These little girls grew up to be my Aunt Helen and my Mother.

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In these pages you can catch a glimpse of life where and when our ancestors eked out their livings and raised their children; find transcriptions from the paper trail our kindred left; read accounts of historic events our relatives lived through; find links to sites with further information, and more. Please check back from time to time to see what's new.

Look in "Surnames" to see the migration paths of our ancestors and to find the links for our family pages. I am gathering under "Places in Time" materials which shed light on the way people lived in the places where our ancestors spent significant time. If you know we have a common ancestor, you can trace our lines on back under "Family Trees."

Each of the following items either concerns a particular ancestor or tells about life in a particular place when our ancestors were living there. Click on any of them, or just browse through the directory to the left.

  Find out how Joshua Hawkins learned to watch his mouth in Lunenburg County, Virginia, in 1756.
  Find out how Margarethe Weller Crecelius lost her head in 1629 in Germany.
  Read an account of a girl growing up in Norfolk, Virginia, in the 1750's and 1760's and struggling through the Revolution as a young matron.
  When you're tired of being serious, read how a Norfolk man viewed the British officers just before the Revolution and see what one man contended was the REAL reason for the American Revolution.
  See why Sam Anglin left (West) Virginia suddenly one night.

These pages are dedicated to my mother, Ruth Parker, and to my late father, Paul Duward Parker, two courageous souls who brought up nine children, and whose interest in genealogy and love for learning are my inspiration.