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Around 1786, and in 1787, William Anglin's children, Samuel and Elizabeth, married Nancy Cade and Moses Cade, respectively. We have documentation as to Nancy's parents, but none as to Moses', although one book says, with no source cited, that he was the son of Thomas Cade; and another that he was possibly the son of Thomas Cade. In the absence of any information to the contrary, we will assume, without a great deal of confidence, that Thomas was the father of Moses. It is possible, however, that Moses and Nancy were both children of Major, which would make the gene pool so shallow I don't even want to think about it. It gets shallow enough, as you'll see below, even if we assume that Moses and Nancy were first cousins rather than siblings. Major reportedly had a son named Moses, and I'm looking for him in hopes that we can rule out that our Moses who married Elizabeth Anglin was a child of Major.

Thomas Cade was in Hardy County at the same time as Nancy's father, Major Cade, and since there were so few Cades, I think they are probably brothers.

Lindel Gumm generously shared information about Zilda Cade and her offspring, and Roger Ryan kindly shared information about Major Cade's sons. We are grateful for their help.

First Generation

1. Cade, given name unknown.
  He was putatively the father of the following two children:
  2. i. Thomas (about 1745- after 1803).
  3. ii. Major (before 1755- after 1800).

Second Generation

2. Thomas Cade. Thomas Cade married the widow of Daniel Cameron, who was killed by Indians in 1781 below Philippi, leaving his widow with a one-year old daughter Catherine and pregnant with a second daughter, Elizabeth, born five months after her father's death.5 Mrs. Cameron married Thomas Cade too late for her to be the mother of Moses. In 1798, Thomas Cade was appointed constable.5 In 1803 he was charged with failure to vote, and that is the latest record of him that I know of so far.5
  Thomas was the putative father of the following child:
  4. i. Moses (about 1765-after 1850).
3. Major Cade. Born before 1755, Major died after 1800.1 Major married Hannah. They were in Prince Georges County (part of which later became Allegany County), Maryland in 1771, when daughter Nancy was born.8 In 1782, they were in that part of Hampshire County, (West) Virginia, which became part of Hardy County in 1786, and they were still there in 1787. Read a 1786 Hardy County deed by Major and Hannah. Major and Hannah are both found in the 1800 census in Allegany County, Maryland, but not thereafter. Abraham, Charles, Phineas, and Isaac Cade were all in Pickaway County, Ohio, in the early 1800's, and though Nancy, Charles, and Abraham are known to be Major's children, it is assumed that the others in Pickaway County, Ohio, were also his children. That Jacob is a child of his is based upon the fact that he was the only Cade left in Hardy County, and then apparently went to Allegany County, Maryland.
  They had the following children:
  5. i. Nancy (1771-1854).
    ii. Charles. Born on 25 Jul 1781 in Virginia.2 In 1801, when Charles was 19, he married Hannah Godfrey, daughter of William Godfrey, in Hardy County, (West) Virginia.
    iii. Abraham. Born on 25 Jul 1781 in Virginia.2
    iv. Jacob. Born in 1784/1794.3
    v. Phineas. Born about 1791, Phineas married Elizabeth Davis on 12 Sep in Pickaway County, Ohio. He died there on 11 May 1822, at the age of 31.16
    vi. Moses.
    vii. Isaac.

