Hebbe Carl Frederic Hebbe

The Children of Christoph and Sophia Hebbe:

Carl Frederic

Carl about 21 Carl Frederic[h]  was born 23 March 1863 in Jefferson Co. Kansas, and died 29 January 1950 at Topeka, Kansas.  In about 1902, probably in Kansas, he married Emma Watson, who died in October 1940.

Helen Stein wrote of him:  "They lived on a farm at Perry from 1902 until they retired and moved to Los Angeles, California about 1920. Emma died in October 1940 and is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Glendale, California. Carl returned to Kansas in July 1941 and made his home with his sister, Emma Stalons in Topeka, where he died January 29, 1950. He is buried in the Oak Ridge Cemetery at Perry, Kansas."

Helen Stein's letter of March 14, 1986 stated:  "Carl Hebbe was a person who knew what was right and what was wrong."

Carl and his brother-in-law John Stein were co-executors of Christoph’s will. These letters from Carl to his brother William detail the accounting behind the eventual distribution to each heir.

The envelope for the first letter is postmarked Perry, Kans Dec 18, 1912, and is addressed to Mr. W. C. Hebbe, Dover Okla.

Perry Kans
Dec 17 -- 1912

My Dear Bro and family
    Your wlcom letter of recent Date received, was glad to hear from you and that you are all well this leaves all well here, and the weather is fine here and the wheat look well. Lost all my fall pigs and shipped out all the other Hogs.
    Well Will I have am offer of $5000. for the Pasture  Party put up $500, in good faith subject aproval of all heirs. I think had better sell. lett me hear from you by return mail your Brother

 No envelope is available for the second letter, written in pencil by Carl Hebbe, explaining to his brother William the distribution of their father's estate.

Perry Kans
Feb 24 - 1913

Dear Brother and family

We are not frozen yet but most Irene, Tom and Emma were here today and we came to an agreement on the home place. Tom agrees to buy the home
Place at $11000. and wont pay any more. So we have agreed on this Plan, So we can make the deal.

Mary    $1640.09 
Esther       1640.09
Will       1640.09
Frank    1579.73
Albert    1500.00
Emma    1500.00
Carl       1500.00

So you can See by this distribution that Mary Esther and youre Self are getting $75 Per acer minus commission, your Price.
Now Will I hope this will be satisfactory to you So we can gett this Settled up and Stop this contintiun

here is the way I and John figured it so they will all get their Price
157 acres at 75 = $11775 total           
                                      2 1/2 Com   
             $ 294.37  Com

$11775.00 less com          7 shares
     294.37        $11480.63
$11480.63 net        $  1640.09 one Share

I hope this is areable to you as I am anxious to get throu with this and stop this rangeling
Hoping this finds you all well I remain as
    Ever your Brother

Carl’s Last Will and Testament provides the names of his heirs and known addresses at the time of his demise.