Pedigree 71

Pedigree of Participant A71

  James Anglin
    born about 1720 in Ireland; died 17 Apr 1778 in Wilkes County, Georgia
  Henry Anglin
    born May 1757 in Hillsborough, Orange County, North Carolina; died 26 Oct 1853 in Jackson County, Georgia. Henry was a veteran of the Revolution, and his pension application makes for interesting reading:
See the image. Read the transcript.
  James Anglin
    born 1784 in Wilkes County, Georgia; married Sarah Patsy Hancock; died 22 Jan 1877 in Forsyth County, Georgia
  Allen S. Anglin
    born December 23, 1829; married Melita D. Chambers (Chandlers?); died June 20, 1911 in Forsyth County, Georgia
  James Green Anglin
    born November 4, 1871, in Forsyth County, Georgia; married Ella Parfenia Cook; died October 25, 1926, in Forsyth County, Georgia.
Participant A71 is the grandson of James Green Anglin.

Allen S. Anglin & Family, 1898

James Green Anglin & Family, 1918

A71's Parents