We are indebted to Nancy Jonckheere for her kind sharing of information on Billie Davis, one of our more colorful ancestors. Nancy's dad, Everett White, who grew up in Whitley County, Kentucky, listened carefully to the old men of the community and learned the oral histories, memorized by one generation after another, tracing the lives of the people of Whitley County.

First Generation

1. William Davis. Born in 1776 in North Carolina, Billie Davis was famous as a trapper, guide and explorer. He had a disagreement with a bear and lost his arm as a result, but it was the bear who lost the fight. Later, one-armed Billie became sheriff of Whitley County, an office he held for many years. He had considerable presence and could handle just about any problem with words alone. Nancy Jonckheere once found online a copy of an old North Carolina election handout from about 1850, which said was that the candidate was endorsed by "Billie Davis, the famous one-armed sheriff of Whitley County, Kentucky." By 1795, when Billie was 19, he was already married to Sarah Rapier, who was born about 1779 in North Carolina. Her brother Jesse moved to Whitley County, Kentucky, as well. Billie and Sarah both lived to a ripe old age and died in Whitley County: Sarah between 1860 and 1870, when she was at least 81 years old; and Billie in 1864 at the age of 88.
  They had the following children:
    i. Nancy (1796-1860). She married Enoch Cox, and they brought up the following children in Whitley County: James H., John W., Ellen, Sally, and William C.
    ii. Matilda (born about 1798-died after 1870 in Whitley County). She never married.
    iii. James Madison (1798-1860). He married Elizabeth Boyd, and they had the following children in Whitley County: Nancy, Tempy Chestina, Matilda, Elizabeth, Eleanor, William, James M., and Sarah.
  2. iv. Sarah Elizabeth (1801-1868).
    v. Rebecca (born 1805). She married Uriah Parker, our great great great great uncle, brother of her sister Sarah Elizabeth's husband, Sampson Parker.
    vi. Mary (born about 1806). She married Ballenger Boyd.
    vii. Eleanor (born about 1807-died about 1860). I believe she never married.
    viii. Elizabeth (born about 1813-died 1870). She married Seth Freeman.
    ix. Lucinda (born about 1817). She married Ambrose Parks.
    x. Jesse B. (born about 1818- died 1848). Jesse never married and died in Mexico City while serving in the Army during the Mexican War.
    xi. Jane G. (born about 1820- died 1876). She married Bailey Freeman.
    xiii. Milton Lewis (1822-1895). He first married Permelia Patrick, by whom he had a dozen children. After her death he married Elizabeth Perkins, by whom he had 6 more, 3 of whom died in childhood.

Second Generation

2. Sarah Elizabeth. Born on 8 Sep 1801, Sarah Elizabeth died in Whitley County, Kentucky on 2 Jun 1868; she was 66. Before 1824, she married Sampson Parker, son of John Parker, in Whitley County. Born 9 Feb 1804 in North Carolina, Sampson died in Whitley County, Kentucky on 2 Feb 1886; he was 81. Both Sarah and Sampson were buried in John Parker Cemetery in Whitley County.
  They had the following children:
    i. Neworleana Jane (Twin). Born on 8 Apr 1824 in Claiborne County, Tennessee. Jane died in Pulaski County, Kentucky on 11 Dec 1901; she was 77. Buried in Piney Woods Cemetery, Pulaski County, Kentucky. On 5 Aug 1841, when Jane was 17, she married Jefferson Freeman, son of Thomas Freeman & Mary Elizabeth Ball, in Whitley County, Kentucky.4 Born on 27 Jul 1816 in Buncombe County, North Carolina, Jefferson died in Pulaski County, Kentucky on 30 Jan 1893; he was 76.
  4. ii. William Henderson (Twin) (1824-1898)
    iii. John M. Born about 1826 in Whitley County, Kentucky,5 John M. died there in 1851; he was 25. On 10 May 1845, when John M. was 19, he married Jane Shelly, daughter of Nathan Shelly & Mary ("Polly") Meadors, in Whitley County, Kentucky.4,6 Born on 18 Mar 1825 in Whitley County, Kentucky, Jane died there on 30 Oct 1903; she was 78.
    iv. Mahala (Twin). Born in 1827 in Davidson County, Tennessee, Mahala died in Pulaski County, Kentucky on 15 Nov 1854; she was 27. On 15 Jan 1846, when Mahala was 19, she married Anderson F. Freeman in Whitley County, Kentucky.4 He was born about 1824 in North Carolina.
    v. James C. Born on 10 Dec 1829 in Whitley County, Kentucky, James C. died there on 4 Aug 1911; he was 81. On 14 Mar 1852, when James C. was 22, he married Nancy Shelly, daughter of Nathan Shelly & Mary "Polly" Meadors, in Whitley County, Kentucky.1 Born on 20 Aug 1832 in Whitley County, Kentucky, Nancy died there on 3 Feb 1921; she was 88.3
    vi. Sarah C. Born about 1831 in Whitley County, Kentucky, Sarah died on 19 Feb 1901; she was 70. On 25 Jul 1849, when Sarah was 18, she married Green C. Freeman in Whitley County, Kentucky.4
    vii. Mary Helen. Born on 30 Aug 1835 in Whitley County, Kentucky, Helen died there on 11 Aug 1856; she was 20.3 Buried in John Parker Cemetery, Whitley County, Kentucky.
    viii. George Washington. Born on 30 Nov 1837 in Whitley County, Kentucky, George Washington died there on 24 Oct 1910; he was 72.7 Buried in Highland Cemetery, Williamsburg, Whitley County, Kentucky. On 15 Aug 1859, when George Washington was 21, he married Elizabeth Renfro in Whitley County, Kentucky. Born on 10 Feb 1845 in Whitley County, Kentucky, Elizabeth died there on 6 Jun 1897; she was 52.
    ix. Martha E. Born in 1838 in Whitley County, Kentucky.
    x. Elizabeth. Born about 1840 in Whitley County, Kentucky,8 Elizabeth died there in 1910; she was 70. On 4 Sep 1859, when Elizabeth was 19, she married James W. Parker, son of James Parker, in Whitley County, Kentucky. He was born on 27 Oct 1829 in Kentucky,3,8 James W. died in Whitley County, Kentucky on 28 Jan 1885; he was 55.3
    xi. Jesse F. Born on 18 Apr 1842 in Whitley County, Kentucky, Jesse F. died there on 1 Sep 1926; he was 84. Buried in HIghland Cemetery, Williamsburg, Whitley County, Kentucky. On 30 May 1867, when Jesse F. was 25, he married Rachel A. Patrick, daughter of Andrew Jackson Patrick & Elizabeth Shelly, in Whitley County, Kentucky. Born on 20 Aug 1848 in Whitley County, Kentucky, Rachel died there on 9 Dec 1925; she was 77.
    xii. Milton (Died as Child). Born about 1845.

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