Small Unknown Cemetery in Keswick, part of Castleton Development, Virginia Beach, VA


Lonely Cemetery
in Virginia Beach
Castleton Development

The following is a listing of the 14 stones found in a very small cemetery in the Castleton Development, Keswick section, in Virginia Beach, VA. I am told that part of the agreement when the land was sold for development, was that the developer/builder keep these stones intact, and well tended. They are doing so, and the fence is also well-kept. I have two sets of prints of these stones, and am willing to send them to descendants for postage costs. No further information can be found at this time. If you have any information that can be added, feel free to write me : a3f40p at cox dot net (that is a number zero).

Caleb R. Fisher
Co. F 41 VA INF
Confederate States Army
1833     1905
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In Memory of John T. Fisher
Born Sept. 16, 1868
Died Feb. 3, 1936

Our Darling
Lola Fisher
Dec. 8, 1930
Aug. 7, 1931
Asleep in Jesus

Margaret E. Kellam
Born Feb. 15, 1857
Died Feb. 2, 1858

Footstone: M.P.K.

Michael P. Kellam
Died January 22, 1881
Age 63 yrs 10 mos 10 days

Footstone: A. E. K.

Jonathan A. Kellam
Died April 9, 1881
Aged 25 yrs 5 mos 2 days

Footstone: O. J. K.

Ann E. Kellam
Died May 2, 1885
Aged 63 yrs 11m 27 days

Footstone: J. A. K.

Olevia J. Kellam
Oct. 13, 1847
Aug. 6, 1903

Annie R. Murden
Born June 20, 1802
Died April 15, 1888

"My wife, how fondly shall thy
memory Be shrined within the
chambers of my heart. Thy
virtuous worth was only known to ??
And I can feel how sad it is to part."

Footstone: J. F. M.

James F. Murden
Born Feb. 2, 1840
Died May 7, 1910