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I am indebted to Walter Boyd for sharing his experience in Ayrshire, where he met another Mr. Boyd, who was an employee of the company Walter was visiting. This gentleman had done considerable research on the Boyds in the area and was convinced that our George Boyd was the same one who was christened in Airth Parish in Sterling, Scotland, on May 31, 1691, the son of George Boyd and Elizabeth Johnstoun, and turned up later in County Antrim, Ireland. Walter believes that the family, along with numerous cousins, probably moved to County Antrim, Ireland, before 1700. Thereafter the economic conditions in northern Ireland became so bad that it seems unlikely they would have moved there after that time. Walter thinks George's wife Isabella Boyd was probably a cousin. They last appeared in the County Antrim records in 1723.

I have not yet gotten around to digging up the documentation for the above, and no telling when I will. If anyone gets around to it before I do, I'd love to see the records. Or if anyone finds any countervailing evidence, I'd love to see that, too.

First Generation

1. George Boyd. Born in Airth, Sterlingshire, Scotland, about 1691, the son of George Boyd and Elizabeth Johnstoun, George moved to County Antrim, Ireland, as a young boy. He died in Chester County, Pennsylvania in 1731; he was about 40. He is buried in St. John's Episcopal Cemetery in Compass, Chester County, Pennsylvania.

  Here lie the remains
George Boyd senr
George Boyd junr
George Boyd terts
The first departed this life
in about the year 1731
aged near 40 years
The second June 12, 1763
aged about 48 years
and the third about the
year 1753
Aged 3 years

George married Isabella.1
  They had the following children:
    i. Patrick. Born about 1710 in Ireland.1 On 25 Jul 1732, when Patrick was 22, he first married Rachel Grissom in St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Chester County, Pennsylvania. She was born in Chester County, Pennsylvania, about 1712. She bore him the following children: John, Henry, Patrick, George, James, Polly, William, and Mary. Patrick second married Ann Douglas, who was born in Halifax County, Virginia. She bore him sons Richard and Henry. Patrick died in Halifax County, Virginia on January 26, 1762.
    ii. George. Born about 1715, George died in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on 12 Jun 1763; he was 48. Buried at St. John's Episcopal Church, Compass, Chester County, Pennsylvania. George married Mary Douglas, daughter of Archibald Douglas.
    iii. John. Born about 1716 in County Antrim, Ireland. About 1739 he married Margaret Lawson, daughter of Captain Francis Lawson. Margaret was born in 1717. John received a license to operate a ferry on the Dan River in Lunenburg County, Virginia, in July 1752. It was at this place many years later that General Greene escaped Lord Cornwallis's troops during the Revolution. John drowned in Lawson's Creek in Halifax County, Virginia before 10 May 1757.
  2. iv. James (about 1717-1772)
    v. Robert. Born about 1719 in County Antrim, Ireland,2 Robert died in Granville County, North Carolina in 1782; he was 63. Robert married Lucretia, and their children were Robert, Margaret, Mary, Constant, John, Rachel, Thomas, Sarah, and Isabella.

Second Generation

2. James Boyd. Born about 1717 in County Antrim, Ireland,2 James married Mary Cochran. In 1742, he bought land on the south side of the Dan River in Halifax County, Virginia. In 1754 he sold his land in Halifax County and moved to Granville County, North Carolina, where he died in 1772.7 Read a transcript of James's will.
  James and Mary had the following children:
    i. Samuel
  3. ii. Isabella (?1735-?1775)
    iii. Margaret. She married a Mr. Wilson.

Third Generation

3. Isabella Boyd. Born about 1735 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Isabella died in Orange County, North Carolina, about 1775; she was about 40. About 1756, when Isabella was about 21, she married Solomon West,1 son of John West, in North Carolina. Solomon died in Wayne County, Kentucky on 1 Dec 1830; he was 104.
  They had the following children:
    i. Susannah West (?1760-). Susannah married William Sutton.
    ii. Ruth West. Ruth married Thomas Castillo.
    iii. Mary West (?1760-). Mary married Isaac Dunagan.
  3. iv. Alexander West (?1765-1860). Born about 1765 in Orange County, North Carolina, Alexander died in Missouri in 1860; he was 95.5 Alexander married Sarah Hawkins, daughter of William Eaton Hawkins & Catherine Bolling. Born about 1773 in Tryon County, North Carolina, Sarah died in Marion Twp., Hendricks County, Indiana in 1839; she was 66.
    v. Isaac West (1768-1830). Born on 12 Jun 1768 in North Carolina, Isaac died in Wayne County, Kentucky on 1 Nov 1830; he was 62. Buried in West Cemetery, Mill Springs, Wayne County, Kentucky. Isaac married Margaret Russell, possibly the daughter of George Russell. Born on 18 Jul 1774 in South Carolina, Margaret died in Wayne County, Kentucky on 5 Mar 1851; she was 76.
    vi. Ann West. Ann first married Basil Brown. Ann second married William Borin. William died before 4 Aug 1825.3
    vii. James West
    viii. George West
    ix. Solomon West (1770-1871). Born 1770/1780.4 Solomon died in 1871 in Texas; he was 101.6

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