Pedigree 28

Pedigree of Participant A28

  Adrian Anglin
    born 1693; married Mary Thornhill; died 25 April 1777 Buckingham County, Virginia.
  Adrian Anglin
    born April 25, 1752 in Albemarle County, Virginia; married Elizabeth Estes; died in August or September, 1818 in Patrick County, Virginia.
  Philip Anglin
    born about 1785 in Henry County, Virginia; married Polly Reynolds; died January 25, 1872 in Patrick County, Virginia.
  John Lee Anglin
    born 1820, in Patrick County, Virginia; married Mary J. Critz.
  Zachariah T. Anglin
    born 1853 in Patrick County, Virginia; married Sarah Catharine Ferguson; died 1903 in Mississippi.
  Charles Harrison Anglin
    born March 24, 1876, in North Carolina; married Mattie Lawter; died in 1925 in Mississippi.

Participant A28 is the grandson of Charles Harrison Anglin.

Participant A28 and his father