Pedigree A58

Pedigree of Participant A58

  Thomas Anglin
    born in Ireland; married Joanna on July 10, 1813, in Aherla, County Cork, Ireland.
  Edward Anglin
    born March 3, 1820 in Aherla, County Cork, Ireland; married Margaret Murphy, also born in Ireland; died 1883 in Boston, Massachusetts. It is unknown when they immigrated, but their oldest child was born in Boston about 1852.
  Joseph A. Anglin
    born October 1869 in Boston, Massachusetts; married Mary Ann Fitzsimmons; died in 1898.
  Thomas Francis Anglin
    born November 9, 1897 in Boston, Massachusetts; married Catherine V. Hennessey; died in 1961.
Participant A58 is the grandson of Thomas Francis Anglin.

Edward A. Anglin, A58's Immigrant Ancestor


                Joseph A. Anglin                                His Wife, Mary Ann Fitzsimmons

Edward A. Anglin, Joseph's Brother

Thomas Francis Anglin and his Wife, Catherine Hennessey

A58's Father

A58 in 1971