Hebbe Delma Lucille Hebbe

The Children of William and Mattie Hebbe:


young Delma Delma with Irene

Delma Lucille was born 11 October 1904 near the community of Potter, Garfield County, Oklahoma. She died 6 December 1919 near Dover, Kingfisher County, Oklahoma.  Based on the number of postcards sent to her she touched several lives in her brief fifteen years. Those who knew her well, such as her sister Irene and sister-in-law Fern, a half-century after her death often spoke of her as if she had only recently left them. [D3] Clearly, Delma's death was a traumatic event for the Hebbes.  One of the last photos taken of her appears above; additional photos are here. She had juvenile diabetes at a time when little was about the disease, its cause or how to control it.  Niece Glendon Hebbe Starr recalled stories of Delma going to the attic to snack on pure sugar. Had Delma lived another four or five years, the new availability of commercial insulin might have saved her.
She attended classes in Hennessey, rather than Dover, and graduated with the Eighth Grade Class in 1918. It appears she was a B+ student. She had private lessons in piano. (See school documents here.) A letter to aunt Lida written six weeks before Delma died shows her proficiency in writing a formal letter. Among her keepsakes is this essay, apparently a school assignment, titled:  My Favorite Place :

        One mile to the north of Dover on the right of the road leading to Hennessey, you will find a Cedar drive leading to a large two story house painted white, surrounded by large beautiful trees and lawn.
        Just a few feet to the south stands a tall windmill that pumps water into a moss covered tank where the horses and cows come to quench their thirst. I love to watch them. Also the fish playing in the water. When the tank gets full, it flows on down the hill and irrigates the garden.
        To the north lies the wheat fields that are very pretty in the winter time.  To the East is the woods. I love to take a book and stroll out and sit under the shade and study Mother nature – Watch the cows as they feed upon the grass and the squirrels as they hop from limb to limb and listen to the song of the birds.
        This place is my Home and Mother is the Queen.

William and Mattie made sure that their youngest child would have a fitting funeral. The memorial record and the family’s hand-written thank you note are indicative of the era.