Pedigree A53

Pedigree of Participant A53

  Adrian Anglin
    born 1693; married Elizabeth first; died 25 April 1777 Buckingham County, Virginia.
  That A53 is descended from Adrian is proven by DNA, but there is a gap between Adrian and George Edward Anglin below.
  George Edward Anglen
    born June, 25 1827, in North Carolina; married Priscillia Ann L. Short on September 24, 1854, in Jefferson County, Illinois; died March 12, 1912, in Ashley, Washington County, Illinois.
  George T. Anglen
    born November 11, 1846 in Illinois; married Clara Aurelia Post; died July 24, 1893, in Ashley, Washington County, Illinois.
  Harry Post Anglen
    born March 12, 1885 in Ashley, Washington County, Illinois; died April 11, 1979, in Columbia, Missouri.
Participant A53 is the grandson of Harry Post Anglen

Rev. Harry Post Anglen, 1885 - 1975

A53's Father

A53's Son