Pedigree A48

Pedigree of Participant A48

  Adrian Anglin
    born 1693; married Elizabeth first; died 25 April 1777 Buckingham County, Virginia.
  William Anglin
    born 31 Mar 1733 in Hanover County, Virginia; married Susanna; died in Harrison County, (West) Virginia.
  John Anglin
    born 1759 in Buckingham County, Virginia; married Jemima; died in Lee County, Virginia about 1814.
  John Anglin
    born about 1782 in (West) Virginia; married Polly; died about 1850 in Kaufman County, Texas.
  Valentine S. Anglin
    born September 11, 1811 in Lee County, Virginia; married Elizabeth Davidson; died September 1, 1895 in Granbury, Hood County, Texas.
  John B. Anglin
    born 1835 in Illinois; married Drucilla Bruster.
  Thomas Bruster Anglin
    born December 27, 1856 in Anderson County, Texas; died April 25, 1935 in Childress County, Texas.
Participant A48 is the grandson of Thomas Bruster Anglin.

Thomas Bruster Anglin

Father of A48