Pedigree A46

Pedigree of Participant A46

  Adrian Anglin
    born 1693; married Elizabeth first; died 25 April 1777 Buckingham County, Virginia.
  William Anglin
    born 31 Mar 1733 in Hanover County, Virginia; married Susanna; died in Harrison County, (West) Virginia.
  John Anglin
    born 1759 in Buckingham County, Virginia; married Jemima; died in Lee County, Virginia about 1814.
  Moses Anglin
    born about 1804 in Virginia; married Elizabeth, moved to Illinois and then to Texas, and he died before 1870.
  Alfred Anglin
    born about 1835 in Illinois; died about 1858, probably in Limestone County, Texas. Texas.
  William Wylie Anglin
    born 1855 in Limestone County, Texas, he was brought up by his Aunt Lavina Anglin Skinner and her husband. He married Nancy Miranda Beck, and apparently died between 1889 and 1900.
  Jacob Floyd Anglin
    born 22 Mar 1891 in Myrtle Creek, Douglas County, Oregon.
Participant A46 is the grandson of Jacob Floyd Anglin.