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Welcome to Buxton, Maine

According to G.T. Ridlon, author of Saco Valley Settlements, “the land embraced within the present boundaries of this town (Buxton) was part of a grant by the General Court in 1728, to redeem a promise made to the soldiers who participated in the war with the Narragansett Indians in 1675, that if they ‘played the man, took the Fort, and drove the enemy out of the Narragansett Country, which was their great seat, they should have a gratuity in Land besides their wages.’"

 Early settlement, Ridlon wrote, began as early as 1741-2, however, the most significant growth began after 1759. "From this time forward the settlement did rapidly increase, and in 1772, the town was incorporated by the name of Buxton.”(*) As of 1790, Ridlon added, “there were 335 men in town who had 91 dwellings and 156 barns. There were ten shops, two tanneries, three potash manufactories, three grist-mills, and seven saw-mills. At this time the farmers cut 1,546 tons of hay. They raised 5,432 bushels of corn, 1,357 of wheat, 1,349 of rye, 521 of oats, 482 of peas and beans, and 45 of barley. There were 1,084 oxen, cows, and neat cattle, 138 horses, and 307 swine. The town contained 16,224 acres of land. The first public school was opened in 1761-2, by Mr. Silas Moody.”

Ridlon listed the following as early settlers of Buxton: Amos Chase, Thomas Bradbury, Thomas Bradbury (son of preceding), Jacob Bradbury, Ephraim Sands, Robert Brooks, Samuel Rolfe, Job Roberts, Samuel Merrill, John Elden, Gibeon Elden, Nathan Elden, Joseph Woodman, Joshua Woodman, Nathan Woodman, Timothy Hazeltine, John Nason , James Emery, Ebenezer Redlon, Ebenezer Redlon (son of preceding), John Lane, Daniel Lane and Jabez Lane. 

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"Records of the Proprietors of Narraganset Township, No.1 now Buxton, Maine", by the Buxton Hollis Historical Society**;

 "The Records of the Church of Christ in Buxton, Maine 1763-1817";

 "Recollections of Old Buxton, Maine" by Alice C. Cousens and Olive Hannaford; and

 "Saco Valley Settlements" by Gideon T. Ridlon.

**Note: If you're interested in purchasing a copy, the Buxton Hollis Historical Society may still have copies available for sale.

Eleda Cote has very kindly made Buxton Cemetery Records available on line...an on-going project and a wonderful resource for Buxton researchers.

 Mark Felone has put together a very informative and interesting site about King Philip's War and the Narraganset Township Grants. The list of Narraganset Township No.1 grantees will be of special interest to Buxton family genealogists.

Buxton Town Clerk

Buxton - Hollis Historical Society
Box 34, Buxton, ME 04093
Hours: 1 PM - 4 PM, 1st & 2nd Fridays, 3rd, 4th & 5th Saturdays of the month, April through October

Berry Memorial Library
Bar Mills, 207-929-5484
Hours, September - June: Tue 1-5PM and 6-8PM, Fri 1-5PM
Hours, July - August: Tue 1-5PM and 6-8PM 

West Buxton Public Library
West Buxton, 207-727-5898
Hours: Tue 5-8PM, Thu 4-8PM, Sat 9-Noon

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