Hawkins Report


We are grateful to Rachel Searcy for putting us on the trail of our Hawkins ancestors.

First Generation

1. Edward Hawkins. Born about 1660 in York County, Virginia, Edward died after 1726; he was about 66.
  He had the following child:
  2. 1. Michael (about 1685 - about 1752).

Second Generation

2. Michael Hawkins. Born about 1685 in York County, Virginia. Michael died in Lunenberg County, Virginia around 1752. Around 1715, he married Agnes (Eaton ?). She was probably born around 1695.
  They had the following children:
    i. John. Born on 7 Jan 1721 in Bristol Parish, Prince George County, Virginia,1 John died in Apr 1804; he was 83.
    ii. Jane. Born on 7 Aug 1723 in Bristol Parish, Prince George County, Virginia.1
  3. iii. Joshua (1725-1801).
    iv. David. Born on 3 Jun 1727 in Bristol Parish, Prince George County, Virginia.1
    v. Elizabeth. Born on 7 Jun 1731 in Bristol Parish, Prince George County, Virginia.1
    vi. Michael.

Third Generation

3. Joshua Hawkins. Born on 25 Jul 1725 in Bristol Parish, Prince George County, Virginia.1 In 1745, when Joshua was 19, he married Sarah Cook, daughter of Richard & Elizabeth Cook, in Lunenberg County, Virginia. Sarah was born on 18 Dec 1724 in Bristol Parish, Prince George County, Virginia,1 Click here to read about Joshua's court experience. Joshua died in Greenville District, South Carolina in 1801; he was 75. Click here to read Joshua's will. Click here to read an inventory of his estate. Sarah died there after 1801; she was at least 76.
  They had the following children:
    i. Joshua. Born in 1750 in Lunenberg County, Virginia,2 Joshua was wounded at Brandywine during the Revolution. Click here for more details. On 29 Mar 1782, when Joshua was 32, he married Susan Johnson in Lunenberg County, Virginia. Joshua died in Spartanburg County, South Carolina on 25 Jul 1832; he was 82.
  4. ii. William Eaton (1751-1812).
    iii. Peter. Born about 1752 in Lunenberg County, Virginia, Peter died in Newberry County, South Carolina.
    iv. Josiah. Born about 1753 in Lunenberg County, Virginia.
    v. Hubert. Born about 1756 in Lunenberg County, Virginia.
    vi. Pinckney. Born about 1757 in Lunenberg County, Virginia.

Fourth Generation

4. William Eaton Hawkins. Born in 1751 in Lunenberg County, Virginia, Eaton died in Greenville, South Carolina on 1 Jan 1812; he was 61. Click here to read his will. Eaton married Catherine Bolling, who died in 1829 in Greenville County, South Carolina.3
  They had the following children:
    i. Elizabeth. Born in 1766 in Tryon County, North Carolina, Elizabeth died in Henry County, Tennessee in 1850; she was 84. Elizabeth married John Upchurch, who died before Nov 1854 in Henry County, Tennessee.
  5 ii. Sarah (about 1773-1839).
    iii. Isham Smith. Born about 1775. In 1813, when Isham Smith was about 38, he married Sally Gaines Hawkins, daughter of Jehu Dyer, in Barren County, Kentucky. She was born in Orange County, Virginia.
    iv. Jesse. Born on 25 Dec 1775, in Tryon County, North Carolina, Jesse died in Greenville County, South Carolina on 8 May 1853; he was 77. Buried in Hawkins-Green Cemetery, Greenville County, South Carolina. Jesse married Elizabeth, who was born in Jun 1775 in Culpeper County, Virginia.4 Elizabeth died in Greenville County, South Carolina on 22 Feb 1848; she was 72.4
    v. Robert. Born about 1784 in Greenville County, South Carolina, Robert died there on 25 Mar 1848; he was 64. He married Martha.
    vi. Mary. Born in 1785. In 1800, when Mary was 15, she married John Ragland.
    vii. Henry. Born in 1786, Henry married Lucy Salmon.
    viii. Solomon. Born about 1789, Solomon married Sophronia Isabel Duncan.
    ix. Ezechiel. Born on 18 Jun 1789/1790 in Greenville County, South Carolina,5 Ezechiel died on 4 Apr 1857; he was 67. About 1807 when Ezechiel was 17, he married Mary Hawkins in Greenville County, South Carolina. Born on 17 Mar 1789 in North Carolina,5 Mary died in Greenville County, South Carolina about May 1883; she was 94.
    x. John. Born about 1792, John died in 1861/1865; he was 69.
    xi. William Eaton. Born on 12 Feb 1794, William Eaton died in Crawford County, Missouri on 14 Feb 1851; he was 57.6 William Eaton first married Pamela Carr Duncan and second married Hannah Doty.6
    xii. Joseph Carter. Born about 1797, Joseph Carter died in Missouri on 12 Aug 1860; he was about 63. Buried in Dry Fork, south of St. James, Missouri. In 1819, when Joseph Carter was 22, he first married Elizabeth Phillips, daughter of Stephen Phillips. Joseph Carter second married Mary Ann Holloman.
    xiii. Ichabod. Born about 1799 in Greenville County, South Carolina. Ichabod married Mahalia.6
    xiv. Martha ("Patsy"). Born about 1801, Patsy married Lewis Bridges, and the family moved to Missouri.
    xv. Berryman. Born about 1804 in Greenville County, South Carolina, Berryman first married Martha Salmon, and second married Frances Bridges.
    xvi. Harriet. Born about 1805, Harriet married Richard Wynn.
    xvii. Pink.

