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Ladd Illinois

Ladd Elementary 's web page. Ladd is one of 19 elementary schools in the Fairbanks North Star Borough

Ladd Elementary is named after Major Arthur K Ladd. Major Ladd was a highly decorated WW1 pilot. Major Ladd was born in 1890 in Texas. He died on December 13, 1935 in the crash of an aircraft on which he was a passenger. The flight originated in Virginia, where Ladd was stationed at the time, and was enroute to Florida. The crash was due to engine failure. Ladd Elementary was named after Ladd field which is the adjacent Army Post(now named Ft. Wainwright). It was Ladd field when it was a combined Army/Air field.




LADD FAMILY ADVENTURE A series of childrens books.

LADD INDUSTIAL SALES We offer specialized service kits that work to eliminate the frustrations of onnector chaos, and help end the painful costs of on-site breakdowns and disastrous downtime.

SCRATCIE RECORDS BY MIKE LADD 26-year-old Mike Ladd, a Boston-based poet/rapper

RADIO WAVES REVIEW "Radio Waves: Life and Revolution on the FM Dial,” a book by veteran Los Angeles deejay Jim Ladd

DONNA LADD Ladd is a stringer for The New York Times and the Associated Press

Science Fiction Books - Louise Ladd  Fiction books by Louise Ladd

CYNTHIA LADD  Ladd, who joined Genentech in 1989, heads up all corporate legal functions


PROFESSOR HEIDI LADD Professor Ladd received her bachelor of arts degree with high distinction from the University of Illinois in 1978

Van Gorkom Yacht Design VGYD has been used exclusively used by Robb Ladd Yacht Design on their last three projects including the Lager 45, carbon chainplates for the Ladd 53 and the scantlings for the Ladd 48.

 Search the USCWC's Cemetery Listings

Thaddeus Ladd's Mysterious Haunted Home Page

LADD UPHOLSTERY GROUP LADD's upholstery group manufactures and markets promotionally-priced to upper medium-priced residential upholstery products, primarily under the Barclay, Clayton Marcus, HickoryMark and Pennsylvania House brand names, and operates six manufacturing facilities in North Carolina and Mississippi.

Ladd Observatory The historic Ladd Observatory (shown here), located near Hope Street in Providence RI, opened in 1891 under the direction of Prof. Winslow Upton.


Florence Ladd, writer, psychologist, and social critic, is the director of Radcliffe College's Bunting Institutc, renowned as the largest and most unique multidisciplinary center of advanced studies for women scholars, artists, and activists.

BRIAN LADD Yeah: That's me! I'm a musician. I'm a member of the fab new GlitterTronic® music group ORBITRONIK

LADD Homepage! I am a certified lifeguard/pool manager

FILMAKERS ALAN LADD, JR. (Producer) served as executive producer for Paramount's 1995 hit "The Brady Bunch Movie," and as producer for "Braveheart," directed by and starring Mel Gibson. KELLIANN LADD (Co-Producer) was most recently a producer with The Turman-Foster Company. She served as associate producer for the MGM feature "Masquerade."

California Shakespeare FestivalCalifornia Shakespeare Festival BRUCE LADD is pleased to make his debut with the California Shakespeare Festival.

Princess Diana Postage Stamp Checklist   There are now roughly 400 international stamps that bear the image of Princess Diana. Ladd Publications offers this   32-page checklist with all stamps listed alphabetically by country, as well as select stamps.

Herbert LADD PH.D (Windsor)

Laddonia (elevation 780 feet; Prairie Township)

This town was laid out in July, 1876, by Amos Ladd and Col. Haydon, on the northwest quarter of the southwest quarter of Sec. 36, Twp. 52 N, R. 7 W. Jasper Judkins erected the first house in the place, which was occupied as a hotel by Mrs. Judkins...The first business house was opened by Jacob Todd. Daniel Dustman was the first postmaster. The first school was taught by Mrs. Julia T. Benton, in 1873. The first lumber yard was started by Moore & Benton in 1875. Dr. Freeman was the first physician. The first church was erected by the Baptists. J. R. Gilliland was the first blacksmith and was known as the Laddonia Joker. Peter J. Pierce opened the first drug store... (--History of Audrain County, p. 160.)

It is on the C. & A. R.R., 15 miles east northeast of Mexico, and had a population of about 200 and contained a good schoolhouse and a store. (--Campbell, p. 49. See also Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri, 1901, Conard, Volume 3, p. 571.)

It is situated on Secs. 35, 36, Twp. 52 N, R. 7 W and Sec. 2, Twp. 51 N, same range at the junction of 19, 54 & K.

It was named for Amos Ladd, an early settler. (--How MO Counties, Towns and Streams Were Named, Eaton, First Article, p. 204.)

LADD Home Page of Scott Robert Ladd


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