Pedigree 73

Pedigree of Participant A74

  James Anglim
    born about 1825-1830 in Ireland; married Catherine Trainor, b. about 1832-1838 in Dromore Parish, County Tyrone, Ireland; died about 1875 in Appleton, Wisconsin.
  John Francis Anglim
    born August 14, 1859, in Waukesha County, Wisconsin; married Cora Luella Cunningham on May 24, 1888, in Marathon County, Wisconsin.
  James Elmer Anglim
    born January 21, 1892, in Easton, Marathon County, Wisconsin; married Ruth Esther Nebel on August 31, 1922 in Marquette County, Michigan.
Participant A74 is the grandson of James Elmer Anglim.

A74 1891 T

John Francis Anglim & Cora Luella Cunningham Anglim in early 1895
with James Elmer, Frank, & Bill


John Francis Anglim & Cora Luella Cunningham Anglim and their family
about 1907 in Dunbar, Wisconsin