Fifth Generation

5. Sarah Hawkins. Born about 1773 in Tryon County, North Carolina, Sarah died in Marion Twp., Hendricks County, Indiana in 1839; she was 66. Sarah married Alexander West, son of Solomon West & Isabella Boyd. Born about 1765 in Orange County, North Carolina, Alexander died in Platt County, Missouri in 1860; he was 95.7
  They had the following children:
    i. Xury Eaton West. Born on 23 Mar 1796 in Greenville District, South Carolina. Xury Eaton died in Lucas County, Iowa on 8 Jun 1880; he was 84. About 16 Sep 1819, when Xury Eaton was 23, he married Mary "Polly" Hays.8 Born on 4 Aug 1792 in Tennessee,9 Polly died in Lucas County, Iowa on 15 Sep 1875; she was 83.
    ii. S. Catherine West. Born on 4 Feb 1798, 0n 19 Jul 1818, when Katy was 20, she married Hollen Reese in Wayne County, Kentucky.8
    iii. Solomon H. West. Born on 15 Jul 1800 in South Carolina,14 Solomon died in Whitley County, Kentucky on 19 Dec 1866; he was 66.14 Buried in Jellico Creek Cemetery, Whitley County, Kentucky. On 27 Feb 1823, when Solomon was 22, he married Catherine Criscillis, daughter of Rudolph Isaac Criscillis & Elizabeth Bible, in Whitley County, Kentucky.15 Born on 19 Oct 1800 in Greene County, Tennessee, Catherine died in Whitley County, Kentucky on 11 Jan 1901; she was 100.16
    iv. Isabel West. Born on 23 Jul 1801.8 On 29 Sep 1823, when Isabel was 22, she married Job Turner, in Wayne County, Kentucky.8
    v. Archibald M. West. Born on 23 Jan 1804 in Wayne County, Kentucky,10 Archibald died in Hendricks County, Indiana on 2 May 1856; he was 52. Buried in Ragan Cemetery, Hendricks County, Indiana. On 23 Nov 1829 when Archibald M. was 25, he first married Betsey Denney in Wayne County, Kentucky.8 Archibald M. second married Elizabeth Worley. Born on 5 Apr 1802, Elizabeth died in Hendricks County, Indiana on 3 Jul 1874; she was 72.
    vi. Isaac R. West. Born on 16 Oct 1804 in Wayne County, Kentucky,11 Isaac died in Hendricks County, Indiana on 29 Aug 1898; he was 93. Buried in Ragan Cemetery, Hendricks County, Indiana. On 15 Sep 1825, when Isaac was 20, he married Mary "Polly" Ann Turner, daughter of George Turner, in Wayne County, Kentucky.
    vii. Harriet West. Born on 8 Dec 1804 in Wayne County, Kentucky,8 Harriet died in Plattsburg, Platt County, Missouri on 2 Feb 1887; she was 82.12 On 8 Oct 1829, when Harriet was 24, she first married John Crow Shannon, son of Samuel Shannon & Elizabeth Brown, in Hendricks County, Indiana. Born on 28 Feb 1806 in Virginia'12 John Crow died in Pettis Twp., Platte County, Missouri on 4 Oct 1851; he was 45.12 Harriet second married John Houston. Born on 26 Jan 1797 in Greene County, Tennessee, John died in Osborne, Clinton County, Missouri on 7 Aug 1862; he was 65.
    viii. Minerva West. Born on 16 Nov 1806.8
    ix. Malinda West. Born in 1809 in Wayne County, Kentucky,11 Malinda died in Hendricks County, Indiana on 6 Sep 1898; she was 89. On 13 Mar 1832, when Malinda was 23, she first married William Kelly. Born on 30 Jul 1809 in Tennessee, William died in Hendricks County, Indiana on 28 Sep 1840; he was 31. On 13 Jul 1875, when Malinda was 66, she second married Stephen Stevenson. Stephen died on 13 Jul 1875 in Hendricks County, Indiana.
    x. Zilpha West. Born on 8 Nov 1811.8 On 27 Sep 1831, when Zilpha was 19, she married Russell W. Shannon in Hendricks County, Indiana. He was born about 1808 in Virginia.
    xi. John Carter West. Born on 4 Apr 1813 in Wayne County, Kentucky,8 John Carter married Elizabeth, who was born about 1818 in Kentucky.13
    xii. George West. Born in 1815.8
    xiii. Martha "Patsy" West. Born in 1818.


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