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Descendants of Adam KOBERSTEIN



GIVEN_NAMES: Also shown as LUKAS

BIRTH: Also shown as Born Wartmannsroth, , Germany.


Entry in the Tax Payers of Gibson County directory (date unknown) for:  Koberstein, Carl (Margaret), Haubstadt, R R 2, Johnson wp, $1,475 p p, 94 a

Johnson township Cemeteries Prepared by: Gibson County Historical Society RFH IN 977.235 John.  St. Peter and Paul Cemetery  From US 41, go west on IN 68 to West Street in Haubstadt - turn north for .4 miles or about 4 1/2 city blocks.  The cemetery is on the west side of West Street.  SE Section - copied Oct 28, 1989

Koberstein, Karl son of George b.p. German b. April 7, 1870 d. Feb 13, 1955 Evansville, IN

Margaret N. KISSEL

DEATH: Previous information before making trip to Indiana and looking at death information, I had a death date of: 14 Jan 1952.  New information is 17 Jan 1952.

BIRTH: Information from death registration indicates birth as 31 Mar 1877, however this is calculated from age of 75 years at death.


Extraction of ship manifest of the Ship Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse sailing from Bremen on July 1 1913.  He is listed as George Alsheimer alias Adam Koberstein.  His age was 22 (giving a calculated birthyear of 1891).  Sex is given as 'M' and marital status give as 'single'.  Calling or occupation is indicated as 'farmlab' which I assume means farm laborer.  He was indicated as able to read and write.  His nationality and race is given as German and last permanent residence given as Folgersleier, Germany (I believe this is actually Volkersleier).  The nearest relative in the country whence alien came was mother give as last name Koberstein and maybe first initial of 'N', but the first initial is not clear.  The final destination is given as Haubstadt, Ind.  The column that answers the question "Whether having a ticket to such final destination" is written what appears to be a cursive "S".  What that means is unclear.  His ticket for passage (on the ship presumably) is indicated as being paid by himself.  He is indicated as being in possession of 50$ but in smaller numerals it is obvious that 25 was written probably first.  It is indicated that he was never in the U.S. before.  He was going to an uncle name Karl Koberstein in Haubstadt, Ind.  He indicated he was not a polygamist or an Anarchist with good mental and physical health and not crippled or deformed.  His height was 5' 6".  The Birthplace is given as Ludwigsdorf, Hungary.  The country is from a dito mark to a previous entry, however that seems unlikely given the close proximity of a Ludwigsdorf, Germany to Volkersleier, Germany.