[Writing was an art in the 1700's, and the writer of this will sometimes put an

extra little curly-cue on the end of some words which looks like an "e". He

would sometimes do it on a word and when that word was repeated later he would

not do it. One of the words in this will that he did this to was STAR, which

made it look like STARE. A much later clerk copied the wills into will books

and subsequently thought the name was JOHN STARE. This will can be found in

Will Book J, Volume I, page 233, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I have copied

it as true to form, including misspellings (with corrections in parenthesis

where I thought it was needed) as I was able to do. Don Claypool]


Will of John Star

In the name of god amen I John Star of Manahan Township and County of Lanchester

(Lancaster), being weak of body but having perfit mind and memory thanks be to

god therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is

apoynted for all men once to dye do make and ordain this my Last Will and

Testament first of all I give and recommend my soul in to the hands of god who

give it to me and my body to the earth to be buried in a Christian Like and

deasent manner at the descresion of my Executors nothing doubting but I shall

Receive the same again at the resurection by the mighty power of god and as

touching such worldy estate wherewith it hath pleased god to bless me with in

this life I give devise and dispose in the way and manner following it is my

will and I do order it so that first of all my just debts and funeral charges

payd and satesfyed.

Itam: I give and bequeath unto my beloved son Moses Star a loom and reeds and a

hand bridell and _?_ matak (mattock) a falling ax, two _?_ with _?_ , breed sow

and five yards of liney and gradgiat (gradient) Coat and brittches (britches).

Itam: I give unto my well beloved son John Star the third parts (third parts

meaning two thirds) of my plantashon (plantation) I now live on with the half of

the done hors (apparently half of a team of dun colored horses) two cows and

three calves the one cow Black and white and Eother (the other) a black cow

with white face the plow and all the Iorons (Irons?) and my Bed and Bed clothes

and a gun and my part of the hogs and one sorrel mayor (mare)

Itam: I give and bequeath into my well beloved daughter Hanna Star the other

third of the land and the other half of the done hors (apparently half of a team

of dun colored horses) and one cow red and white and

40 yards of linen and lace and bed clothes and twenty yards of green linen.

And if Hanna Star weds and doth sell the land it shall bee to her brother

John Star for fifteen pounds

Itam: I give and bequeath unto my well beloved daughter Rose Star one white

hors (horse) and a bed and bed clothes and one brown cow and one yearlin

(yearling) black and white one calf and 40 yards of white linen and twenty yards

of green linen and a _?_

Itam: I give and bequeath unto my well beloved daughter Jean Star one sorrel

mayor (mare) with a white face 10 years old past only for her sons use John

Smith, woll (wool) of fore (4) sheep against next spring.

Itam: I give and bequeath unto my well beloved daughter Mary Star seventeen

yards of green ___ hundred


And this makes my last will and testament Detesting Renouncing all other wills

and testments made by me and for me and doo publish and declare this to be my

last will and testament and no other.

Sealed published and declared and pronounced this sixth day of Jnuary (January)

in the year iof our lord god one thousand seven hundred and forty eight, nine.

Signed sealed in the presence

of us the witnesses:

Matthew Dill John (x) Star

Jacob (x) Pape

Whereas Matthew Dill and Jacob Pape appeart before me Geo. Swoope upon ther

Qulivigation (there Qualification) saying that his will was signed and sealed by

John Star and that he was in good senses.

Sworn before me April the 27, 1749.

Geo. Swoope Matthew Dill

Jacob (x) Pape