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Hope Hull Ogletree
First wife: Frances C. Starr
Second wife: Sarah Bird Flowers

Frances C. was the second child of Benjamin and Charlotte (Pinkston) Starr. Her immediate namesake was likely her Aunt Frances (Pinkston), but the elder Frances had surely been named for hers and Charlotte’s maternal grandmother, Frances ( ), wife of Dempsey Carroll. Frances Starr married Hope Hull Ogletree in Wilkes County, Georgia 21 Sept 1824. [Davis p. 271: License date 15 Sept 1824, Wilkes Co. Marriage Book B folio 54] Her obituary, written by her father’s good friend and published in the 10 March 1848 issue of The Southern Christian Advocate, best sums up her life:

"Died in Fayette County, Ga., January 21st, 1848, Frances C., wife of Hope H. Ogletree, and daughter of Benjamin and Charlotte Starr. She was born in Wilkes Co., Ga., March 17, 1808, and embraced religion and joined the M. E. Church about the 13th or 14th year of her age. Sister Ogletree was one of those unassuming Christians who seemed to be afraid in making a great profession of religion for fear of professing too much, but lived an orderly, acceptable member of the Church until the day of her death. She bore her affliction with Christian fortitude and patience. She was confined to her room for about four months. She frequently said to her relatives and friends that she was not afraid to die, and that she loved the Lord. She requested that the song When I Am Gone should be sung at her grave. She has left a husband and six children, and a large circle of relations and friends to mourn her loss; but they sorrow not as those who have no hope, as they have good reason to believe she is gone to join her four children who went before her to heaven. A. Dorman." [Holcomb p. 161 citing vol. 11, No. 40.] [tombstone]


Named for an eloquent Methodist revivalist minister, Hope Hull Ogletree was born in Wilkes County, Georgia 3 November 1803. He was the second child of Absalom Ogletree and his wife Eleanor Gray. As discussed elsewhere, published genealogies and various internet sites err in placing him and some or all of his siblings into the family of John Ogletree Jr. Although Hope wasn’t specifically named in the 1820 will of his grandfather, John Ogletree Sr., he and his siblings were to equally share the plantation where their father then lived plus $454.55 cash. Additionally, after the final distribution of all legacies, they were to share in one-fourth the remaining estate. Hope received his full share in 1823. [Davidson citing Wilkes Co. Will Bk HH 1819-1836 p. 98; Ptomey]  Hope is then specifically identified as one of the family of Ogletrees who were grantees in an 1830 Fayette County deed. Although the relationship has no bearing on this deed, the grantor was his father-in-law, Benjamin. [Ellis citing Fayette Co. Deed Book B p. 418]

In 1839 Hope purchased 101 ¼ acres of Lot #11 in the Third District from his father-in-law. Witnesses were his brother-in-law Caleb Simmons (wife was Charlotte P. Starr) and Hiram Dorman JP. [Turner citing Henry Co. Deed Bk J p. 113] The other half of the lot was owned in later years by his brothers-in-law John Henry and William D. Starr. In 1842 Hope became guardian of his niece, Elizabeth Frances Johnson, orphan of Sherwood B. and Frances H. (Ogletree) Johnson. Co-signers on the security bond were his brothers Absalom and Thomas. [Austin citing Fayette Co. Guardian Bonds, Book A p. 200]

The children of Hope Hull and Frances C. (Starr) Ogletree were:

1. Frances Kisiah, born 27 August 1825 in Wilkes County, married Simeon C. Hightower 28 December 1842 in Fayette County. [Ingmire]  She died less than a month before her mother; their obituaries were published in the same edition of the Southern Christian Advocate: "Sister Frances M. (sic) Hightower died December 29th 1847 in the 23d year of her age at the residence of her father, Hope H. and F. C. Ogletree in Fayette Co. Ga. Left two little children." [Holcomb citing Issue March 10, 1848] With the assistance of Hightower-family-researcher Joseph Moore and her informative tombstone, one child was identified: Martha J. Hightower married her cousin, Benjamin Absalom Ogletree, son of Lovic Pierce Ogletree and Martha Ann (Starr). Her tombstone reads: Martha J. Hightower / wife of / Benjamin A. Ogletree / daughter of / S. P. (sic) & F. K. Hightower / Born / February 13, 1845 / Died / August 16, 1904 / Rest Mother, rest in quiet sleep / While friends in sorrow over / thee weep. [Armchair Researcher]


