Key links by county:


1. France Online Records

a. Today France is divided into 96 departments (like US states) and 5 overseas departments. Click on the map (Department) of interest. eg. 38 is Isère.
b. Click on the link “Règistres Paroissiaux et État civil.”
c. Scroll down and click on “Consulter les règistres paroissiaux et d’ètat civil.”
d. At the bottom of the new page, click on “J’accepte ces conditions.”
e. On the bottom of the next page, under “Recerches thèmatiques” click on “Etat Civil” (civil registration).


1. The Pradziad Dadabase

2. genetecka

3. Genealogy in Archive

Various countries as listed.

1. Matricula Online (Deutschland, Österreich, Polen, Serbien and Bosna/Hercegovina.)