John Ladd

John Ladd is currently Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, Brown University, where he has been on the faculty since 1950.

He received his education at Harvard University, from which he has an AB(1937), AM(1941) and a Ph.D.(1948). He also has an MA from the University of Virginia(1941) and an MA ad eundem from Brown University.

In addition to Brown University, Professor Ladd has held teaching appointments at Harvard University, at the University of Goettingen (Germany) and at Smith College. In 1958-9, he had a Guggenheim Fellowship, which was spent at Oxford.

Among his writings are The Structure of a Moral Code (Harvard University Press, 1956), a translation of Kant's Rechtslehre, the Metaphysical Elements of Justice (1965), collections of articles on Ethical Relativism (1973, 1985) and on Ethical Issues Relating to Life and Death (1979), and over sixty major articles on moral, political and legal philosophy, medical ethics, engineering ethics, and business ethics.

Of special note are a series of articles on the concept of moral responsibility as it relates to health care, to the professions in general, to engineering, to corporations and to the use of computers.

For many years Professor Ladd was active in the American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy, of which he was Secretary-Treasurer for 13 years and subsequently President. He was the first chairman of the Committee on Philosophy and Medicine of the American Philosophical Association and also served on the Executive Committee and the Committee on Computers of that organization. He served as member of the AAAS Committee for Scientific Freedom and Responsibility, 1989-95.

At Brown, he was one of the founders and subsequently Director of the Program in Biomedical Ethics. Since its inception in 1974, he has taught courses in that program and continues to teach courses in medical ethics after retirement. Upon retirement in 1987, he helped to establish the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America at Brown and then served for four years as its Acting Director. He continues to be actively engaged in the activities of the Center.

At the present time, Professor Ladd is working on computer ethics, on collective violence, industrial responsibility and on Kant's political philosophy as well as editing a book of his selected articles. Currently, he is also engaged in researching ethical issues relating to race and racism, a subject that he has lectured on at meetings and has discussed in informal papers.

March 27, 1998
Submittied By: Misty Flannigan
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