2. Benjamin Franklin, born 14 Jan 1828 Fayette County, enlisted in the C.S.A. 16 August 1862 from Spalding County. He was in Co. I, 13th Georgia Infantry. Wounded and captured 9 July 1864 at Monocacy, Maryland, he died in a federal hospital at Baltimore, Maryland 23 August 1864. [Faulkner p. 46]  http://www.mdscv.org/1388/adopt-a-confederate/Adopt_a_Confederate_Archives_O.htm ]

Benjamin married Nancy Frances Swearingen about 1852 in Spalding Co. and they had three children: Edward H. born about 1853 married Mary S. Ivey.; Frances Emma born about 1855 married William "Doc" Langley 13 January 1870. [Faulkner p. 846] Mary Florence born about 1857 married Joseph Fields McCord. [Ibid] Benjamin’s widow and children moved to Newton County late 1865 with Hope Hull and his second wife and other family members.

3. Martha Marenda is buried at County Line Cemetery. Ptomey gives a 30 November 1829 birth date for her.


She married 1st (as his second wife) Samuel Edmond Elder 23 December 1851 in Fayette Co. [Elder p. 216] His sisters were married to her Uncles John Henry and William David Starr. She and Samuel had two known children: William J. (1852-1920) and Frances Carrie (1866-1896). [Elder p. 130] After Samuel’s death June 1878 death, Martha married D. A. Thomas.

4. William, born 12 March 1832 Fayette County, married Linna Elizabeth Jones (1835-1900). They moved to Pike County, Alabama where they are buried in the Oakland Cemetery, Troy AL. [Ptomey citing AL Historical Quarterly vol. XXXV #1 Spring 1973 pp. 275; 276]. They had eight children. [Ptomey citing census records]

5. Charlotte Pinkston.


6. Absalom J. born 25 May 1836 died 4 July 1901. [Ptomey] The notice of his marriage to Pheraby Annie Louise Hardy in Henry County was published in the 24 November 1859 issue of The Southern Christian Advocate: "On Thursday Nov. 17th by Rev. John H. Reynolds, Mr. Absalom Ogletree of Troy, Al. to Miss Pheriba A. L., daughter of Rev. William Hardy, Henry co. Ga." [Holcomb] He enlisted in the C.S.A. at Troy 1 March 1862 and was assigned to Co. I of the 15th AL Infantry Regiment. Captured at Gettysburg, he was released June 1865. He moved his family back to Newton County shortly after his return. [Faulkner p. 846] Pheraby died 21 Feb 1879 and is buried in East View Cemetery at Conyers, GA. Absalom and Pheraby had seven children. [Ptomey] Absalom J. married 2nd Mary Jane Hollingworth 10 December 1880. [Ibid]

7. John Thomas, born 9 Feb 1838 in Fayette Co. died 15 October 1921. [Ptomey] He married Mary Ann Elizabeth McCollum and they had 11 children.

8. Samuel born 29 December 1845 Fayette Co. died after 1850 census. [Ptomey]

9. Hope Hull. Ptomey gives a birth date of 1 September 1842 for him.


The original stone remains in place.

Hope married his second wife, Sarah Bird Flowers, 7 January 1849. [Ingmire] They appear on the 1850 Fayette Co. census with the children of his first marriage who were still living at home. In 1858 Hope purchased 1000 acres from Jeremiah Scott near the intersection of Scott Cemetery and Brown Bridge Roads in Newton County. [Faulkner p. 845] However they didn’t move onto this property until the end of 1865. This is where Hope spent the rest of his long life. What stories he must have told to those who took the time to listen. Hope Hull died in Newton County 1 May 1892 [Faulkner] or 29 May 1892. [Ptomey]

Hope and Sarah’s four daughters were all born in Spalding County, but the information given here comes from the Newton County history.

1. Catharine Ellen born 23 Nov 1853 married 1st Richard Roberts 3 Sept 1873; married 2nd Rev. Robert Anderson Eakes (Methodist); married 3rd Wade Allen "Doc" Turner. The Turners lived in Henry County.

2. Laura Elmira born 21 March 1856 died before 5 November 1894 in Newton County, Georgia. She married Richard A. Hailey 5 October 1871. They had two surviving children, names from 1880 Newton County census and guardian petitions filed by their father in Newton County. Lillie F., born about 1874 and C. D. (gender not stated) born about 1883. R. A. Hailey filed the first petition for Natural Guardian 8 November 1892. The children had inherited money from their grandfather Hope Ogletree deceased. Then 5 November 1894 he again petitioned for Natural Guardianship -- his wife L. E. Hailey was deceased. [Bruno]

3. Mahala Elizabeth born 6 September 1858 married Newton Harmon Hicks 24 December 1876.

4. Emma Jane born 25 August 1860 married Dr. James T. Gibson 25 December 1888.


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