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Frank Theodore


Frank Theodore was born 13 August 1874 near Perry, Kansas and died 23 December 1965 at Tonkawa, Oklahoma. His first marriage was to Mary Carson on 28 November 1900. She died in 1943.  Helen Stein guessed their marriage probably took place in Ft. Myer, Virginia.


Frank did not remain alone long. On 16 February 1944 he married Jean Post (1894-1977) in the Topeka, Kansas home of his sister Mary Stein. Glendon (Hebbe) Starr stated in an e-mail in March 2001:  "Aunt Jean was related to his first wife (her name was Mary also) and she delegated that Jean and Frank should marry when she was gone so he would have someone that would take care of him!  She was right about that for Aunt Jean did that!"


oo5Helen Stein wrote of him:

Frank enlisted in the U. S. Army July 6, 1897 for three years. Honorably discharged July 5, 1900.  While he was a patient in a hospital at Fort Myer, Virginia, he met Mary Carson who was a Red Cross and Spanish American War nurse from July 4, 1898 to November 15, 1900.  They were married November 28, 1900. They lived at Perry, Kansas, Beacon, New York, Kimberly, Idaho, Tampa Florida and Tonkawa, Oklahoma.  Mary died January 8, 1943 at Tonkawa.  Frank later married Jean Post – Mary Carson Hebbe’s niece – at the home of his sister, Mary Stein in Topeka, Kansas.  They lived in Beacon, New York and San Diego, California before moving to Tonkawa, Oklahoma in January 1950.  The following is a portion of his military record:

    He went first to the Presidio at San Francisco, then Troop B Signal and Balloon Corp in Camp at Tampa, Florida before starting for Cuba June 14, 1898. Was in War battles of July 1, 2, 3 and 9; also siege and surrender of same July 17, 1898 – no wounds received in battle. Left Cuba about September 1, 1898 and arrived at Montauk Point about September 10. Made Corporal in U. S. Signal Corp April 26, 1899 and Sergeant May 16, 1899.  While at Montauk Point had rheumatism; later in hospital at Fort Myer, Virginia where he met Mary Carson, nurse. Remarks on Service – Honest and Faithful, rendered most willing and good service under fire establishing connections between San Juan Hill and Sitnet – a most excellent soldier and trustworthy man.

We are fortunate to have documents regarding Frank's military service and Mary Carson's experience on ship and in Cuba in 1898. These were transcribed, probably by Helen Stein who also shared the records she received on Frank’s service.

In a 1988 letter to her niece Bobbie Smith, Helen Lamb related the story that Uncle Frank got a girl pregnant and Christopher didn’t think she was good enough to marry his son. Supposedly, Christopher paid her money to leave town. Helen thought $500.00 was the sum. Ordinarily, this sort of unsubstantiated rumor wouldn’t be reported, but a letter dated 23 March 1894 from Esther (Hebbe) Benson to their brother William C. supports the story. It suggests that Frank was the one who left, and in a hurry.  "Mat" is presumably William’s wife, Mattie, and "Uncle Willard" is her maternal uncle.

In regards to Frank I suppose Mat. has you better posted than we are. All I know is that Mr. May wanted him to marry his daughter & he refused, he took the pony & went to Perry & took the train, but the Potter out fit, including Uncle Willard seems-to-know more than we do, for Mat. has been around & told that he went to Williams town - to - take the train, for Uncle Willard seen the pony there & then the old man went down & got it

Three postcards dated in March and April 1911 from Emma (Hebbe) Stalons to family in Oklahoma show Frank sold his Kansas farmland the end of March. He left for Tampa, Florida before April 15.   This 1915 letter from a POTTER relative in Tonkawa to William and Mattie documents the year Frank purchased a farm in Oklahoma.  Mae (Roberts) Hebbe is Albert’s wife.

Mae Hebbe told us Frank Hebbe bought a farm north of Tonkawa 4 miles & a new Ford Car they passed by here the other day.

Helen Stein letter  August 22, 1992:  My grandparents did not have the money to start their sons out in business, so Will and Albert took advantage of the Opening of the Okla. Strip and each settled in a homestead in that state. Will near what is now Dover and Albert in Tonkawa. Frank joined the army. … Frank is also buried in Tonkawa [Oklahoma] cemetery.

A postcard of scenes in and around Tampa, Florida is postmarked Apr 1911 and addressed to Mr. Wm. C. Hebbe, Dover, Okla.

Tampa Fla.

Dear Bro -- This place certainly has a fine climate but poor soil. Tampa is a very pretty place but everything is so high fish is high, and the streams are full of them  a tropical fruit nearly as high as in Kans. Do not know how long we will stay here.


Frank lived in Tonkawa, Oklahoma with his second wife, Jean (Post). She had a friendly, cheerful personality and provided Frank a happy and comfortable home.  A group of family snapshots is here. A letter by Jean is here.