was three years old and A. L. was one year old.



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The Baltimore Sun 11/12/1860 (Hard to read)

Died on the morning of the 11th inst., William M. Starr in the 47th? (67th?) year of age. His relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral on this Monday afternoon from his late residence No. 260? W. Lombard St.

The Baltimore Sun 1/25/1897

Died. Mr. Edward W. Starr, aged 54 years, who had been ill with consumption, died Saturday morning at his home near Cockeysville?. He left a widow and four children. He had been employed about 20 years in the auditors department of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and was employed at one time in the freight department of the Northern Central Railroad.