Third Generation

4. Moses Cade. Born 1765/1775, Moses died before 1850; he was 85. On 25 Nov 1788 when Moses was at least 23, he first married Elizabeth Anglen, daughter of William Anglin, in Randolph County, (West) Virginia. Born 1765/1775, Elizabeth died before 1830.
  They had the following children:
    i. Unknown male 1. Born in 1784/1794.
    ii. Unknown female 1. Born in 1784/1794 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia.4
    iii. William. Born about 1790. In the 1850 census, he was living with his sister Elizabeth and her husband Jacob Fouty in Wirt County, (West) Virginia.
    iv. Nancy. Born in 1792, Nancy died after 1850; she was at least 58. On 3 Oct 1809, when Nancy was 17, she married Jacob Teter, son of George Teter & Anna Margaret Henckel, in Randolph County, (West) Virginia.5 He was born about 1770 in Hampshire County, (West) Virginia, Jacob died in Barbour County, (West) Virginia about 1850; he was about 80.
    v. Unknown male 2. Born in 1794/1800 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia.4
    vi. Samuel. Born in 1798. Samuel married Anna Skidmore, who was born about 1809 in Virginia.6 Samuel died in 1880. (Thanks to Lisa Lomb for passing on this information, which was recorded in a family Bible.)
    vii. John. Born in 1800 in Virginia, John married Margaret, who was born about 1811.6
    viii. Sarah. Born in 1800/1810 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia.4 Sarah married Richard Selby.
    ix. Unknown male 3. Born in 1800/1810 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia.4
  6. x. Lydia (1804-1864).
    xi. Unknown male 4. Born in 1810/1820 in Harrison or Randolph County, (West) Virginia.7
    xii. Unknown male 5. Born in 1810/1820 in Harrison or Randolph County, (West) Virginia.7
    xiii. Unknown female 2. Born in 1810/1820 in Harrison or Randolph County, (West) Virginia.7
    xiv. Unknown female 3. Born in 1810/1820 in Harrison or Randolph County, (West) Virginia.7
    xv. Unknown female 4. Born in 1810/1820 in Harrison or Randolph County, (West) Virginia.7
  On 8 Jul 1831, when Moses was 66, he second married Nancy Smith, in Randolph County, (West) Virginia. Born in 1802, Nancy died after 1860; she was at least 58.
  They had the following children:
    i. Solomon. Born on 12 Mar 1832, Solomon died in Barbour County, West Virginia on 27 Jun 1887; he was 55.8 On 15 Nov 1853, when Solomon was 21, he married Elizabeth Jane Coberley, daughter of Nancy Coberley, in Barbour County, (West) Virginia.9 Elizabeth Jane was born about 1830.10
    ii. Zelda. Born on 29 Jan 1835, Zelda died in an accident on 6 Dec 1893; she was 58. Buried in Jones Cemetery, Belington, West Virginia. On 13 Apr 1861, when Zelda was 26, she married Joseph R. Jones, son of Solomon & Elizabeth Jones, in Barbour County, (West) Virginia.9 Born on 17 Jun 1830/1835, Joseph died on 21 May 1914; he was at least 83.
    iii. Mortimer. Born on 22 Mar 1838, Mortimer died on 20 Nov 1927; he was 89. Mortimer married Susan Schoonover.

