Pedigree 9

Pedigree of Participant A9

  Adrian Anglin
    born 1693; married Mary Thornhill; died 25 April 1777 Buckingham County, Virginia.
  Philip Anglin
    born 20 December 1742 Albemarle County, Virginia; married Frances Cox; died in early 1837 Henry County, Virginia.
  John Anglin
    born 28 September 1793 in Henry County, Virginia; married Elizabeth Little; died 23 October 1838 Gwinnett County, Georgia.
  John Little Anglin
    born 22 November 1838 in Gwinnett County, Georgia; married Nellie Gertrude Adams; died 2 February 1915 in Hamilton County, Texas.

Participant A9 is the grandson of John Little Anglin.