    Marilyn Bennington found this photograph, inscribed on the back: "Morton Cade" in the handwriting of Icey Maude Jones, a granddaughter of Zelda Cade Jones, and therefore a great niece of Mortimer Cade. Icey was Marilyn's husband's grandmother. We appreciate Marilyn's sharing this photograph with us and giving us permission to use it.
  Mortimer Cade    
5. Nancy Cade. Born about Mar, 1771, in Prince Georges County, Maryland, Nancy died in Barbour County, (West) Virginia on 9 Oct 1854; she was 83.8 In about 1787, when Nancy was about 15, she married Samuel Anglin, son of William & Susanna Anglin. Born in 1768, Samuel departed the family home precipitously one night, and thereafter lived and died in Monroe County, Illinois. See why. He died between 1840 and 1850; he was at least 72.11
  They had the following children:
    i. Hannah Anglin. Born in 1798 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia.6She is still single and living with her mother at the time of the 1850 census, when she was 52 years old. I have not found any reference to her after that.
    ii. Philip Anglen. Born in 1800/1810 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia, Philip died in Monroe County, Illinois in 1840/1850. Philip first wife died before 2 Jul 1839, leaving him with at least three children, Mary, Nancy, and John. On 2 Jul 1839, when Philip was at least 39, he second married Mary Kidd, in Monroe County, Illinois. Mary was born about 1787 in Illinois.
  7. iii. Isaac Anglen (1800-1864).
    iv. William Anglen. Born in 1805, William married Elizabeth.
    v. Phineas Anglin. Born about 1810 in Virginia.12, 6 Phineas married Fanny, who was born about 1815 in Virginia.6 They moved to Jo Daviess County, Missouri, between 1841 and 1843, where they lived the rest of their lves. They had 6 children, only three of whom lived to adulthood: Almira, Melissa, and Marietta. Of these three, only Marietta married, and it appears that she only had one child, a daughter Delia.
    vi. Samuel Anglin. Born about 1815 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia, in 1843 Samuel bought Federal land in Monroe County, Illinois, whither his father had moved. In 1849, when Samuel was about 34, he married Elizabeth Rutledge in Monroe County, Illinois.18 She was born about 1830 in Maryland. Samuel died in Monroe County, Illinois, on 8 March 1855, at about 40 years of age, leaving a minor son, John.17 By 1857, his widow had married James Irwin and moved with her new husband and her son John out of Illinois.19
    vii. Elizabeth Anglin. Born about 1815 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia. Elizabeth was still unmarried at the time of the 1870 census and living in Barbour County in the household of Jacob Harris and Mary J. Anglin Harris. I suspect Mary and her twin Mortimore may be Elizabeth's illegitimate children.
    viii. Garrett Anglin. Born 1819/1820 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia.6 Garrett married Mrs. Mary Cole, a widow who was born in Apr 1816.13 Their children were Samuel, Emery, McClellan, and Cecil. Unfortunately, Garrett lost his inheritance to creditors. Garrett died in Barbour County, West Virginia, between 1880 and 1900, while Mary died there between 1900 and 1910; she was at least 83.14,15
    ix. David Anglin. Born about 1821 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia,6 David married Nancy Heatherley, who was born on 10 Jun 1828 in Barbour County, Virginia.6,8 Nancy died in Barbour County, West Virginia on 13 Sep 1873; she was 45.8 By 1880, David had apparently died also, and their four youngest children were living with married siblings. David's and Nancy's children were Elizabeth, William E., and Nancy B., all of whom died in childhood; and Mary V., Jacob B., David Ira, Columbia, Emily J., Harriet A.

Fourth Generation

6. Lydia Cade. Born in 1804 in Randolph County, (West) Virginia, Lydia died in Monroe County, Illinois in 1864/1870; she was at least 60.
7. Isaac Anglen. Born on 6 Jul 1800 in (West) Virginia, Isaac died in Monroe County, Illinois on 20 Nov 1864; he was 64.
  On 20 Nov 1823, when Lydia was 19, and Isaac was 23, they married each other in Randolph County, (West) Virginia. They were first cousins on their Anglin side, and probably at least second cousins on their Cade side.
  8. i. John L. Anglen. Born in 1829 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia. John died in Carroll County, Missouri in 1874; he was 45. Buried near Carrollton, Missouri. On 28 Jul 1853, when John was 24, he first married Almyra Jane Arthur in Monroe County, Illinois. She was born on 15 Apr 1837, and died in Monroe County, Illinois on 31 Mar 1855, at the age of 17, leaving a daughter, Margaret. On 2 Dec 1856, when John L. was 27, he second married Mary Elizabeth Erwin, daughter of Joseph Erwin & Abigail, in Monroe County, Illinois. Born on 30 Jan 1841 in Monroe County, Illinois, Mary Elizabeth died in Crawford County, Arkansas in 1885; she was 43.
    ii. Elam Anglen. Born about 1834 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia.
    iii. Isaac N. Anglen. Born on 6 Mar 1841 in Monroe County, Illinois, Isaac N. died there on 28 Sep 1859; he was 18.8 Buried in Hesterburg Cemetery, Monroe County, Illinois.
    iv. Harriet Ann Anglen. Born about 1844 in Monroe County, Illinois.

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